Friday, December 24, 2010

A leader, a hero, and a Filipino: Rizal, who has influenced me

The following post, are words from my reflection paper that I have made for my Rizal subject. I find the article so beautiful and pure, that I decided to post it in this blog. I also posted this in tribute for the Rizal Day, which is fast approaching on December 30th. Enjoy!

A leader, a hero, and a Filipino: Rizal, who has influenced me

In this life, there are moments where we ponder into the horizon. Thinking of a life, which we view as acceptable for our own. To live a life, that is understood as "a life worth living." In these instances, a life of a leader, is displayed with trials, hardships, and successes. Their lives aren't that of people who lives their life to the fullest. They are people, who use their very existence for the service of others. They are the guiding light, that people look up to. They help us go through with our lives and make it easier for us. They give us the direction, in a turbulent life, when the tough gets tougher, and when hope is seemingly deprived of us. These are leaders, people who sacrifices themselves, to continuously help others, in achieving a common goal.

The leader that I admire the most, is our national hero, Dr. José Rizal. Born Dr. José Protasio Rizal Mercado y Alonso Realonda, is a martyr of the Philippine Revolution. He was the founder of the civic organization "La liga Filipina", which inspired the revolution of the katipunan, including heroes, Andres Bonifacio and Emilio Aguinaldo. He may not be a warrior in the times of Spanish colonization, but he showed his love for our country, in a non violent approach. He protested against the Spanish crown, in the pursuit of equality and peace. He inspired the people, to live up to themselves, and give them a sense of self-respect, thus, giving them hope for a brighter future. These attributes, are enough for me, to rate him as a leader, and more importantly a hero.

Dr. José Rizal's remarkable characteristics or intelligences, amazes me, and inspires me to follow his footsteps, in helping him attain his dream, even in this century. Like Rizal, I wish to be an inspiration to others, in helping people, realize their dreams, by continuously making people believe in themselves. Rizal is very admirable with his linguistic skills, this also inspired me, to work more on my speech, writing, foreign language speaking, and translating. Rizal is a well-known phycist, and following his path, he has also played an important role in my life, in choosing the medical profession. Rizal, to me, is a person that I think, is worth emulating, for he has found it's way not only into the hearts of all Filipino's, but especially to the entire world.

His insights of life, has influenced me greatly, in terms of how I view life. He is a person with tremendous dedication to his work. He is a treasure of the Philippine islands, and most of his works are revered until this very age. He is a clear representation of a true Filipino. Similar to our day and age, like Rizal, most Filipino's have bloodlines of foreign heritage. Dr. José Rizal, is a true representation, of not only a leader, but a hero. I am proud to have Dr. José Rizal, as a part of our great Philippine Heroes. As a person, Jose Rizal, will remain as an example, of what a Filipino is all about, and that is, being optimistic, hospitable, proud, and most importantly, God-fearing.

Trivia: Rizal day is marked on the 30th of December, in tribute to the great Filipino hero. Rizal Day and my birth date are both coinciding on the same date.

Picture: A painting of the great Filipino hero, Dr. José Rizal.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Hatred is not for Champs

In instances that I could never imagine myself to be at, I have finally found myself in a situation, that I can say, that I am at my lowest point. This lowest point isn't anything about failing, depression, inactivity, or anything like such. The lowest point that I have experienced now, for me, is when I experience hatred. An intense feeling that eats you up, makes you frustrated, and is stored inside of you like some energy that needs to be released. I constantly find myself on random aggression, as I think of thoughts that are bothering me. I find myself getting up and doing some shadow boxing, hitting the bed, and shouting at the top of my lungs, which is all the effect of the anger that I am feeling as of this moment. At the end of the day, I find myself being miserable, making sleeping a challenge, as I have found it difficult to put my mind at rest, with an anger in my mind and heart. Oh what a feeling it would be, when I unleash this on the person I hated. I feel like I would keep loading up punches, until there is no hatred left inside of me. I feel like a volcano, bursting in flames, and I wanted every flame that I have, to devour the person that I hate. I know that I should be in control of myself and my emotions. I know I am a fighter, and that a fight anytime of the day will be welcomed, but using this advantage against a non-fighter would be shameful to my part. God didn't entrusted me with the gift of power, to wreck havoc, but he gave it to me for a purpose, and I believe that purpose is for me to be a champion, and inspire the world. The events that triggered this emotion, hasn't left my mind and it keeps growing inside of my heart. Although, I will try to relax myself for the moment, but I will never forget the events that took place, and when the time comes, I will definitely need to confront him, to finish the issue and my misery. Nothing is more dangerous than a person who is at his limits. A true champion knows how to control his emotions when he is tested, that way he becomes more focused as his opponent becomes more frustrated. I want to learn every part of this experience, as God should have wanted me to grow from this. It is all a learning process, on the ever difficult and winding roads of becoming a true champion. I will try and be better every time, for the world to know my greatness.. For God, for the world, and for myself.

Monday, December 13, 2010

A Champion and Liquor

It's been a wild evening, as I have just experienced the night life, which is clearly contradictory to what I believe and stand for. I have decided to experience this sort of trend in life, which will help me not to regret, that I have never done this, if ever I continued in my beliefs. Drinking liquor is a vice that needs to be taken out of anyone's system. As for me, I only drink these in every special occasions, like the fiesta's or the new year's, but I have never taken them as a habit. It's fun to do these once in a while, but I do clearly believe, that it will affect the outcome of what I wished for all my life, and that is, to be a champion. I don't want people to follow this demeanor that I have showed, but once in a while, you can say that these sort of things are fine as you take it rarely. Now is one of those days, as I consumed as much as I can handle, and being able to control oneself when that influence of liquor kicks in, is an experience unlike any other. Going through this, I have recalled the difference of my state from the fatter me, to the athletic me. I can say, that the fatter me, was able to tolerate alcohol at it's most extreme, while right at the moment, I am able to tolerate only a few glasses. In the event of this experience, I found pleasure in assessing myself as the influence progresses. Noting my body through the earlier stages, I am tense and observant through out my surroundings. Drinking a few, made me open up, becoming more sociable than usual, as I begin to feel at ease, and communicate some more. As the influence kicks-in, I begin to feel a chill, a body that seemed to tolerate tiredness. It also seemed that I feel light, and that my bones are able to flex without the limitations I would feel when in a normal state. Then you would feel the equilibrium imbalance, having a feeling that is almost similar to the effects of anesthesia. I can feel my skin, desensitizing as if I got anesthesia on my veins. Every itch from my skin are tolerated and less cared. As I have noticed, alcohol also seemed to make you tougher, as I have recalled seeing my girl talking to a stranger whom was seemingly, in my mind, had a bad intention. I immediately kicked in, and watched out for that person, because if he dares to face her again, with me at her side, believe me, the guy will have the worst beating of his life. I just couldn't believe that a champion like me, was in this position, drinking liquor and dancing on the disco. Looking through my surroundings, I began to notice a really drunk individual. He was more than what the symptom's that I have experienced. He was like a fainted individual being carried through his friend. Perhaps showing, how much the effect of liquor can get to a person, at it's limits. I have done this so I can experiment myself, in how much I can go through in this circumstance. In these fewer instances, I am able to record, of my experience on it's effects on the human body. In differentiating my current state to the state that I was in the past, from fat to the athletic. I have no regret's in what I have done, and surely, I won't be doing these every now and then. As I have said, being a champion is one of my dreams. I will take away any obstacles necessary, in order for me to reach my goal. I won't allow every hardships, pain, and trials that I have had, be put into the trash because of this. God has designed me in such a way, to fit in through what the requisites on my dream demands, and I dream to be an inspiration. I will make the weak strong, make the sentiments of the oppressed heard, and make a champion, out of every individual I meet. No matter how much liquor has kicked in, in me, I know I'm all heart. That fighter's will find it difficult to knock me down, as even if chance's may be slim for me, I will continue and be fighting. I will go on, and know, I will be standing in the end. This will be one of those few day's in my life for this. For I want people to believe in me, and to have faith in me, that I can achieve anything, when I believe.

