Friday, December 7, 2012

Pacquiao - Márquez 4: Predictions

     Another great match-up is now at hand, as Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Márquez face each other on their fourth and most probably final chapter of their epic rivalry. It's no doubt that these two fighters have grown accustomed with each other, as both combatants have gone round after round making every struggle seemingly too close to call. It's as if both fighters have begun to start cancelling each others strengths. I predict a world-class competition that its standard is unprecedented since the dawn of the sport of boxing.

     A close match up that even knock-outs are seemingly ruled out, despite the promises of both that they would lay down the smack and treat fans for a knock-out. I predict this match would be as close as their previous encounters, and I have stressed since the early days of their rivalry, that Juan Manuel Márquez is the "Pacquiao Nemesis." Until now, I find it hard to predict matches of this caliber simply because of the immense diversities that any outcome would become a realistic possibility. Personally, I have never seen such a close fight between two fighters since their previous fights and still counting.

What about a Fifth Fight? Any Predictions?

     Well, what about it? I mean, its clear that this match-up will never go decisively into each others favor. As usual, I would have to give this fight a toss up. Anyone can win this match-up. Only this time, I am slightly favoring Márquez. Yes, I have once scored their last fight to Manny, but I believe Márquez will now learn how to finally dispose of Manny. I predict Juan Manuel Márquez to win by decision against Manny Pacquiao.

     I also predict that its going to be heart wrecking day for Filipino fans like myself, knowing our countrymen Micheal Farenas will also be facing Olympic Gold Medalist, and my favorite, Yuriorkis Gamboa. I've covered Gamboa before, and being the future prospect in the sport of boxing that he is, he does not disappoint. I predict Yuriorkis Gamboa to get a Technical Knockout against Micheal Farenas in the early rounds.

     I remembered the last time there was emotional grief on a national scale, that time Érik Morales defeated Manny Pacquiao in their first fight. I believe, we will be experiencing the same thing again after the Márquez Camp triumphs over his victory against Pacquiao. There are lots of ways to change the outcome of my predictions naming a few attributes that fighters need to improve once they step into the squared circle.

What it takes to win?

     In order for Manny to win this match against the tough counter-punching mexican Juan Manuel Márquez, he needs to be aggressive. Sure, when we think about Pacquiao, aggression is his patent, but it recently seems too far away, now that Pacquiao is aging away. Stamina will be limited for Manny, as well as diminished reflexes. What Pacquiao needs to do is to be aggressively smart, and not just bombing away regardless.

     Márquez will counter in every mistake that Pacquiao will be making, so he needs to be careful. Márquez has a weakness to poorly react on unpredictability. Pacquiao needs to be unpredictable but cautious. Pacquiao should not get overconfident in knocking down Márquez, since his toughness is a proven fact. Márquez will keep getting up no matter how hurt he is, and mark my word, if he falls down, he will recover as quickly as he's dropped. Márquez needs to be tremedously focused in avoiding that straight left of Manny and not be placed in a position for him to make risks.

     In order for Micheal Farenas to win, he needs to adapt a counter-punching style against the volume puncher in Yuriorkis Gamboa. Boxing teaches us that anybody's got a chance, and despite being a tremendous underdog, Micheal Farenas will always have a chance, considering his strategy is correct. Gamboa is quick handed, powerful, and athletically swift. The only thing that Farenas could have against Gamboa is his toughness and some punching power. All Gamboa needs to do to win is to keep doing the same thing he usually does, and that is, to dominate!

     The correct strategy for Farenas against Gamboa is to counter-punch, there is no other way around it. If Farenas decides to slug it out, he would definitely get caught or rag dolled by Gamboa's speed. Farenas must keep a sturdy defense at all times and not be cocky in dropping his hands. It's time to adapt that Joshua Clottey defense! Anyone has a chance to win. As much as I want Manny Pacquiao to win, only this time, I will be slightly favoring Juan Manuel Márquez in their now fourth and epic rivalry.

What next?

     Pacquiao - Mayweather Jr. is a must, regardless of any outcome of this match. If Márquez beats the Pacman, a fifth fight will be imminent, and Márquez will finally stake his claim to once and for all officially beat Manny, the same way he has been telling everyone after all this time. If Pacquiao will win this, there will probably be no fifth fight despite of how close this match-up will become. As usual, I have no doubt, Yuriorkis Gamboa will dispose of Farenas too, and I mean that, easily. Gamboa IS the future of the professional boxing. I can't wait until Nonito Donaire Jr. gets to trade leather with him.

