Thursday, June 21, 2012

Bradley: Keep the belt and remain hated


     Not to intentionally pun the new WBO Welterweight champion in Timothy Bradley, but let us just face the facts. I would understand that winning a match against Pacquiao is a great accomplishment for the young champion, and it's hard to admit defeat when you know that you worked so hard for the victory. If I was in the place of Bradley, I would keep the belt. Despite his hard work, dedication, and self-reasoning; people's criticisms have begun to make me believe, that the more Timothy Bradley gets hold of the belt, the more he will be hated by boxing fans around the world.

     Even as I score it a close fight, the fans know who really won that fight. Most of us know it, regardless of whether you are a boxing judge, a commentator, or a mere aficionado like myself. I believe that we should not blame the judges for the decision they made, for I have begun to believe and had scored it a close fight. In fact, I had it 116-112 for Pacquiao after a focused review. The wide margin of rounds for Pacquiao looked to close the fight in his favor. It turns out, Bradley got the decision in the end and this has stirred an uproar among boxing fans. As far as I'm concerned a 116-112 scorecard is a round away to a 115-113 that judge Jerry Roth scored for Pacquiao.

     Even from the beginning, as I watched the fight for the first time, I knew it was a close fight. I hadn't scored it initially because I was content to believe that Manny Pacquiao is winning this fight, but by a slight margin. Never have I thought of Bradley getting the victory. At first, I couldn't believe that Timothy Bradley won the fight, and that is why, I had to review the tape and try to see what the judges were seeing in this fight. My words to Bradley, if he happened to miraculously dropped by into my post is, to be a true champion and return the belt to the World Boxing Organization.

     If he takes my word seriously, it will change suspicion, doubt, hate, and misunderstanding among fans and the sport of boxing with a little bit of respect. A respect that grows through simple, yet difficult acts like this. An action that proclaims true maturity of a champion to accept and become open to possibilities. Let us make the right decisions and actions amidst every negativity of trials that even a corrupted world would offer. I just hope the fans will understand Timothy Bradley a little bit more, and begin to put themselves into his shoes.

     Everyone wants to be successful in life and Bradley has just tasted it, although not convincingly. We must give the man some respect. Forget the bad words and the jeers, for it was never his fault. As for Pacquiao, he should have won that fight. I commend his being a gentleman and his deep religious faith, but religion could be a distraction, especially when it comes to ferocity in the ring. As for Bradley, try again and win the world championship. For it is not in the Title that a champion is acknowledged, but it is through his character. A self-trait which matters most than anything else that is written on paper.

Picture: Timothy "Desert Storm" Bradley, in one of his hard and dedicated workouts.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Pacquiao - Bradley Predictions

Manny Pacquiao against Timothy Bradley. What makes this fight so great? Isn't this just a replacement of the supposed Pacquiao - Mayweather fight? For me, personally, I don't think that this will be Manny's greatest opponent that he will ever face, and Timothy Bradley is not in the level of both Pacquiao and his previous opponents. I believe that Manny Pacquiao is just far more gifted than Timothy Bradley. Timothy Bradley may be worthy of a fight against Pacquiao, considering that he is in fact undefeated, number eight pound for pound, and has beaten a few good fighters, but for the most part.. that's just it. Despite his resumé, he owes nothing, Pacquiao will be the first pound for pound ranked fighter he will be facing. The problem is, Manny Pacquiao is on the pinnacle of these rankings.

Pacquiao has speed, agility, aggression, stamina, and power. I can compare Bradley's skills almost identical to Pacquiao's speed, agility, aggression, and stamina. What does Bradley lack? You guessed it, its power. Although Bradley's record shows early knock outs in his earlier fights, it never showed up against top competition. Pacquiao knocked out fighters that are so great that you wouldn't think he could. Pacquiao defeats all odds, and that is why he is so special. Stylistically, Timothy Bradley is quite similar to Pacquiao, in terms of aggression and non-stop action.

I believe this fight will be entertaining. Both fighters will be coming at it until the final bell. (If it reaches there.) For the most part, this will just be another showcase of Manny's talents. Timothy Bradley will stay competitive as long as this fight lasts.

The action will be non-stop. They will be punching so much in every round that perhaps it will break all compu-box records. Expect lots, and lots of punches coming from both fighters. Watch out for head butts, because it always happens in a Timothy Bradley fight, and this occurrence will be highly likely with the match-up of an Orthodox fighter against a Southpaw. They will be brawling in the center of the ring, and this fight, possibly, could be a Fight of the Year candidate. For this reason that they will be hitting each other a lot, I would have to predict that this match will end quickly. Bradley must hold on to his promise of a second fight, because I don't think this match will go the distance in his favor.

I predict Manny Pacquiao knocking out Timothy Bradley in the first half of the fight. This means, it will never go past round six. There is a good possibility that Manny will knock him out in the early rounds too.

Final Comments:
Boxing mindset teaches us that anyone has a chance. Even in tune-up bouts, upsets happen, because it all depends on a fighter, and how much he wants it more. I can see Timothy Bradley's dedication for this fight, and I commend his training, that he describes was "like hell." I think a lot of us can relate to this. When someone is giving his all into something, I tell you, nothing is impossible. Bradley has a darn good chance to pull an upset if he goes into this fight as the fighter that his hard training represents.

Manny Pacquiao is aging considerably. Showing poor performances in his last fights. My theory on Pacquiao may be correct. He could just be, past his prime. He may be religious as a saint, but no miracle can stop him from aging. It is the weakness of all fighters. It is a testimony to our mortality. No great thing lasts forever. For this prediction I will be heavily favoring Manny to win, but if he will ever fight Floyd Mayweather Jr., it will be a different story.

Picture: Top Rank Poster of Manny Pacquiao against Timothy Bradley for a fight on June 9th on MGM Grand Garden Arena.