Note: Writing this down, I know I am on the influence of alcohol. It will be the first time that I will be able to write a post, with the condition that I am in.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Nurse: Saving and Preserving Life

There are moments in life, that just take your mind out, into thinking deeply. Experiencing circumstances, that seem to relate itself into understanding life, and it's processes. Giving you a whole dimension, into thinking and viewing the world, more than what an average person sees. It is in these experiences, that we begin to learn, and gain wisdom. All are processes, of our growing up, which then helps us better ourselves, when such challenges are confronted and faced. Things are learned, in and out of any organization you choose to be in. For an athlete, things are learned in the gym, for a student, things are learned in school, and for a champion, things are learned in life. As a fighter, not only have I experienced the harsh nature of my sport, and succeeded in terms of enduring them, but I have also been exposed in the hospital setting, as a student nurse. Having experienced one of these priceless moments, that one would feel as if something has changed in them. I have always dreamed, of becoming a world champion someday, that I constantly envision myself in such moment, as I continuously train myself, through sweat and all muscle pain, one can't believe possible. For years, I have trained for that thought, but just parts of these wonderful moments as a nurse, I am able to view things more differently, that an athlete never sees.. The value for life, empathy for affected people, and the care for the weak, these aspects are elements that are innate, and I have learned through the constant hospital exposures, I've had in the past. There are these moments, where I would say, I love my work, and that is, in helping those who are in need. I had lot's of experience as a student nurse, but this experience, for me, is worth for the entire world to know, and to learn from. In a graveyard shift in a public hospital that I've had an exposure of, I was prepared with every materials, a positive mindset, and a body, which is willing to work for the eight hour shift, which was asked of us, but never would I knew, that it would one way or another, change my life in the long run. A traumatic event took place, as a turbulent moment in the Intensive Care Unit rushed me into the scene, by the request of my Clinical Instructor. Inexperienced as I was, I was called to operate a hand-held device, called a Bag valve mask, which is used for patients who are inadequately breathing. I stood right beside the distressed patient, which seemed to looked as if surviving, from the disease process, that had created her condition. The patient was dependent, to the ventilation device, that I match my pressure with breathing rhythm. Looking through the monitors, it is seen, that the patient was already having an irregular cardiac rhythm. The patient's husband, was terrified, crying, and eccentric, that he was shouting over everyone in the unit. In moments of his silence, the husband would cry in prayer. In the height of the moment, the husband decided to go against medical advice, which then prompted the entire staff to stop from there, as a signature was signed, indicating HAMA, or home against medical advice, which was made. He was probably looking for a miracle to happen, but in reality, it is understood that their decision would be fatal. As the nurse deflates the stopper of the endotracheal tube, I was asked to remove it, as I was the only person, wearing gloves at the time. Without question, I removed it. There were criticisms that people made towards my actions, for why did I allow myself to remove, a device that the patient was clearly dependent of. It is true, that the actions that has been done, had a direct effect on life and death. But what else can I do, when the family of the patient have asked of us not to do anymore? Although, I wanted to do something, but then I knew, I couldn't do anymore. These kind of trials, made me reflect, and learn a deeper sense in life, which has made me tougher, as a person. As inexperienced as I was in the past, I felt I will not be bullied into these types of situation again, that as long as there is hope, I am willing to use all my strength, stamina, and work up a sweat, just to save someone's life. I will preserve life, as much as I can, and it doesn't matter on what approach will I use, as long as I save lives. A year has passed, and I have just recently experienced another dramatic situation in the hospital setting. On a graveyard shift, I was assigned in the Intensive Care Unit, but in a different hospital. There was a patient who was again in Endotracheal tube which is attached to a mechanical ventilator. He was conscious, responsive, and was seemingly energetic, despite his condition. He was asked not to remove the tube and follow instructions which were given to him. He became defiant, and removed the tube on his own. He was questioned immediately of his actions, and responded that he wanted to spit, but after a few seconds he experienced shock. Everyone was on rush as they prepare the emergency equipments. I wanted to come in and help, but they asked me to stay out, for there were too much people in the room. My opportunity arrived, when they asked for a cardiac board, which I delivered. As I entered the room, The doctor was performing Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation. In a frantic moment, perhaps noting my physical advantages, the doctor decides to let me do the chest compressions. I swiftly went over and gave all I could, as I knew how to do such procedure. In my mind, I thought to myself, that I will save this man. I was intense, consistent, and desperate. The patient's face looked pale, looking through the monitor, it was seen that the patient has an irregular heart rate. In a moment where hope is deprived, I made myself to think, that I am the hope, that I will definitely save him. I continued for such lengths, that even if the nurse offered to switch turns with me, I said, "It's okay, I can still go on." I never felt tired, when it comes to saving one's life. I went on, and on, with full determination, until his normal heart rhythm has returned, and his face wasn't pale anymore. I felt fulfilled that I did all I could, into something worth doing. For me, nothing beats the feeling of helping people who are in need, in saving lives, and more importantly, serving my father God. I want to help, as long as I have the strength, I will do all I can, to prevent death as much as I can. I understood well, of my mistakes in the past, and I will not allow myself to be placed in that dark pathway again, for I've learned and found the light. People would ask me, "Isn't there anything greater for you, than being a champion?", I would say, "Greater than a champion, is a hero."

Monday, November 15, 2010

Weight Difference

Weight plays an important factor in a match. Most people underestimate the tale of the tape, but it is in actuality, the essence or the early indicators, of how the fight will take place. So even if my prediction, was seemingly had some sense into it, you can never tell, until the tale of the tape is seen, especially the weight just hours before the fight. A weight advantage, can do lot's of things to you, as long as you understand how it works. It can give you a strength advantage. As I've said in my previous post, a requisite for power is weight. Weight is where the power comes from. People mistake power, from the swinging motion of your arms, or the strength of your upper body, but these things are only helpful in how you deliver a punch. The over-all punching strength of a fighter is determined on weight. That said, putting weight on your punches, really put's out the full potential of one's true strength. Another thing is, it can give you endurance, such that, a fighter can resist or take the punches more. We have seen this, over and over again, in the sport of boxing. People who are heavier have the least chance, of getting knocked down, by an opponent who is lighter than him. Finally, the disadvantage of weight increase, is slower reflexes and slower punching. So it is best to understand what weight division are you most comfortable with, based on Body Mass Index. Being fit and heavier is better, than being overweight and heavier. Weight is an important aspect in the science of fighting.