Picture: A poster of Manny Pacquiao versus Juan Manuel Márquez in their fourth fight. To be held on Saturday, December 8, 2012 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Nonito Donaire Jr. - Toshiaki Nishioka

     After another epic match-up between Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. and Sergio Martinez, here we are again, looking to find one under the drawing board. Another great match-up that would probably cement itself in boxing history. Nonito "The Filipino Flash" Donaire versus Toshiaki "Speed King" Nishioka. I'm feeling the boxing temperature as blazing as a live torch in its splendor. Without the clamored Pacquiao - Mayweather match-up, I believe that this fight is one to look out for. Honestly, when I heard of this match-up coming, I never knew Toshiaki Nishioka.

     What went in my mind when it comes to Japanese world champions is that they tend to keep the belt as much as they can without facing top caliber competition. It's like they are hiding from their shells when a top competitor is calling them out. I'm afraid to say, that it is the kind of reputation that Japanese fighters have earned in the International level. I often ask the question, where are those great Japanese fighter's, especially the likes of the late Masahiko "Fighting" Harada? The recent Japanese champions are nothing compared to what this glorified champion came to be. But then I guess, Now is the time for Japanese fighters to step up and face the best.

     Toshiaki "Speed King" Nishioka is probably the best fighter to come out of Japan in recent years. Looking at his resumé, I never have thought that he defeated the likes of Rafael Márquez. (A fighter who was once ranked as Pound for Pound one of the best fighter's in the world.) He also beat Jhonny González in a stunning knock-out in the Mexican's home turf. Only a few would have the guts to fight in Mexico, because of the same instability of their system capable of generating hometown decisions. Now, I've seen the tapes, and this Japanese fighter might possibly be a tremendous competitor against Nonito Donaire Jr. Make no mistake about it.

     This guy has a staggering left-handed power with exceptional boxing skills. I've compared him like Ali would compare Pacquiao in his early days. If Ali branded Pacquiao as the little-Ali, I could with all respect, brand Toshiaki Nishioka as the little-Pacquiao. He totally resembles Pacquiao from his southpaw style, devastating left handed power, and blurring hand-speed. I never had a chance to cover any Donaire matches yet, and from the resumé that his next opponent brings. I'm predicting, that this is the toughest fight for Donaire yet. We might be seeing an upset tonight. For this match-up, I'm going to have to bench out for awhile and refrain from predicting the outcome for this event.

     This is a tough fight to call. I don't play favoritism here, so may the best man win. The only thing that bugs me is the way Nishioka got his built-up record. Some of his older fights were considered controversial and closely called for a hometown decision. I'm not gonna start naming them, but for those who are knowledgeable about them, could probably bring justification for karma to strike back. It does give me this edgy feeling to root against Nishioka solely for this reason. Regardless, I am predicting that this match is going to be as epic as the other great matches that shape up boxing in 2012.

Picture: Nonito "Filipino Flash" Donaire Jr. posing his fists with Toshiaki "Speed King" Nishioka. A pose for their fight on the 13th of October 2012.

Sergio Martínez - Julio César Chávez Jr.: Final Thoughts

Before I start, I would like to thank the people across the internet who have stumbled upon my blog. It had recently reach the 9000 view mark.

     The recent Chavez Jr. - Martínez fight was a blast! As predicted, Sergio "Maravilla" Martínez got the victory. Despite the fact that he never finished his man, he still showed a dominant performance against a young challenger in Julio César Chávez Jr. The last round was an epic struggle, as Chávez Jr., was close to knocking out Sergio Martínez. Still, I view that last round struggle as the result of a "Lucky punch." Martínez hung in there and continued on, like a true champion that he is.

     A rematch, in my opinion, is not necessary. Sergio Martínez showed why he is Pound for Pound one of the best fighters in the world. No lucky punch will be able to change this distinction, and I bet that if they do it the second time, the outcome will still be the same. It is either that Martínez would cruise his way on another dominant and one-sided decision or he will eventually get the knock-out sooner or later. In my prediction, I had to gamble with the Martínez punching power, considering the way he took out Paul Williams who was also taller and heavier than Martínez.

