Wednesday, September 29, 2010

"The Zone"

As you walk into the gloom, and turned on the lights. You see the heavy bag, a pair of gloves, and some shoes. Seeing the heavy bag, let's you recall the past successes that you've been training with it. As you see the shoes, your mind instantly tells you, "Who cares!?", so you left it. You decided to pick up the gloves and wear them, being too excited that you don't even wear the hand wraps anymore. So you started throwing a jab on the bag. It started spinning, and as it spins, you hit it with a hard right hand. As you see the bag flung through your power, you felt awe, that somehow triggered an indescribable feeling. Something that somehow surpasses, Holy, Love, Achievement, Sex, and other complex feelings in this world. A feeling of intense energy, that seems unlimited for that moment. Being able to hit harder than expected. Feeling an Increased stamina, for that very splendid moment. Others call it, "Adrenaline Rush", but I call it.. "The Zone". True to studies, adrenaline does help in physical performance. As a boxer, the feeling is not a stranger to me. You can feel it when the trigger comes. As for me, I get "The Zone", when I see an opponent staggering. So I continue to pummel, until the feeling is gradually lost. The after effect will make you feel the tiredness, that you should have felt on that rush. On "The Zone", you somehow, forget everything that keeps a man, human. You will feel perfect, without hesitation. Perhaps, this is one reason, why fighters continue to fight, it's not about the money, but it's more about the feeling. Amateurs wouldn't know what I'm talking about until they experienced them. Just think, If only you could sustain that moment longer, you will indefinitely be indestructible. In that moment, feeling like a God, is unavoidable.

Adrenaline rush, or how I call it "The Zone", is a specialized way of a human to protect itself, placing it's full potential on brief moments, or depending on how stressful an environment has become. Again, it is triggered by the Fight or Flight response, which is also triggered by stress. Although the feeling, I've felt is not the flight response type, but the fight type, and is coinciding with the boxing saying "Killer instincts". Remember, being the threat is more relaxing, than being at threat. Through experience, a constant burst of "The Zone", will develop a sense of contentment, well-being, and happiness, which is perhaps the after effect of exercise, since adrenaline is released with endorphins at the same time. It may also develop an optimistic and narcissistic approach in life, but it all depends on the person. I theorize, that primitive species of humans, are far more physically controlling, and that adrenaline rush is created, through the evolution of man, because of the inactive fighting lifestyle of man. As we get civilized, brute force is less used nowadays, so we diminish ourselves from our truest potential, but to protect our species, our body has found a way to trigger the same primitive strength, but only on few moments called "The Zone", in order to use the actual human strength, as was the case in the past.

Final Thoughts:
I sometimes say things to people like.. "If you can feel the feeling that I feel right now, or if I can share it to the world, the world would be a better place, everyone will be so contented and happy." I theorize that it may be the effect of both the adrenaline and endorphins. So if you're feeling depressed and want to feel great, then try a workout session now, because the feeling stays for long, so go use that adrenaline! I'm inspired to write this post a week ago, because of it's significance, especially today, where I started again back to my usual training regimen. Today I used 18 oz gloves (A pretty heavy glove that I wanted to replace for a lighter one) which clearly reduced my efficacy, speed, and power. The impact was reduced, but I still managed to drop the heavy bag from it's chains, nonetheless. Adrenaline must be the culprit for that sudden increase in punching power.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Negative to Positive