The Pacquiao - Margarito Fight


The Pacquiao-Margarito fight has been concluded, and Manny won by unanimous decision. It was an intense fight, with both fighters trying to answer from their onslaughts against each other. The ring was filled with attracting colors, wearing the gloriously white and gold trimmed shorts, is Pacquiao, while Margarito was wearing the red and black shorts. Analyzing the fight, we can see, that although Pacquiao, is the more renowned puncher against the two, we cannot deny, that Margarito also, has the known boxing phrase, "a puncher's chance". I knew the physical advantages of Margarito will make him more of a puncher, against Pacquiao. Although, larger than Pacquiao, he was slower. He reminds me of an old Oscar de la Hoya. As the fight progresses, we can see how Margarito was able to take Pacquiao's punches, as if it were nothing. Margarito looked like a man, who is searching for something, but ended up empty. I have to say, that his pressure did a lot, and I have seen Pacquiao, seemingly exhausted in the later rounds, with Margarito constantly moving forward. Although, busted up, Margarito definitely hung in there, and my hats off to him, as he has gained, a new found respect from everyone around the world. Pacquiao was just the quicker fighter and the better boxer, as he continuously pummels Margarito, but the only irony was that he was unable to knock him out. As expected, Pacquiao hurt Margarito early, but was unable to finish him in the later stages. It was another one-sided match from the "Pacman", and he has proven to me, and to others, that he is the pound for pound king. What amazes me was his post fight interview with Mario Lopez, as Manny said that, "Boxing is not a sport of killing." This shows, how much of a champion, Manny is. He shows mercy towards people, beating up a beaten fighter is no fun. As a fighter, showing mercy, is incomprehensible, so moments like this from a true champion, is truly amazing. In the later rounds, it may have looked as if Manny is exhausted, but perhaps, he showed mercy on Margarito, as he let him finish the 12th and final round. I felt that Lawrence Cole should have stopped the fight on round 10, as the aftermath, seemed to make Margarito be doomed to play in the fight. After the fight, Margarito was sent to the hospital, and will be having an eye surgery, because of the damage he took. I thought, Lawrence Cole's decision of letting Margarito continue to fight, was very inhumane. He does not deserve to be a called a boxing referee, if he doesn't show compassion towards the fighters. Today, the circumstances that have happened to Margarito can be all blamed to his corner men, who were almost like servants of the fighter, and the referee, Lawrence Cole, for his misplaced judgment of letting him continue the fight. The physician, must be obsessed with violence, or must have been an amateur as well. Again, ethics play an important role in these type of circumstances. Safety is most important, pride gives you nothing in the end.

Final Thoughts:
Manny Pacquiao is the man, and Floyd Mayweather Jr. must come out and face the challenge. Manny Pacquiao has become, the unprecedented eight division world champion. With all due respect to Sugar Ray Robinson, I think that Pacquiao might be, the greatest fighter of all-time.

Picture: An intense exchange of blows, from Manny Pacquiao of the Philippines, and Antonio Margarito of Mexico.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Statistics

The latest services for, includes some of the most important and interesting programs, that will help bloggers, like myself, have an easier time, and a more complex view on certain functions, that will help us get, up-to-date to the progress of our blogs. The only feature that I am very interested was, the blog statistics. At first, I was not confident in using it, because I felt that, maybe, my blog hasn't had a view, except myself and some of my classmates who were interested. To my surprise, I have about more than one thousand views, and most of them, from foreign countries, outside my native Philippines. Looking at the statistics, this is what I have discovered..

My top ten, All-time Audience Statistics
1. United States
2. United Kingdom
3. Philippines
4. Italy
5. Australia
6. Poland
7. Canada
8. France
9. Germany
10. India

From the statistics above, frequent visits are from United States, United Kingdom, my country the Philippines, and Italy. The most viewed post from my blog, is a post, entitled, "Power in Punching" and pretty close with another post entitled "Boxing Weight Class Divisions", and a few one's from the posts.. "Philippine Boxing Legends", "Reflexes", and "Pacquiao-De la Hoya". The top referring site for my blog is, and the local counterparts of it, in United Kingdom, Italy, and Australia. Facebook, is rank four, to my referring sites.

Final Thoughts:
I want to thank each and everyone of the people in this planet, who is reading this blog. You truly are, my inspiration. Things like the statistics, make me feel like, being heard, and it has made me proud, as a blogger, and has given me the inspiration to continue this blog. Looking through the statistics, it is evident, that all the countries who are attracted to my blog are all English-speaking countries. Therefore, I will take the challenge in writing spanish, in order to attract hispanic countries as well. I have learned that, people are more interested in boxing functions, and especially the topic of power. All I can say is, you found the right guy to trust, in these kinds of information. For just this moment, I am speaking, as a blogger. Again, I want to thank you, world!!

Picture: A world view, of the all-time audience statistics of this blog.

Blogging Crisis

It's been a while again, since I've posted here. In such a hectic schedule, for a graduating student like myself, just having time for writing things that have shaped my life considerably, is something very difficult to do. It has been so hard, to fit my blogging, in my collegiate life, that I've felt that, time has passed me by, and some valuable things I've learned in life, have been kept, but not shared. Blogging, ever since, has been my way, to cope up with stress, that it never fails to relax me, every time I write a post in this blog. Writing, is definitely something that makes me feel comfortable, and gives a way for me, to think things through. It is more like a reflection, and through these, I may be able to inspire people and be able to share my thoughts. I also view this blog as a documentation of my progress in my sport. I want to build my legend right here. It may sound ridiculous, but it has always been my dream, to be a world champion, but more importantly, to be an inspiration to the world. It has been a privilege for me to be heard by the people who are reading this blog. Being busy, is like going to a long and dark tunnel, such that, you simply go straight, and you don't have a choice, for you can't stop, and there is no other option than the straight path. Although, these unfortunate circumstances have occurred, I had to deal with it. I may not have written these experiences at due date, but the memories remain fresh in my mind. As that's said, I will be posting these, one step at a time. For these experiences, are worthy enough, to give hope, strength, and wisdom, to those who seek it. I may have been a little lazy in updating my blog, but thanks to a little inspiration, it has made me going again. This inspiration, for me, are the readers who have one way or another ended up in my blog, for maybe, an unexpected circumstance. Nonetheless, I would like to say, thank you for reading this blog. I may not be an acclaimed author, but I will be proud enough to say, that I have written these just by pure heart, with everything I've learned, everything that I am, and with words that I believe, the entire world can relate to. For these are no ordinary words I speak. These are words inspired through determination and the solid belief in oneself and the capabilities that one possess. Everything is possible, when you believe.

Saturday, November 6, 2010



In a dreary day, I come to find myself comforted through out the minutes, as I just lounge into the soft furnishes of the couch, while watching television. As the night turned out, my mother has returned home, bringing with her, a computer monitor. Presently, we've got two laptops, and three CPU's. The additional monitor, has made me open the old files, that I've abandon for months. Seeing some few familiar music files, pictures, and games that I have used to play for a long time. In the search for files to help me remember some events in the past, it did not took me long to discover a file that has caught my interest. It was a text document, in a notepad application. I decided to open it, and was surprised with what I have wrote. It was a text that was supposedly be put on, in this blog, months ago. It articulately talks about the Poem that I have written before. It discusses Reincarnation, and my thoughts of it. Without further a do, here is the article..

I was surfing the net, watching television, and reading some books, then it came to me. The idea that made me think, where does my spirit come from? Was it made by me, by my hardship and dedication, or was it a continuous process from something in the past? I have always been fascinated of how determined a person I am. Although, something as complex as my spirit is something that I ponder most. Am I just so lucky to be what I am, or did I simply create the perfection in me, that my mind think should be? It all boils down to the thought about Reincarnation. So I thought, if I was something in the past, I could have been a fighter. Maybe, I could be a tiger, a lion, an eagle, or any animal with the nature of fighting. Was I an animal, or another man in the past? This resulted me into doing a little research about boxing. If there was any other person that will be almost the same as I am, I would say it would be that person. I am not going to say who he is though, cause I know it would sound ridiculous to anyone. So I made a poem of me and who I thought could be my past-life. No matter what the truth is about reincarnation, I will just keep in mind, that I am what I am. I won't be influenced with any theories that would bend me as a person. So I will stay, with what I'm comfortable with, and be myself. Either, Reincarnation is true or not, I will never fully accept its truth, for there is no proof. I am simply looking at the possibilities, and that is what a champion is all about.