     Fundamental Boxing Knowledge has showed us once again why weight advantages favor a fighter when it comes to resiliency and punching power. It usually happens. Still, a knock-out is a variable on the table because of Sergio Martínez previous performances. The whole world is definitely treated with another boxing display, as if Martínez was giving the young Chávez Jr., a boxing lesson. Speed was a supreme variable in this match, and Sergio Martínez had a lot of it.

     My advice for Julio César Chávez Jr., is to clear the drawing table. His merging with Freddie Roach was a good decision, but it would be better if Julio would start learning something new. Keep his bully style of fighting, but develop his head movement and a little bit more hand speed. Now, I'm just an avid boxing fan, and it is clear that I'm no Freddie Roach, but just based on observation, I believe this transition would be necessary for him if he desires to transcend in the sport of boxing.

     I still would hope to see Julio César Chávez Jr. again. He is still young after all and there is still a lot of time to make up for this defeat. A great match I would want to see him in is against Kelly Pavlik. Now that is a compelling match-up. I'd probably go 50/50 on this. At this moment though, it is clear that Sergio "Maravilla" Martínez is the reigning King of the Middleweight Division. I am hoping for better matches to come from both fighters, and I hope someday but not sooner, that they would go and do it again.

Picture: Sergio Martínez showing respect after surviving a last round close knock-out ordeal against Julio César Chávez Jr.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Julio César Chávez Jr. - Sergio "Maravilla" Martínez: Thoughts and Predictions

     Julio César Chávez Jr. versus Sergio "Maravilla" Martínez for the World Middleweight Championship is going to be an epic fight that boxing fans around the world think of as a possible candidate for "The Fight of the Year". Although, the likes of  Chávez Jr., is not that of a world-class caliber prize fighter; It's in the competency between both fighters that compels boxing fans like myself to wonder of what outcome will this fight end. For me personally, I think that this fight can go either ways. For every great fighter to burst out of the boxing scene, we never really recognize them as much until they have managed to reach a stepping stone in their careers as fighters.

     Stepping stones could either be found in winning an Olympic Gold Medal or as grand as beating a Pound for pound fighter. These experiences have defined their character and the skills they carry into the sport of boxing. These great aspects that influence people through breathtaking displays of brilliance each time they step into the squared circle. This maybe the same thing going for the likes of Julio César Chávez Jr., who goes up against the pound for pound superstar in Sergio Martínez. It is not the first time that we've seen a non-ranked fighter to have come out of nowhere to beat someone who is rated to be one of the sports best.

     Let us take Manny Pacquiao for example. Manny Pacquiao was virtually unknown internationally despite being a two-time world champion at that time when he faced Mexico's growing legend, Marco Antonio Barrera. Now, in this fight, I wouldn't have even predicted this way coming. It was unbelievable that Pacquiao would blow the roofs against one of pound for pound's best fighters in the world. I believe Pacquiao's real stepping stone into the big-time was Barrera. In this manner, I can also place Chávez Jr. in the same respect.

     To me, this encounter may almost look like a deja vu. My predictions for this fight is that Sergio "Maravilla" Martínez will KO Julio César Chávez Jr. in any round. This means, that Martínez can go home with an early victory if he decides to do so. It could reach the middle rounds or even the later rounds. It really just depends on what tempo these guys are exhibiting in the early seconds of the fight. Sure, it is also possible that it could go into the judge's scorecards, but my prediction stays solid. I stand by it.

     My final thoughts on this bout is that, Julio César Chávez Jr. is a great fighter, and he has a good chance to beat Martínez. I am not to judge on the several occurences that an underdog would beat a great fighter. It's natural, upsets do happen in regularity. This is the sport of boxing; anything can happen. I would have wanted  Chávez Jr., to try and beat Kelly Pavlik first before facing Martínez. Despite this, who am I to judge? Freddie Roach once wanted Manny Pacquiao to beat Wayne McCollough first, before he fought against Barrera, and look how that fight turned out for him?

