Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Great Erik Morales


I keep telling everyone, that my greatest idol in boxing, was never Manny Pacquiao (perhaps counting him due to my filipino heritage), it was always the courageous Erik "El Terrible" Morales. I can see great fighters when I see one, and Morales is one of those I can clearly entitle as a "True Champion." There are phony champions everywhere, in these day and age, without the kind of guts that separates a true champion from a fighter. Erik Morales transcends all these kinds of people. He showed great heart, courage, determination, and fights despite the odds. (A Champion) In his recent fight against Argentinian puncher, Marcos René Maidana, Erik Morales showed why he is a Champion. My emotions might be of one who breaks in tears, for the moment, for another proud effort has been made, and this is why boxing has always been special to me. I could hardly watch a beaten Morales fighting with only one eye. (as his right eye was completely shut)With my surprise, Morales fought in even terms with his opponent. Answering back, when the opportunity comes, and bullying him at times. I could see flashes of the Great Erik Morales, who dominated bantamweight, featherweight, and the only fighter to really defeat Manny Pacquiao. Perhaps, a champion, will always be a champion despite age, limit, or odds. I have a ton to say about this great fighter, but I leave it at that, and the feeling that surrounds everyone when they watch Erik Morales in a defining moment of his iconic career.

Picture: The Great Mexican Legend, Erik "El Terrible" Morales. From his most recent fight against Marcos René Maidana.

Graduation Requirements

People who have been reading my blog must be a little bit frustrated about my recent post, in about two months or so. A post which talks about my recent experience about "The Free Gym Session", is hardly finished until now. I have to admit, I have been quite busy over the weeks, since other than being a boxer, I too, am a student nurse. It is almost graduation, and that the requirements needed for application for graduation must be completed. One of which, requires me to complete my cases, which includes 15 Delivery Room Cases, composing of handles, assists, and cord cares. I also need to complete 10 Operating Procedures, such as the Major and Minor Operations. I couldn't focus myself on the blog, since the deadline was pressuring me. I have to say, it has been one crazy week. Finally, after one grueling month, I have completed the cases. I had to celebrate, and now I am sure that I would graduate the "Bachelor of Science in Nursing." I would be one step closer to my dreams. Boxing? Well.. Boxing is always "natural" in me, you can't turn it on or off, it's always there. I am a natural fighter, and boxing is my sport. My greatest dream, is always to become a "Champion", that the world will remember for all time. As long as I become an inspiration to others, I am all for that, whether it be in boxing, the medical field, or something else.