Picture: A slight hint of who, the person, I think, is my past-life.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Pacquiao-Margarito Hype

As the upcoming Pacquiao-Margarito fight is fast approaching, I thought I'd be able to put some real analysis on how it's going to be played, my prediction, and it's significance. First off, I'd like to say that, I had a very bad day, but thanks to some posts in Facebook, I never thought that I'd be updated with the current "Face to Face segment with Max Kellerman" which featured both Pacquiao and Margarito. I've seen the previous segments of it, since the Pacquiao-Cotto fight, and it never fails to create some hype or bring interest to a viewer. I remembered the phrase "ding, ding, round one", for the Pacquiao-Cotto fight, as it signifies the awaiting of one of the most anticipated fights in boxing history. The current segment for Pacquiao-Margarito somehow, closed the day for me to smile again, and feel like shouting with aggression. I was like, "Man oh man!!" and you can hear me shouting "Oh yeah!" and up until now, every hair in my body is standing, just like some surge of adrenaline, being incorporated into my system. The entire clip in youtube, seems to look like some serious talk like they always do, and some indirect threats, that intrigues your mind, and make you unconsciously say that "This is gonna be a great fight" or "I can't wait til' these guys trade some leather." In the video, Pacquiao and Margarito were seated face to face, and as the discussion goes on, Freddie Roach said that Manny Pacquiao is going to knock Antonio Margarito in eight rounds. Margarito, in response, seemed to joke saying "does he see me crippled?", and Roach replied, "I've seen your last two fights", and that reply definitely put a serious face on Margarito. Knowing that Pacquiao has been dominating opponents, and is more often being favored to win by knock out, I thought that Margarito really has to put some serious thought on what he's getting into. That simple magic from HBO boxing, was enough to put some fire into my heart, that seemed to burn me inside with adrenaline. So the fight is going to be on the 13th of November, in the Dallas Cowboys Stadium, the Manny Pacquiao versus Antonio Margarito Fight.

How is it going to be played?
As a boxing analyst, (I have analyzed lots of fights that seemed to agree with my theories and expectations) I will point out the difference between the two, starting off with height. Margarito is taller than Pacquiao, as the fight goes along, I know it wouldn't be a factor. As I've seen Margarito's fights, he is the type who bends his head towards his chest, and is more of a slugger than a boxer. I can compare Margarito to Oscar de la Hoya, but in terms of skills, a prime De la Hoya, to me, is better. Pacquiao will be lunging in and out like he always does, which will help to his advantage. Pacquiao has better boxing ability compared to Margarito. I can picture, Margarito chasing on Pacquiao, as he is turning on angles, going in and out. In terms of speed, Pacquiao is on the clear advantage, hands down. The fight will seem to follow the same pattern of the De la Hoya-Pacquiao fight, as Manny will be utilizing his footwork, trying to turn Margarito, who is a slugger. In terms of power, I believe, Pacquiao should not take a gamble, and trade with Margarito. I suggest that he should be contented hammering him, with boxing. Margarito's uppercuts are lethal, but Pacquiao's "in and out" will neutralize that. Pacquiao will have an advantage of stance, as he is a southpaw. I expect, lots of left straights from Manny in this fight.

My Prediction
Pacquiao will win by knock out! An early knock down, is possible, perhaps in the third to fifth rounds. The knock out will come at rounds eight to ten. It will never go past round 10. Pacquiao will use some boxing in the early rounds, with some flashes of power, here and there. As the fight progresses, I can see Margarito slowing considerably on rounds six onwards. Pacquiao will take advantage on that reduction of speed, and will start hammering and trading shots at that point. Margarito will be on the defensive on the later rounds, and I can see Pacquiao chasing him, and pouring lots of punches. I say this, it's because, Margarito isn't much of a fast fighter, so I can see Pacquiao hurting Margarito early. As Margarito is being pummeled continuously, he won't be the same, that's why I said he'd slow down. All in all, the key for Pacquiao to winning the fight is, boxing ability, power, accuracy, foot work, angles, and speed. As for Margarito, if he could learn to counter effectively, it would make Pacquiao more hesitant, and would work to his advantage. Margarito should fight tall, and use that solid left jab of his. He should not expect a slug fest from Manny, because it's not going to happen, so the best way is for him to box effectively. The first who makes the mistake, will be the first to lose, that is why, patience is a virtue, especially in boxing.

It's Significance
If Manny Pacquiao will win this fight, it would make him an eight division world champion, putting him further to the top, as the first one to do it. The second fighter to win a championship in different divisions, only won at six weight classes, therefore, an eight division champion is definitely unheard of. It will cement his status as part of the Hall of fame, and an all time great. If Margarito will pull out an impressive upset, it will garner him the status as part of the elite rankings in his division, and pound for pound. If Margarito will win this, I think Floyd Mayweather Jr. will be top one, and Margarito will be top two respectively.

Final Thoughts
Again, all these are opinions, and anything can happen in the boxing ring. Manny Pacquiao and Antonio Margarito are great fighters, and I expect a great fight from them that people will talk for ages. HBO boxing has been so great for the sport, I wish they would continue to do what they do, in bringing excitement in major boxing events. I will leave you all with some words to ponder, as I say, "A challenge, is a food for champions, without them, there will be no champions."

Antonio Margarito was banned for years due to illegal hand wrapping with a solution of "Plaster of Paris" after his fight with Sugar Shane Mosley.
Antonio Margarito has the same boxing nickname as I am, as he is the "Tijuana Tornado", my nickname is "Tornado".

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Pacquiao-Barrera first; a reminisce on the path of a Champion