     Again, I am just basing my predictions from credentials and statistics which provides accurate predictions following tendencies and probabilities, which we all know, is not really the case when you talk about something like boxing. Even if my blog would happen to cover the Barrera-Pacquiao fight predictions, I would have heavily favored Barrera in this aspect. Thus, from the way this fight is going, in my opinion, it only shows, that this fight is really up for grabs between both contingents. Will Chávez Jr. become his own fighter apart from his father's legendary stature, or will Martínez prove once again why he's considered pound for pound's very best? It really all comes down into who wants it more.

Picture: A poster of boxing's mega-fight between Julio César Chávez Jr. and Sergio "Maravilla" Martínez for the World Middleweight Championship, to be held at the Thomas and Mack Center University in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Olympic Controversy: Barriga - Zhakypov


Philippine Olympic Boxing is now saddened of Light Flyweight prospect Mark Anthony Barriga's defeat against Kazakhstan's Birzhan Zhakypov. Barriga, who had defeated Manuel Cappai of Italy on the score of 17-7, made the entire country dream with his quest for the elusive Olympic Gold Medal. I for one, although envious, had my hopes up with his ride for Olympic greatness. I wanted him to win the Gold Medal, but as it turned out, Lady luck seemed to go against the Filipino prospect. Barriga from the Philippines lost with a score of 16-17 in favor of Zhakypov from Kazakhstan. It was a controversial decision that sparked some interest and fascination between Olympic Boxing fan's like myself.

Round 1

Earlier rounds seemed to favor Barriga with his consistency and willingness to throw punches on his opponent. Actively, I would say Barriga was more aggressive, as Zhakypov was more reserved yet accurate. It was a close round. The judges had it 5-4 in favor of the more accurate Birzhan Zhakypov of Kazakhstan.

Round 2

Again, Barriga was the more aggressive fighter. He threw lots of punches that worked into his favor as the the Kazakhstan fighter seemed to stay idle and relaxed throughout this round. Barriga outlanded his opponent by 8-10, his aggressiveness, hand speed, and counter punching skills carried out in this round.

Round 3

A determined Birzhan Zhakypov turned his pedal to the metal. He was more aggressive than the Filipino contingent for the very first time. Barriga looked to counter punch his opponent as Zhakypov was coming in. Both fighters seemed to wrestle each other in deep anticipation, sensing the urgency that their Olympic dreams may come to an end tonight. There were moments where both fighters kept falling down, as they were coming in. Referee Roland Labbe of Canada then decided to give a two point advantage penalty on Barriga for wrestling. The score ended in a steady 17-16 in favor of Birzhan Zhakypov of Kazakhstan.

Final Thoughts

The decision is definitely unfortunate for the Filipino contingent. He should have won this match if the referee never gave the deduction with a score of 16-15. Again, I don't criticize the rules and favoritism thereof of the Olympic community, but this is just outrageous! I cannot stand to watch a fighter being blamed entirely over something which is not entirely his fault. It reminded me of the Hopkins - Dawson debacle. This is the same instance wherein the decision of the referee irrationally ended the fight. It was never a pleasant thing to watch.

Why don't you just let the fighters win it the way fighters must win it, not by some reckless decisions, created by certain officials, to enforce a point system that irrationally ends the fight like this? For the most part, the better fighter was Barriga despite his deterioration in the final round, in my opinion. I'm not becoming a sourpuss just because I am Filipino. I am not biased. I am just like a lot of sports enthusiast out there who does not want to see people staining the fight game like this.. The same fight game that combat sports athletes like myself cherish and get an inspiration from.

A word of advice to referee's who work in combat sports.. Please, never ever deduct a point from fighters. Think of it before you do it, and if you do it, please let it be for illegal blows. If you recognize a fault, be sure that the reason for it is entirely one's fault. I know that this sport in itself is sometimes imperfect, but let us try and get things right. When a fighter steps inside the ring, he has only one opponent in mind, not the referee, judges, or the crowd. It also only depends if other than his opponent, he creates another in himself.

Picture: Filipino Olympian Mark Anthony Barriga delivers a straight right hand over Italian Olympian Manuel Cappai in the London 2012 Olympics.