Recently, I've had been confused on certain matters, that I never thought I'd be concerned of, but in the back of my mind, I knew, eventually, I will have to face them. These problems though, have only surfaced after taking a brief period of rest in my training regimen. Just as I've said in the past, I had to focus on academics, and had stopped my favorite training (Heavy Bag, because I dropped it several times, in the peak of my conditioning and power). I usually drive off stress through boxing. In psychological talk, I utilize a combination of coping mechanisms to fight stress. I use both Sublimation and Displacement, both driving me to physical excellence, and a positive mindset. In the absence of it, I felt a bit, empty, although watching a boxing match can suffice the need for it, but in time, it has become too far and too less. I began to take stress on the inside, the sensation of burning your heart with hate, remorse, and revenge. I never felt anything like it in a long time. I knew at that time, I needed to get back. I thought that maybe, I should learn other ways to take on stress, and not be dependent on the heavy bag. So I went on, and until now, I've ended up empty. Nothing feels much better for me, than to train towards excellence. It reminds me of the days, when I was contented with my lifestyle, in the past. The days where I watch boxing matches, that made me so excited and pumped up, that it never fails to put me on my feet. The feeling of adrenaline rushing through your veins, when you punch. Admiring your strength, grit, perseverance, and taking it more than your limits at the time that it matters the most. A day of contentment, and a promise of a bright future, and every single day, gives you a reason to smile. I've felt it now, and have raised the heavy bag, back on the chains. With two new reinforced steel grips, I will never be disappointed. After a day of doing this training, after a long time of inactivity, I noticed the physiological changes in my body's chemistry. I have been positive once again, and not as prone to depression as was the case in the past. As I've studied, I begin to believe, that this positive effect is caused by the combination of both adrenaline and endorphins, secreted throughout my system, as an effect of the exercise I did. It works well on my well-being, and I'm loving every moment of life. And so, I will keep on pouring the punches til' I'm contented. Every punch will be an inspiration to fight adversity, and making myself a better person. As I inspire myself, I hope to inspire others as well. That even the weak, becomes strong, and that all problems, can be overcome with faith. God will bring you to your greatest if you believe in him. I will say, that I have no beliefs that I am great, but I do believe, that there is a God, and that he is great. I may be strong, but it is God, who allowed it. All through out, I've learned, that a fighter's instincts will remain, even if days, or months of inactivity will occur in a fighter, just give him a pair of gloves, and a heavy bag, he will always resurrect his older self. The killer's instinct will not die, it will always be a part of what a true fighter is made of, from the trials he has overcome, to the toughness that he has built in him. The essence of a Champion, is the ability to overcome challenges, and face adversity, yet is still strong, despite the negative factors that surrounds him. It is determined on how you stay on your feet, even if your body say's "Go down", or your mind play's tricks on you, and say "Give up, it's hopeless." A Champion remains standing and strong. When you love something which is natural, it will always be a part of you. As that's said, Boxing will always be a part of me no matter what, despite the risks of physical complications that surround it. It all started with discovering great power, being passionate for the game, and a mindset of a champion. It's all a learning process.

Picture: A snapshot of the video game, Fight Night Round 4, showing Erik "El Terrible" Morales throwing a left handed body shot on the Heavy Bag.

Monday, September 13, 2010

What makes a Fighter, a Champion.

In this life, we somehow get ourselves constantly, in situations where we thought, might not happen. The unending twist and turns of life, reflect the way God has managed ourselves, to view life in different perspectives than what we used to know. It's like seeing the world in a different set of eyes. We may be in tune, with our beliefs, ideals, and our dreams, but it is also important to have an open mind. A real trait of a champion, is openness, rather than drench himself permanently on what he thinks is right. A fighter might get to the top ranks in the world of boxing, but being the best is only determined by striving oneself, accepting criticisms, and placing it into a positive drive, which will make a fighter, a Champion. This trait will make him understand of the possible flaws, and work on it, which will help him transpire a successful career. Nothing is more dangerous, than a man who thinks that he is perfect. It will trick a person against reality, and when the real challenge begins, he will face a difficult situation, which will put him into some serious trouble. A positive mindset, is determined by learning, accepting mistakes, and most importantly improving oneself. Nobody is perfect, and so we should strive hard each day to reach perfection, even if it is impossible. Being close to perfection is more attainable. So once we reach the pinnacle of our greatness, we should continue to learn, and improve. In boxing, it is not always that the better man of the two fighters, wins, but sometimes, it is reflected by the better man he is, against his former self. Improving oneself is what matters the most, than the result of any outcome, that is what I believe.