I just finished the examinations in school. Feeling tired and stressed, I immediately decided to go home as I usually do, hoping to do another set of work outs to punctuate the day. As I stepped into the entrance door mat of my home, the next thing I know, I'm already inside, feeling the familiarity that I've missed when in school, I immediately turned on the laptop and the television at the same time. In an attempt to unwind and put myself at ease, I decided to reward myself with boxing matches on the DVD player. Doing this blog, as I watch Pacquiao-Barrera 1st. It almost looked like "deja vu", as I have already seen this fight several times. It may be a classic, but the excitement and drama never fails to interest me, and the feeling never seems to get old. Watching the young Pacquiao, full of determination, power, stamina, and skills. As I watched the fight, it immediately went into my mind, on how hard, an up and coming fighter would be against a renowned champion. Barrera, at the time, was part of the top five pound for pounder in boxing. Thinking Pacquiao, who was less recognized at that time, winning the match is very unlikely beforehand. It just amazes me, that Pacquiao was able to defeat Barrera, in a fashion that most people would never dare to think of. It is in this fight, that I began to put some thought in boxing for the first time. Although, I've heard of his name even before this fight, I wasn't as tentative, as I knew, he was just some local fighter. His achievement in the international setting, definitely shook the world, and it has definitely shook my mind as well. His intensity is admirable, and his style is clearly a crowd pleaser. I started loving boxing for the very first time. As the hype of Pacquiao-Barrera immediately sets forth to the first ring of the bell, round one is a drama that seems to have been going since the olden days. As Pacquiao's slip turned into a knockdown, it somehow crossed my mind, that it always has been like that. An up and coming fighter, will always have experienced an unfair shake, against a well-known champion. The same way, Muhammad Ali had been treated against Sonny Liston, as a liquid substance coming from Liston's glove bothered Ali for a few rounds. Despite the adversities that they have been confronted with, they still decide to fight back with all their heart, and that, to me, is definitely a mark of a true Champion. As I continue to watch the fight, Barrera bled from an accidental head-butt, and from his frustration, lands an intentional headbutt on Pacquiao's chest, and was warned by the referee. Pacquiao may have conceded with the dirty tactics of Barrera, but he never gave in. As the next round approaches, after a series of combination by Pacquiao, he then lands his own headbutt, hitting so flush on the face, as he hammers Barrera into the corner, and the referee wasn't able to see it. In my mind, It's as if Pacquiao is showing Barrera on the proper execution on how it's supposed to be done compared to Barrera's last attempt. It somehow made Barrera looked like an amateur against Pacquiao, which is logically contrary. As the fight progresses, I begin to see Barrera hitting Pacquiao with a cheap shot, after the referee was separating both fighters. Barrera was called to that, and was deducted a point. It looked like as if Pacquiao was alright with it, but by the next round, he decided to repay Barrera by ending the fight, after a flurry of combinations, he finally finished Barrera by TKO. These moments to me, is another definition of how a Champion should act when given the opportunity. It is the mindset of not giving in against adversities, and immediately trying to fight back, against all odds. It has been the template, of what a Champion is, to me, until this very moment. It is like a man battling cancer, and despite the relatively low chance of survival, he continues to live his life, longer than expected. It is like walking through a dilapidated wooden bridge, and making it through. It is like going into a losing war, and somehow survived it. It is defying the odds, facing adversities, and more importantly keeping the faith alive. Being a champion is a long road, full of trials that we need to overcome, by not shying away, but continuously facing it. In the end of that long road, we will see the light, and we will see the greatness, not only of ourselves, but more importantly, the greatness of God.

Picture: Manny Pacquiao knocking down the great Marco Antonio Barrera, on the third round of their first fight. Including the referee Lawrence Cole on the far left.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

"The Zone"

As you walk into the gloom, and turned on the lights. You see the heavy bag, a pair of gloves, and some shoes. Seeing the heavy bag, let's you recall the past successes that you've been training with it. As you see the shoes, your mind instantly tells you, "Who cares!?", so you left it. You decided to pick up the gloves and wear them, being too excited that you don't even wear the hand wraps anymore. So you started throwing a jab on the bag. It started spinning, and as it spins, you hit it with a hard right hand. As you see the bag flung through your power, you felt awe, that somehow triggered an indescribable feeling. Something that somehow surpasses, Holy, Love, Achievement, Sex, and other complex feelings in this world. A feeling of intense energy, that seems unlimited for that moment. Being able to hit harder than expected. Feeling an Increased stamina, for that very splendid moment. Others call it, "Adrenaline Rush", but I call it.. "The Zone". True to studies, adrenaline does help in physical performance. As a boxer, the feeling is not a stranger to me. You can feel it when the trigger comes. As for me, I get "The Zone", when I see an opponent staggering. So I continue to pummel, until the feeling is gradually lost. The after effect will make you feel the tiredness, that you should have felt on that rush. On "The Zone", you somehow, forget everything that keeps a man, human. You will feel perfect, without hesitation. Perhaps, this is one reason, why fighters continue to fight, it's not about the money, but it's more about the feeling. Amateurs wouldn't know what I'm talking about until they experienced them. Just think, If only you could sustain that moment longer, you will indefinitely be indestructible. In that moment, feeling like a God, is unavoidable.

Adrenaline rush, or how I call it "The Zone", is a specialized way of a human to protect itself, placing it's full potential on brief moments, or depending on how stressful an environment has become. Again, it is triggered by the Fight or Flight response, which is also triggered by stress. Although the feeling, I've felt is not the flight response type, but the fight type, and is coinciding with the boxing saying "Killer instincts". Remember, being the threat is more relaxing, than being at threat. Through experience, a constant burst of "The Zone", will develop a sense of contentment, well-being, and happiness, which is perhaps the after effect of exercise, since adrenaline is released with endorphins at the same time. It may also develop an optimistic and narcissistic approach in life, but it all depends on the person. I theorize, that primitive species of humans, are far more physically controlling, and that adrenaline rush is created, through the evolution of man, because of the inactive fighting lifestyle of man. As we get civilized, brute force is less used nowadays, so we diminish ourselves from our truest potential, but to protect our species, our body has found a way to trigger the same primitive strength, but only on few moments called "The Zone", in order to use the actual human strength, as was the case in the past.

Final Thoughts:
I sometimes say things to people like.. "If you can feel the feeling that I feel right now, or if I can share it to the world, the world would be a better place, everyone will be so contented and happy." I theorize that it may be the effect of both the adrenaline and endorphins. So if you're feeling depressed and want to feel great, then try a workout session now, because the feeling stays for long, so go use that adrenaline! I'm inspired to write this post a week ago, because of it's significance, especially today, where I started again back to my usual training regimen. Today I used 18 oz gloves (A pretty heavy glove that I wanted to replace for a lighter one) which clearly reduced my efficacy, speed, and power. The impact was reduced, but I still managed to drop the heavy bag from it's chains, nonetheless. Adrenaline must be the culprit for that sudden increase in punching power.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Negative to Positive

Recently, I've had been confused on certain matters, that I never thought I'd be concerned of, but in the back of my mind, I knew, eventually, I will have to face them. These problems though, have only surfaced after taking a brief period of rest in my training regimen. Just as I've said in the past, I had to focus on academics, and had stopped my favorite training (Heavy Bag, because I dropped it several times, in the peak of my conditioning and power). I usually drive off stress through boxing. In psychological talk, I utilize a combination of coping mechanisms to fight stress. I use both Sublimation and Displacement, both driving me to physical excellence, and a positive mindset. In the absence of it, I felt a bit, empty, although watching a boxing match can suffice the need for it, but in time, it has become too far and too less. I began to take stress on the inside, the sensation of burning your heart with hate, remorse, and revenge. I never felt anything like it in a long time. I knew at that time, I needed to get back. I thought that maybe, I should learn other ways to take on stress, and not be dependent on the heavy bag. So I went on, and until now, I've ended up empty. Nothing feels much better for me, than to train towards excellence. It reminds me of the days, when I was contented with my lifestyle, in the past. The days where I watch boxing matches, that made me so excited and pumped up, that it never fails to put me on my feet. The feeling of adrenaline rushing through your veins, when you punch. Admiring your strength, grit, perseverance, and taking it more than your limits at the time that it matters the most. A day of contentment, and a promise of a bright future, and every single day, gives you a reason to smile. I've felt it now, and have raised the heavy bag, back on the chains. With two new reinforced steel grips, I will never be disappointed. After a day of doing this training, after a long time of inactivity, I noticed the physiological changes in my body's chemistry. I have been positive once again, and not as prone to depression as was the case in the past. As I've studied, I begin to believe, that this positive effect is caused by the combination of both adrenaline and endorphins, secreted throughout my system, as an effect of the exercise I did. It works well on my well-being, and I'm loving every moment of life. And so, I will keep on pouring the punches til' I'm contented. Every punch will be an inspiration to fight adversity, and making myself a better person. As I inspire myself, I hope to inspire others as well. That even the weak, becomes strong, and that all problems, can be overcome with faith. God will bring you to your greatest if you believe in him. I will say, that I have no beliefs that I am great, but I do believe, that there is a God, and that he is great. I may be strong, but it is God, who allowed it. All through out, I've learned, that a fighter's instincts will remain, even if days, or months of inactivity will occur in a fighter, just give him a pair of gloves, and a heavy bag, he will always resurrect his older self. The killer's instinct will not die, it will always be a part of what a true fighter is made of, from the trials he has overcome, to the toughness that he has built in him. The essence of a Champion, is the ability to overcome challenges, and face adversity, yet is still strong, despite the negative factors that surrounds him. It is determined on how you stay on your feet, even if your body say's "Go down", or your mind play's tricks on you, and say "Give up, it's hopeless." A Champion remains standing and strong. When you love something which is natural, it will always be a part of you. As that's said, Boxing will always be a part of me no matter what, despite the risks of physical complications that surround it. It all started with discovering great power, being passionate for the game, and a mindset of a champion. It's all a learning process.