Friday, July 27, 2012

8000th views and its Statistics

Happy 8000th! As this blog reaches the 8000th mark. I have to thank all the people who supported this blog, internet people who have one way or another miraculously stumble here, and I want to thank God for giving me the inspiration each day in making a difference to the world even in small steps like this blog. It's been a long time since I talked about statistics in my blog, and the United States of America was the top readers of this blog a few years back. Although, something has changed over the past couple of years and the Philippines(my native country) was marching steadily up into the spot on where it belongs today.

Here is my top 10 blog viewers.

Page Views by Country:
1. Philippines
2. United States of America
3. United Kingdom
4. Italy
5. Canada
6. Russia
7. Australia
8. Germany
9. France
10. India

     In the past, I had to just include the Top five, but since my number five and the rest of the numbers downward holds so close in each others views that I had to include the entire list. By Browser, people who read my blog used the Internet Explorer more, followed by Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and etc. Through the means via operating systems, Windows is the clear winner by a landslide in this category, followed  by Macintosh, Linux, Android, iPhone, and etc.

     First and foremost, I want to stress out that this blog isn't about blog views and statistics. This blog is created to help inspire the human framework and encourage its readers to believe that anything is possible. Helping people have that extra amount of faith rippled into their work ethics. Just as Muhammad Ali would put it, "They have to have the skill and the will. But the will must be stronger." It is through one's determination.. this trait alone that will carry anyone, despite obstacles, failures, and limitations, into becoming something more.. of a Champion. Have a nice day!

Picture: A world view, of the all-time audience statistics of this blog.


How ironic that this blog has reached its 8000th mark, and still I feel ambivalent whether I would be happy or under the blues. I do want to thank my readers and to some internet people who have miraculously stumbled upon my blog. It is a pleasure to be heard and that this blog will continue to serve its purpose to inspire people to achieve great things. Things have come up in my life that I know a lot of us can relate to, such as the feeling of being brokenhearted. You wouldn't know what to expect at the end of the line whether it would be a happily ever after or another vicious cycle of heart aches that only true love can cure. I have never been the type to give up on something, especially when I am inspired with it. Love, like any other complex feelings a man can feel is a beautiful yet painful feeling. Although, when one gives up despite the totality that one gives his entirety to another, it becomes pointless. Like all things great, there is a limit, and it cannot last forever. As boxing can put it, just as a fighter reaches the 30's, retirement is an imminent process that needs to be seriously considered. All these great fighters that we see and be privileged to watch in our time holds the same historic cycle that since the beginning has taught us that human mortality is fact. Even as happily married couples ages off, their love comes to a halt in death. The only thing that goes on in this world is inspiration. It never dies out in existence and it aims to affect people positively into becoming the best they can become, just like the way this blog was intended. Great tales last more than a lifetime. Human mortality might daunt us, but it is in when we cherish life and not take it for granted, that we see, that there is a purpose for all of our struggles. A purpose to make one stronger. No matter how many obstacles one may encounter in his lifetime, one must continue to persevere under God's grace. For it is God who brings about our purpose, and when we miss out on it, then we are taking our lives for granted.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Bradley: Keep the belt and remain hated


     Not to intentionally pun the new WBO Welterweight champion in Timothy Bradley, but let us just face the facts. I would understand that winning a match against Pacquiao is a great accomplishment for the young champion, and it's hard to admit defeat when you know that you worked so hard for the victory. If I was in the place of Bradley, I would keep the belt. Despite his hard work, dedication, and self-reasoning; people's criticisms have begun to make me believe, that the more Timothy Bradley gets hold of the belt, the more he will be hated by boxing fans around the world.

     Even as I score it a close fight, the fans know who really won that fight. Most of us know it, regardless of whether you are a boxing judge, a commentator, or a mere aficionado like myself. I believe that we should not blame the judges for the decision they made, for I have begun to believe and had scored it a close fight. In fact, I had it 116-112 for Pacquiao after a focused review. The wide margin of rounds for Pacquiao looked to close the fight in his favor. It turns out, Bradley got the decision in the end and this has stirred an uproar among boxing fans. As far as I'm concerned a 116-112 scorecard is a round away to a 115-113 that judge Jerry Roth scored for Pacquiao.

     Even from the beginning, as I watched the fight for the first time, I knew it was a close fight. I hadn't scored it initially because I was content to believe that Manny Pacquiao is winning this fight, but by a slight margin. Never have I thought of Bradley getting the victory. At first, I couldn't believe that Timothy Bradley won the fight, and that is why, I had to review the tape and try to see what the judges were seeing in this fight. My words to Bradley, if he happened to miraculously dropped by into my post is, to be a true champion and return the belt to the World Boxing Organization.

