Saturday, April 24, 2010

How strong am I?

I get the feeling of questioning myself whether my power is capable for a punchers status or not. Then that question lingers to my mind once again. How strong am I? I learned my potentials in boxing when I discovered my God-given talents about five years ago. It was tremendous punching power, that the normal person would see as, an unbelievable force to live with. It is an unnatural power that I am perhaps born with. I see it, as a gift from God, or was it simply genetics. To be honest, in my family, I've got no relative who was a fighter. It must be an unrecognized gift in the gene passed down from my ancestors, that my relatives are not aware. If it must be genetics, then I must not only be the one in the family to experience this unbelievable amount of strength, and possessing it is one more serious issue. I guess, I will be the first to utilize it into such lengths, as a fighter. Perhaps, the first in the family to do so. The gift of speed, is one thing I think, my gene is responsible for. Just imagine, me as a middleweight, throwing fast punches like a featherweight. In those days though, stamina was a problem, so thank God, I lost the weight. In totality, I think my gene is capable of tremendous punching power and speed. If it isn't from my genes, then its Gods'. I'm honored in possessing such talent. One story to testify my strength, is the reason why I stopped doing the punching bag, and did abdominal work out in the first place. I really did not want to stop doing the punching bag, it just gave up on me. I was starting to train my power so much, I think it surpassed my level from when I learned my punching power. It was devastating, that I believe, If someone or something was to be hit with my fist, they'd get knocked out in an instant. A punch of a mike tyson caliber. I just did what I wanted, which is to punish the bag, training everyday. After a tremendous shot, the metal broke, and left the heavy bag falling to the floor. I then was disappointed, as I wanted to do some more workout at the moment. So I bought a new and improved metal connector, which is thicker than the first. I bought it like about three and half dollars, I really chose the thickest, so it would never give up on me. It was great at first, but after three days, it snapped after I connected a solid right hand. I was disappointed, for one, I wanted to do some workout but now I can't, and two, I wasted my money for even the thickest metal won't work. I then hitched it up to a strong rope, in the idea that, it would be able to resist, cause it would bend. In the end, it still failed. It was not only in this three instances that this has occurred, but it has happened multiple times. I then gave up the heavy bag training. It is fun, but when you keep fixing it, and especially carrying the damn thing back up, it just pisses me off. So in the end, I left it in the corner of my room. The thing that is hard about not doing the training is that you won't be able to do some displacement, if you know what I mean. The feeling of hate, which is cured in an hour of training is left inside, which makes me miserable. Nonetheless, It must not be relied, so I can better myself, and not be dependent on it. After not working the heavy bag, I've realized I was too much power, but not much speed. Now, I've corrected that, through shadow boxing. Fast hands, I have it. Somehow I feel, I've traded speed and lost a few power. Nonetheless, it must be for the better good. In boxing, power is useless if you can't hit anything. So at least, I had to adjust that. This event, also is the reason, why I've gotten serious in the ab workout and focusing in the region for now. Since I can't do heavy bag, its time I should work out my core. I still have a chiseled upper body, despite the absence of the strength workout. I learned that muscles really last even without stimulation over the course of time, just make sure you maintain a lifestyle for it. So the thing I should develop to perfection is the ab and my thigh. Those stuff, for the championship, what more can you ask. *chuckles* So how strong am I? Let's just see my professional fight, when I hit an opponent. If he staggers, it would be enough of an indication.

Picture: The punching power of Joe Louis

The Me of today

It's been too long since I've posted anything in here once again. I'm really getting bad at updating my blog. I've been busy. I never thought that after first and second year of nursing, I'd get a break, but to no avail. I've been busy in duty. Going to hospitals, taking vital signs, doing nursing interventions, regulating Intravenous Fluid, and a lot more. I've recently got exposed to Major and minor cases, like cord care in newborns, and suturing on open wound. I've seen the gross, but I've learned to live with it. As a nurse, it must be my second nature.. Would you believe a champion like me, simply caring for the sick? My dream is not fulfilled with just being a nurse though, I have to be a doctor. This for me, is just the initial step. So as you may know, I've got lots of dreams, and I'm taking them one at a time. I'm slowly getting into the groove, starting small, and becoming greater. My family is really half medically related and the other half is politically related. I really had a hard time figuring whether I'd be better as a doctor or a lawyer. Either way, I know I can do better in both fields. Boxing? Well I've not related to any boxing pedigree. I've just discovered I love boxing on my own. Its definitely something I'm born with. I get to think If I can hone my God-given talents of strength and an ample amount of speed, I'd be a champion. That is why I believe I'd be a champion, because I know I am capable, and its no fluke that I said I wanted to be one. There is a reason, that is why I keep insisting in the dream. In the past I never thought of being great, just at the moment, when I know the potential is inside of me, I think I would someday be. I say this because, I've got a lot of criticisms and questions about my dream, of being a champion that is. First and foremost, its insulting to talk about my dream and say some bad things about it. People would say, its impossible, that it's nothing, and etc. I know its hard to make people believe, but I can't help it. I can't let people see what I see, and I see that I've got what it takes. Just give me the time, someday, someday.. I'd become what everyone see as, a great warrior, a hero, and an accomplished champion of the ages. I dream of that day to come, as if it were constantly playing in my mind. I won't win a championship, I will take it away from the champion, because I believe there is no champion, like me. At the moment, I would say I haven't had a professional fight, but I believe my skills is that of a fighter that had 8 fights and perhaps knocking 7 of them, and out-boxing the other. I have a superior confidence in my strength, of course, since the day I've discovered it. Right now, I can't put myself in the ring, and I've put a lot of thinking about it. Some boxer also did told me, it is better if I finished school first. I then learned I should put my best in my nursing profession in the mean time. In doing so, I'm reaching the fourth year of college, which is the last. It is high time that I'd get serious about it. Since I knew I get to not box for a while, I thought its much better if I do a couple of bit for myself. One is, I put on braces. Yes, I hated the idea at first, cause I got a few sparring here and there. Braces are very inconvenient, but at the meantime, its definitely a good idea. The other thing I did was work on my abdominal muscles. Not much work though, cause I've chiseled the four abdominal upper field, right now, reverse crunches is done for the lower abdominal field. Mental note: there is no such thing as upper and lower ab, its a misconception, there is only one sheet of the abdominals, and they work as one, not separate. Reverse crunches and double crunches to stimulate the lower field of the abdominal muscle. I got to feel the improvements. Before, It was flab all around, but once you work it out and take protein, you would feel it bulge. Right now, you could feel that I've got the eight abs, but the lower four are not as visible as my upper abs. You could also feel the tightened belly button, as you could feel the lower field of the abdomen bulging, and taking shape. It's quite something new to me. Although I put my education first in this moment in life, I would say that, I would never abandon my dream of being the greatest champion the world of boxing has ever seen. Think of me, as the new Muhammad Ali.

Oh yes! I've almost forgot. In my previous post I said that I reduced to 140 lbs. but at the moment I am at a comfortable 130 lbs. I once had to be at 125 lbs. but rehydrated anyway to a comfortable level in this Super Featherweight. I always thought after I got the weight that I would fight someone like Humberto Soto, I thought I would reach him, but right now he went up in weight, after beating David Diaz. So for me, it's a bummer, we would have made a good fight, if I'd fight someone like him. Right now, I can't think of an opponent that would possibly one that I would face. Perhaps that is why I'm getting softer over the months. Thanks to everyone's criticisms though, I'm back to fight where I last stopped. I would want to print it right to their faces, when the time that I would be a champion takes place.