Picture: A snapshot of the video game, Fight Night Round 4, showing Erik "El Terrible" Morales throwing a left handed body shot on the Heavy Bag.

Monday, September 13, 2010

What makes a Fighter, a Champion.

In this life, we somehow get ourselves constantly, in situations where we thought, might not happen. The unending twist and turns of life, reflect the way God has managed ourselves, to view life in different perspectives than what we used to know. It's like seeing the world in a different set of eyes. We may be in tune, with our beliefs, ideals, and our dreams, but it is also important to have an open mind. A real trait of a champion, is openness, rather than drench himself permanently on what he thinks is right. A fighter might get to the top ranks in the world of boxing, but being the best is only determined by striving oneself, accepting criticisms, and placing it into a positive drive, which will make a fighter, a Champion. This trait will make him understand of the possible flaws, and work on it, which will help him transpire a successful career. Nothing is more dangerous, than a man who thinks that he is perfect. It will trick a person against reality, and when the real challenge begins, he will face a difficult situation, which will put him into some serious trouble. A positive mindset, is determined by learning, accepting mistakes, and most importantly improving oneself. Nobody is perfect, and so we should strive hard each day to reach perfection, even if it is impossible. Being close to perfection is more attainable. So once we reach the pinnacle of our greatness, we should continue to learn, and improve. In boxing, it is not always that the better man of the two fighters, wins, but sometimes, it is reflected by the better man he is, against his former self. Improving oneself is what matters the most, than the result of any outcome, that is what I believe.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Plans to the Championship

At the moment, in which I do more on academics compared to my boxing, I have decided to do a few things that will put me in shape, when I will ever fight. I am continuing a plan that started as a new-years resolution at the end of the year 2009. I promised myself, that I will have chiseled abs by the end of the year. It's been easier, to tell you honestly. I really have gotten a long way, compared to the time I started getting real healthy and active. Determination is what pushed me, in those times, and I would say, it is what makes me. The constant graphic vision of myself becoming a champion, someone who people would recognize and admire, makes me so much into my hard work. An impossible task driven by a fury of determination. In those times, starting it out on the exercise lifestyle is definitely too tough, that the memory of it still lingers in my mind. It's a miracle I did it, and I did more than my limits, somehow I never collapsed or in jeopardy of being in the hospital. The daily deadly workouts that is repetitive, and the diets that leave me famished, somewhat makes me a burst of energy in a zero source. So it definitely resulted into diminishing the fatty stores in my body. It made me so lean, my body fat percentage is 12% at the moment. It's been easier for me to train now, compared to the days where I'm constantly aching in pain on my first ever ab workout. My abs definitely have improved throughout the years. Crunches are easily achieved and I can even transcend. I remembered I did about 2000 crunches in one training, which is my record highest. I discipline myself, and did 2000, because I missed one workout session. Primarily, I train 1000 ab crunches, it sounds impossible to others, but for me, its natural. I live with such number. On the last year, the only problem I had was, the inability to recognize a workout essential for having great abs. I then realized this late, just on the beginning of 2010. It was lower ab area exercises. So I started with reverse crunches, which was VERY easy. I hate the idea of not giving much of a challenge in some things. I wanted to increase the intensity, and even placed a heavy pillow on the foot area. Still, it has no challenge for me. Thanks to it though, I got eight packs, after religiously working it. I then decided to do Double Crunches, which is a combination to train all eight abs. It suits me perfectly, I manage to get the lower aspect of the ab to increase in size, perhaps also due to my high protein intake and increased stimulation. The problem? The lower ab can't be seen clearly due to underlying fat, but you can definitely feel them. I then got back to cardio, running up the slopes of my residential area, which is where I get good work out running on inclined, without going to the mountain areas or paying a fortune on a gym. My plan was to lose five more pounds, expecting the fat on the lower aspect will be reduced to a minimum, just enough to expose the lower ab. Yes, I've reduced significantly, especially with implementing low calorie diet with eggs for protein, to maintain muscles but losing the fat at the same time. Good thing I researched once more in the internet, and found a couple of more significant information. One is the training of the Transversus abdominis and the Obliques. In my surprise, I learned the training I did which I discovered on my own, was actually implemented by others. Which was called vacuuming, a training for the Transversus. I started it even from the days I was way fat, at an overweight level on the BMI scale. I did it at that time to just simply reduce my stomach, which was protruding to some extent. I did this way back, since first year high school. No wonder, my Transversus is way more chiseled and evident than any other person I know. The Transversus helps compress the abdomen. So step one of the new training is suprisingly achieved, since I've been implementing it until now. The only other exercise that is new to me is the Kegels'. As a medical practitioner, I know it well. I just never thought it would be used for an ab workout. Another muscles that I will be start working on, is the Obliques. Same effect, it compresses the core. Perhaps, it would start reducing the free moving fats on the area by compressing it inside, or burning it permanently through the course of the training. Either way, it is a win-win situation. I'm going to start side crunches, and will aim for that fat less abdomen. When my body fat percentage gets to 7%, I would want to bring it on the beach by then. Plus, reducing the weight 5 pounds less will help maintain it. I suggest people to start training their cores as well, because its healthy, and attractive to most people.

Friday, May 7, 2010


In boxing, reflexes are an important aspect of a fighter, in order to dodge well and to punch an opponent on angles. This is also determined by age. Younger people can execute better reflexes compared to the old ones. That is why, age retires in boxing. You can see this idea in the Muhammad Ali vs Trevor Berbick fight. After the disappointing loss to Berbick, Ali was quoted in saying, "I can see the punches, but I could not avoid it. It was age." Reflexes can really turn from Gold to null through age. Not even the reflex-type Ali was able to do anything about it. Reflex to me, is both defense and offense, that is why, stretching is a very good idea after training. Stretching helps circulate blood flow, helps in increasing the size of muscles, and it can give you a very good reflex in the end. In my exercise, I definitely include stretching, for the health benefits, to do some warm-up, and because it actually feels good. The body gets stiff every now and then and results to poor blood circulation. Doesn't it feel better when you get a few crunch sounds from stretching you neck, twisting your hips, especially your hands and feet? It's part of the pleasures that I enjoy, although considering its simplicity. Everyone should try it. I do it a lot. Every night, I relax myself with some yoga. I definitely get a good sleep from it, and it takes a load amount of stress from my system. The results of continuously stretching would make you somewhat flexible. In the past, I had some rough parts that stretches in a limit. At present, I can extend, and overextend. In boxing, this is an asset that will help in terms of footwork, punching angles, defensive dodging, as well as keeps your body at its best condition. In another sense, there is another type of reflex that most boxers utilize. This is the trained reflex. It is a reflex that is activated by certain stimulus, which is trained purposely for defense and offense purposes. One trained reflex, is the counter punching. It is the instantaneous motion of punching at a more powerful type from the moment the stimulus is given. I love counter punching, it would probably be part of how good a boxer I am. Counter punching is good for ceasing an opponents attack, for making the opponent feel more cautious and awkward, and it is a point in Olympic amateur boxing. Another trained reflex, would be the defensive reflex. I am equipped with this sort of reflex, which will make you put your defense from the moment the stimulus will be given, such as a closing in of an opponent, the alternation in positioning of fists after punching, and the rocking chair motion of the upper body once on the defensive. As a person, I wanted to train myself purposely anytime, and anywhere. So I trained myself to be on philly shell defense whenever I get close to any person, like walking on a narrow pathway, and anywhere else. This will also secure myself just like a self defense and be able to be more effective in defense with just a reflex. One thing good about trained reflex is that, you won't be able to put much thought into things, and will let your body somehow, think on its own. A movement that will flow on its own from the moment a stimulus will be given. Now that's skill! Another ingredient for being a champion. I would name a few boxers who I look up to in terms of reflex such as, Floyd "Money" Mayweather, Pernell "Sweet Pea" Whitaker, Muhammad Ali, Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao, and Roy "Captain Hook" Jones Junior. Reflex will always be a big deal, although it is underrated.