     If he takes my word seriously, it will change suspicion, doubt, hate, and misunderstanding among fans and the sport of boxing with a little bit of respect. A respect that grows through simple, yet difficult acts like this. An action that proclaims true maturity of a champion to accept and become open to possibilities. Let us make the right decisions and actions amidst every negativity of trials that even a corrupted world would offer. I just hope the fans will understand Timothy Bradley a little bit more, and begin to put themselves into his shoes.

     Everyone wants to be successful in life and Bradley has just tasted it, although not convincingly. We must give the man some respect. Forget the bad words and the jeers, for it was never his fault. As for Pacquiao, he should have won that fight. I commend his being a gentleman and his deep religious faith, but religion could be a distraction, especially when it comes to ferocity in the ring. As for Bradley, try again and win the world championship. For it is not in the Title that a champion is acknowledged, but it is through his character. A self-trait which matters most than anything else that is written on paper.

Picture: Timothy "Desert Storm" Bradley, in one of his hard and dedicated workouts.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Pacquiao - Bradley Predictions

Manny Pacquiao against Timothy Bradley. What makes this fight so great? Isn't this just a replacement of the supposed Pacquiao - Mayweather fight? For me, personally, I don't think that this will be Manny's greatest opponent that he will ever face, and Timothy Bradley is not in the level of both Pacquiao and his previous opponents. I believe that Manny Pacquiao is just far more gifted than Timothy Bradley. Timothy Bradley may be worthy of a fight against Pacquiao, considering that he is in fact undefeated, number eight pound for pound, and has beaten a few good fighters, but for the most part.. that's just it. Despite his resumé, he owes nothing, Pacquiao will be the first pound for pound ranked fighter he will be facing. The problem is, Manny Pacquiao is on the pinnacle of these rankings.

Pacquiao has speed, agility, aggression, stamina, and power. I can compare Bradley's skills almost identical to Pacquiao's speed, agility, aggression, and stamina. What does Bradley lack? You guessed it, its power. Although Bradley's record shows early knock outs in his earlier fights, it never showed up against top competition. Pacquiao knocked out fighters that are so great that you wouldn't think he could. Pacquiao defeats all odds, and that is why he is so special. Stylistically, Timothy Bradley is quite similar to Pacquiao, in terms of aggression and non-stop action.

I believe this fight will be entertaining. Both fighters will be coming at it until the final bell. (If it reaches there.) For the most part, this will just be another showcase of Manny's talents. Timothy Bradley will stay competitive as long as this fight lasts.

The action will be non-stop. They will be punching so much in every round that perhaps it will break all compu-box records. Expect lots, and lots of punches coming from both fighters. Watch out for head butts, because it always happens in a Timothy Bradley fight, and this occurrence will be highly likely with the match-up of an Orthodox fighter against a Southpaw. They will be brawling in the center of the ring, and this fight, possibly, could be a Fight of the Year candidate. For this reason that they will be hitting each other a lot, I would have to predict that this match will end quickly. Bradley must hold on to his promise of a second fight, because I don't think this match will go the distance in his favor.

I predict Manny Pacquiao knocking out Timothy Bradley in the first half of the fight. This means, it will never go past round six. There is a good possibility that Manny will knock him out in the early rounds too.

Final Comments:
Boxing mindset teaches us that anyone has a chance. Even in tune-up bouts, upsets happen, because it all depends on a fighter, and how much he wants it more. I can see Timothy Bradley's dedication for this fight, and I commend his training, that he describes was "like hell." I think a lot of us can relate to this. When someone is giving his all into something, I tell you, nothing is impossible. Bradley has a darn good chance to pull an upset if he goes into this fight as the fighter that his hard training represents.

Manny Pacquiao is aging considerably. Showing poor performances in his last fights. My theory on Pacquiao may be correct. He could just be, past his prime. He may be religious as a saint, but no miracle can stop him from aging. It is the weakness of all fighters. It is a testimony to our mortality. No great thing lasts forever. For this prediction I will be heavily favoring Manny to win, but if he will ever fight Floyd Mayweather Jr., it will be a different story.

Picture: Top Rank Poster of Manny Pacquiao against Timothy Bradley for a fight on June 9th on MGM Grand Garden Arena.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Declaration of Gold

Unchanged, Unmoved, and Uninspired. Three words, that speaks of me today. Why? Yes, my profession grants me the advantage to practice it, but in my heart I know there is a loss in this gaping heart that wishes to fill it from its void. As I age, my boxing skills will eventually diminish. In this reason, I am frustrated whether I could get a chance to actually practice it. For I know, my skills are potentially great yet untested. I want to dedicate my abilities to my country. It is the least I can do as a Filipino, who was born and raised in this beautiful country. My skills in the sport of boxing continues to grow, yet my abilities remain to be tested. Oh, What can I do? The Olympic Gold medal seems to be the answer for the struggle that continues to grow with me throughout time. Yes, I may be a nurse, and I am contented knowing I am practicing this skill, but boxing is a sport that I am passionate about, yet my skills are unheard of. My sport is boxing, as some people would play basketball as a hobby. Although boxing was never my profession and I do not wish to be professionally inclined with it. Yet I remain as a prospect for amateur boxing, and I wish to remain like this until I am given the opportunity to prove my words right. The London Olympics looks like the perfect avenue to prove myself worthy of what I have been saying so far. Yet until now, this cursed braces that stabilizes my teeth remains inside me, that even if opportunities would arise, I still have to keep waiting.. waiting for the opportunity when I will be seen under those lights of the squared circle. I hope my youth remains preserved until that day comes when I am ready. I continue to dream despite all odds because I continue to believe in my skills. Skills that I have continued to sharpen throughout time. Whether it be inactivity or in training, my knowledge of the sport continues to swell. My plea is just to realize an opportunity for me to fight for my country when everything in me becomes settled. If my country remains unappreciated with no history of gold medals in the Olympics. Let me be the change that our country so desires. I will dedicate my youth for this cause, for it is in boxing, that my confidence grows. It is in boxing that I know I can do great things. I may be unheard of, but I will be ready by the next Olympics after London. I bet my entire life on it. With a great tear in my eye, I declare my victory as early as now. I'm gonna get that Gold medal! For God, my country, and its people.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Mayweather - Cotto Predictions

     I am quite happy that Floyd is fighting a quality opponent again. I am pretty disappointed that he fought Victor Ortiz in the past. I knew it was a horrible match-up. I could compare it to the upcoming Pacquiao - Bradley fight. I consider Ortiz and Bradley on the same level. It makes me want to just rip both fights and just watch an Ortiz - Bradley match-up, and by there we can create bigger fights, which was not the case. Miguel Cotto is not in the level of Ortiz or even Bradley. Cotto is a well defined boxing legend as his future is already destined for the Hall of Fame. Mayweather is definitely going into a tremendous fight here, from since he fought Mosley. Cotto did beat Mosley in the past. You would wonder how this match-up will turn out eventually.

Advantage Points:

Miguel Cotto - a tremendous puncher. His most lethal weapon is his devastating left hook which have knocked most of his opponents out with this one punch. He could throw that left hook on the body or head. He has good fundamental boxing skills. He is a recognized boxer-puncher and he does not rush things all the time. He is paced and is ready to trade punch if given the opportunity. Cotto has boxing's famous puncher's chance. A solid and stiff left jab that has been known to knock opponents down with it.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. - a masterful tactician. A pure boxer who is very patient and looks attentively for his shots. His tremendous hand speed allows him to do whatever he likes whether landing crisp accurate combo's or to simply pot shot his opponents through boxing. Floyd Mayweather Jr. has the best boxing defense I have ever seen compared to all fighter's whether in the past or present. Right hand is his money punch as well as his blinding fast whipping left jabs.