Picture: Floyd Mayweather doing some trained reflex on Oscar De la Hoya

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Spirit Origin or Spirit Built?

The Unending Dream
by Urish Peter C. Jain

Me and you may be connected,
my life and yours have the same fate,
Legacies that we created,
Realizing the problems very late

Learning I started when you end,
Our spirit should be just the same,
Everything that we are, just blend,
What troubles me is your life's shame

A greatness but unrecognized,
Your sadness is then what I share,
Time has come to be recognized,
For we are the strength spirits heir

Goals are clear in the rising sun,
Knowing we succeed when we strife,
For you and me have become one,
Different eras for each life

Born in a dark environment,
You have then become influenced,
Your life will forever lament,
Difficult, even just be cleansed

Now our life is more than ever,
Eating our food in silver spoon,
We end up becoming clever,
Building our dreams in the cold moon

As I face the adversary,
Stay with me whenever I win,
As your life end in misery,
Let me end it when I begin

For when all would not understand,
Everything would then become clear,
When regaining it comes to hand,
I know our dreams will then be near

For our dream should be continued,
To change the fate that once has been,
To show the world that thought we could,
and get back more with a nice grin

Living life we are understood,
will end the cycle that we see,
of the mistake we thought we would,
will now end with what we can be

No matter how much I believed,
one idea will be for sure,
I will stay and not be deceived,
be clean as the holy is pure

Perhaps I am a connector,
connecting my abilities,
a champion is with character,
I look through possibilities

Saturday, April 24, 2010

How strong am I?

I get the feeling of questioning myself whether my power is capable for a punchers status or not. Then that question lingers to my mind once again. How strong am I? I learned my potentials in boxing when I discovered my God-given talents about five years ago. It was tremendous punching power, that the normal person would see as, an unbelievable force to live with. It is an unnatural power that I am perhaps born with. I see it, as a gift from God, or was it simply genetics. To be honest, in my family, I've got no relative who was a fighter. It must be an unrecognized gift in the gene passed down from my ancestors, that my relatives are not aware. If it must be genetics, then I must not only be the one in the family to experience this unbelievable amount of strength, and possessing it is one more serious issue. I guess, I will be the first to utilize it into such lengths, as a fighter. Perhaps, the first in the family to do so. The gift of speed, is one thing I think, my gene is responsible for. Just imagine, me as a middleweight, throwing fast punches like a featherweight. In those days though, stamina was a problem, so thank God, I lost the weight. In totality, I think my gene is capable of tremendous punching power and speed. If it isn't from my genes, then its Gods'. I'm honored in possessing such talent. One story to testify my strength, is the reason why I stopped doing the punching bag, and did abdominal work out in the first place. I really did not want to stop doing the punching bag, it just gave up on me. I was starting to train my power so much, I think it surpassed my level from when I learned my punching power. It was devastating, that I believe, If someone or something was to be hit with my fist, they'd get knocked out in an instant. A punch of a mike tyson caliber. I just did what I wanted, which is to punish the bag, training everyday. After a tremendous shot, the metal broke, and left the heavy bag falling to the floor. I then was disappointed, as I wanted to do some more workout at the moment. So I bought a new and improved metal connector, which is thicker than the first. I bought it like about three and half dollars, I really chose the thickest, so it would never give up on me. It was great at first, but after three days, it snapped after I connected a solid right hand. I was disappointed, for one, I wanted to do some workout but now I can't, and two, I wasted my money for even the thickest metal won't work. I then hitched it up to a strong rope, in the idea that, it would be able to resist, cause it would bend. In the end, it still failed. It was not only in this three instances that this has occurred, but it has happened multiple times. I then gave up the heavy bag training. It is fun, but when you keep fixing it, and especially carrying the damn thing back up, it just pisses me off. So in the end, I left it in the corner of my room. The thing that is hard about not doing the training is that you won't be able to do some displacement, if you know what I mean. The feeling of hate, which is cured in an hour of training is left inside, which makes me miserable. Nonetheless, It must not be relied, so I can better myself, and not be dependent on it. After not working the heavy bag, I've realized I was too much power, but not much speed. Now, I've corrected that, through shadow boxing. Fast hands, I have it. Somehow I feel, I've traded speed and lost a few power. Nonetheless, it must be for the better good. In boxing, power is useless if you can't hit anything. So at least, I had to adjust that. This event, also is the reason, why I've gotten serious in the ab workout and focusing in the region for now. Since I can't do heavy bag, its time I should work out my core. I still have a chiseled upper body, despite the absence of the strength workout. I learned that muscles really last even without stimulation over the course of time, just make sure you maintain a lifestyle for it. So the thing I should develop to perfection is the ab and my thigh. Those stuff, for the championship, what more can you ask. *chuckles* So how strong am I? Let's just see my professional fight, when I hit an opponent. If he staggers, it would be enough of an indication.

Picture: The punching power of Joe Louis

The Me of today

It's been too long since I've posted anything in here once again. I'm really getting bad at updating my blog. I've been busy. I never thought that after first and second year of nursing, I'd get a break, but to no avail. I've been busy in duty. Going to hospitals, taking vital signs, doing nursing interventions, regulating Intravenous Fluid, and a lot more. I've recently got exposed to Major and minor cases, like cord care in newborns, and suturing on open wound. I've seen the gross, but I've learned to live with it. As a nurse, it must be my second nature.. Would you believe a champion like me, simply caring for the sick? My dream is not fulfilled with just being a nurse though, I have to be a doctor. This for me, is just the initial step. So as you may know, I've got lots of dreams, and I'm taking them one at a time. I'm slowly getting into the groove, starting small, and becoming greater. My family is really half medically related and the other half is politically related. I really had a hard time figuring whether I'd be better as a doctor or a lawyer. Either way, I know I can do better in both fields. Boxing? Well I've not related to any boxing pedigree. I've just discovered I love boxing on my own. Its definitely something I'm born with. I get to think If I can hone my God-given talents of strength and an ample amount of speed, I'd be a champion. That is why I believe I'd be a champion, because I know I am capable, and its no fluke that I said I wanted to be one. There is a reason, that is why I keep insisting in the dream. In the past I never thought of being great, just at the moment, when I know the potential is inside of me, I think I would someday be. I say this because, I've got a lot of criticisms and questions about my dream, of being a champion that is. First and foremost, its insulting to talk about my dream and say some bad things about it. People would say, its impossible, that it's nothing, and etc. I know its hard to make people believe, but I can't help it. I can't let people see what I see, and I see that I've got what it takes. Just give me the time, someday, someday.. I'd become what everyone see as, a great warrior, a hero, and an accomplished champion of the ages. I dream of that day to come, as if it were constantly playing in my mind. I won't win a championship, I will take it away from the champion, because I believe there is no champion, like me. At the moment, I would say I haven't had a professional fight, but I believe my skills is that of a fighter that had 8 fights and perhaps knocking 7 of them, and out-boxing the other. I have a superior confidence in my strength, of course, since the day I've discovered it. Right now, I can't put myself in the ring, and I've put a lot of thinking about it. Some boxer also did told me, it is better if I finished school first. I then learned I should put my best in my nursing profession in the mean time. In doing so, I'm reaching the fourth year of college, which is the last. It is high time that I'd get serious about it. Since I knew I get to not box for a while, I thought its much better if I do a couple of bit for myself. One is, I put on braces. Yes, I hated the idea at first, cause I got a few sparring here and there. Braces are very inconvenient, but at the meantime, its definitely a good idea. The other thing I did was work on my abdominal muscles. Not much work though, cause I've chiseled the four abdominal upper field, right now, reverse crunches is done for the lower abdominal field. Mental note: there is no such thing as upper and lower ab, its a misconception, there is only one sheet of the abdominals, and they work as one, not separate. Reverse crunches and double crunches to stimulate the lower field of the abdominal muscle. I got to feel the improvements. Before, It was flab all around, but once you work it out and take protein, you would feel it bulge. Right now, you could feel that I've got the eight abs, but the lower four are not as visible as my upper abs. You could also feel the tightened belly button, as you could feel the lower field of the abdomen bulging, and taking shape. It's quite something new to me. Although I put my education first in this moment in life, I would say that, I would never abandon my dream of being the greatest champion the world of boxing has ever seen. Think of me, as the new Muhammad Ali.

Oh yes! I've almost forgot. In my previous post I said that I reduced to 140 lbs. but at the moment I am at a comfortable 130 lbs. I once had to be at 125 lbs. but rehydrated anyway to a comfortable level in this Super Featherweight. I always thought after I got the weight that I would fight someone like Humberto Soto, I thought I would reach him, but right now he went up in weight, after beating David Diaz. So for me, it's a bummer, we would have made a good fight, if I'd fight someone like him. Right now, I can't think of an opponent that would possibly one that I would face. Perhaps that is why I'm getting softer over the months. Thanks to everyone's criticisms though, I'm back to fight where I last stopped. I would want to print it right to their faces, when the time that I would be a champion takes place.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Fight of the Century

It has been years, since we saw one of the most significant fights in boxing. There have been gaps wherein boxing has become cold. The last fight however that made a significance in the sport of boxing was the Julio Cesar Chavez Sr. versus Pernell Whitaker match. That fight was the last time a fight has been regarded in utmost importance. It was important, because two of those people have achieved the rating as two of the best fighters of their era. Whitaker, a defensive mastermind versus the slugger in Chavez. The great fights, however, started way back since the days of James Sullivan. Sullivan, was a fighter who totally dismantled all his opponents, was the first fighter to ever hold a title belt in boxing history. He is the first ever heavyweight champion. Throughout the years, boxing has become a staple for people who wants to get their excitement in a combat sport. It then winded down to the days of Jack Dempsey, Joe Louis, and Rocky Marciano. Those three, were one of the best fighters of their days, and no wonder they are part of the hall-of-fame and as well as the all-time greats. Then came the days of Sugar Ray Robinson, Henry Armstrong, and Willie Pep. It has been way back in those days, and boxing has already become a very respectable sport. Robinson was the first in their time to receive the first to benefit in pay-per-views. Henry Armstrong, on the other hand got almost half of the boxing title belts. Willie Pep, is one of the all-time greats. Pep had the most victories in boxing than any fighter in the world. Until now, that title still belongs to him. He had 229 victories and a total of 241 fights, a record in boxing history. Those were part of the back and forth existance of the "Golden Age" of boxing. Golden Ages come and go. As great fighters come and go, the age also begins to end and will surely begin again. It is the promise, that brings everyone in boxing believe, that greater days are about to come. As the years goes further after the Robinson Era, a new generation begin to surface. Then came Muhammad Ali, or in the past was Cassius Clay. The Three fights with Frazier was tremendous. The third fight was, to me, the best fight that was made, in the history of boxing. Of course Ali, starting out had to beat the puncher, in Sonny Liston. It was drama in those days, there was the young George Foreman who was sensational in his hay day. Ali was very articulate and he was one of the most influential people in those times, and as well as today. Then there was The Four tigers, as what Top Rank CEO, Bob Arum calls it. It was the era of the eighties. Roberto Duran, Sugar Ray Leonard, Thomas Hearns, and Marvin Hagler. These four were the greats of the sport in those times. They all have fights on each other, and that was another "Golden Age". Ever heard of the famous sayings, "No mas"? Well, that was the reported words that Roberto Duran said, after he took an embarrassing loss to Leonard. Today, fights that go all-out and non-stop can be compared, defined, and easily associated to the "Hagler-Hearns". In the Eighties it was exciting, although I wasn't yet born, the impact that these four made in boxing is present in our generation. I just love the fights in this era, that I keep watching them. All of the four, are my favorites. In the nineties, however lots of fights took place and the center of it was Oscar De la Hoya, Felix Trinidad, Bernard Hopkins, Julio Cesar Chavez Sr., Mike Tyson, Evander Holyfield, Pernell Whitaker, and Sugar Shane Mosely. These were the names in the nineties that shook the world once again, in the name of boxing. De la Hoya was the most popular as he defeats Chavez. After the De la Hoya-Chavez, Mexicans started hating on Oscar. Then the rise of young heavyweight champion, Mike Tyson, who I believe is one of the best punchers in history. Tyson beat Berbick, who was the person who beat the aging Ali. Then comes the fight between Tyson-Holyfield, it was a good fight, but only tarnished by the bad blood, when Tyson bite the ears of Holyfield. Also, the mega-fight between Chavez and Whitaker. Then days come when boxing began to be cold. Then fueled up again with the featherweights in Marco Antonio Barrera and Erik Morales. They were the dominating forces in the 2000's. The three fights of them are a memory in my mind that I cannot forget. Up until, the rise of Filipino sensation Manny Pacquiao. Pacquiao beat them all. In those times, the significant fights were, Barrera-Morales, Pacquiao-Marquez, Pacquiao-Morales, Corrales-Castillo, Hopkins-Taylor, and others more I can remember. In present times, there was the mega-fight De la Hoya-Mayweather, Mayweather-Hatton, De la Hoya-Pacquiao, Pacquiao-Hatton, and the very recent Pacquiao-Cotto. It always was a pleasure for me to watch boxing, and until now, it is what keeps me in a good mood. In the recent events where Pacquiao and Mayweather is left as the "ultimate dominating force". It is important to consider their strengths. Pacquiao, is a total offensive genius in the history of boxing, as I would believe. Mayweather, is a total defensive genius in the history of boxing, as I too also believe. These are the two best fighters of their era, that if a clash would happen from them, it will generate millions of dollars in the fight and in pay-per-view. Not only is money the bigger deal, but what matters most are the memories, that will remain in our minds as one of the greatest fights in boxing history. As a boxing fan, I love the idea and would pay a fortune to see them fight. This fight will definitely be one of a kind, and is something that people would talk for ages. I really hope that this fight will happen so that we will feel the excitement once again that the sport creates in itself.

Picture: Floyd "Money" Mayweather on the left, Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao on the right.