Weakness Points:

Miguel Cotto - has good hand speed but slower compared to Floyd's hand speed. If they decide to trade shots, its either Cotto will get a good hard one or two, or Mayweather rag dolls Cotto with blinding speed. His chin is a suspect which can be seen in his fights against Pacquiao, Margarito, and even through someone in the past like Demarcus Corley. Does not have a good defense, it may be solid, but openings are all over the Cotto defense which could be easily penetrated. He is known to have only the left hand, his right hand means nothing.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. - Chin is a bit of a suspect as he once have been knocked down by Zab Judah and hurt badly by Sugar Shane Mosley. Tends to be more defensive at times, which will give opportunities to fighter's to just bomb away regardless of his slick defense. Cannot fight guys on the inside that well, his best bet is to keep leaning back and establish the distance. On the inside he is vulnerable. Throws lesser volume of punches and only make up with accuracy, which loses his punches landed against his opponent.

The Fight:

     Based on the given data above, we can clearly see that Miguel Cotto must jump on Mayweather early when an opportunity arises and pound him on the ropes. He must utilize his strength when Mayweather is trapped. I know Cotto is not much of a volume puncher, but he must punch a lot tonight if he decides to get this victory. When an inside fight is given, Cotto must be cautious but accurately land one or two and not more, or he'll get rag dolled with Floyd's speed. He can volume punch when the Mayweather is on the ropes. Floyd's anatomical positioning in his philly shell defense allows him to block the left punch of Cotto easily, therefore, he must use that right hand of his.

     Preparation for the right hand of Cotto is essential for this fight. Floyd must utilize his brilliant boxing in the center of the ring and not be bullied into the ropes. Special preparation in footwork for Floyd is essential to easily evade a rush-in by Cotto. I predict that a Mayweather jab will work brilliantly in this fight. Cotto has openings despite his defense; a Mayweather jab will easily land through, especially considering the type of speed Floyd possess. Cotto's jab is also lethally effective in this match. It could stun Floyd or even knock him down. It's a battle of the Jab's.

Prediction: Floyd Mayweather Jr. by Unanimous Decision.

     A knock down is possible for both sides. We could see a knock down in any round of the fight. It's just a matter of time. I also predict, that if Cotto will find a way to land a tremendously effective punch that hurts Mayweather and knocks him down, there is a possibility that Cotto will win by Technical Knockout. Still, these are just opinions. In all honesty, I just love doing this sort of things. It amuses me. As a boxing analyst, it brings me great interest to practice my analytical skills in testing my knowledge on things, specifically in boxing. All in all, this is a boxing match, anything can happen. Just like the analogy of Larry Merchant, that boxing is like a box of chocolates when you open them up, you don't know what you're going to get.

A Theory: Mayweather Jr.'s Mind Games on Cotto

     Sometimes, I see things differently when people react to one another. I am not judgmental, but simply more open to the possibilities. What is fishy about Floyd Mayweather Jr. trying to take Miguel Cotto in his comfortable weight class? People would say, it seems that Floyd has stepped up and be the man of his words; proving to the world once and for all that he is the pound for pound king. There is controversy though, that makes me think even deeper, on what the heck is Floyd trying to play here?

     In their face-off with Max Kellerman, Floyd said that he wanted Miguel Cotto to relax and fight in his comfortable weight, almost seemingly trying to provoke Manny Pacquiao, who is known to demand catch weights. I thought, yes, it is a provocation, but there is something even more that meets the eye. Unlike any of his previous match-up's, Floyd Mayweather Jr. does not trash talk as much in this fight, why is that? I am going to explain my theory and its controversy on what could be really happening, and what fight fan's really don't have a clue about.

What is the benefit on Mayweather for Cotto fighting in a comfortable weight class?

     In recent fights, Cotto has been known to show diminished hand speed against Antonio Margarito II and Yuri Foreman. A hand speed quite slower to the Miguel Cotto in lighter weight classes. I'm not saying facts here, but just theories and the controversies that I think will play out in this fight. What am I saying? A slower Miguel Cotto will be advantageous to the slick Floyd Mayweather Jr.'s defense. It makes me picture out the Mayweather - Baldomir Fight. Wherein Baldomir, was hitting air because his punches were slower and telegraphed for Floyd.

Why did Floyd Mayweather Jr. act so nice, friendly, and respectful in this match-up, unlike anything we've ever seen in the past?

     It would be nice if Floyd would be doing this for the sake of change in order for fans to respect him more. Although, something seems not right here, like a jigsaw puzzle that won't fit in. Then I thought, could Mayweather be playing another mind game here, and if he is, what is he trying to pull? Cotto is a tremendous puncher. It would be very dangerous if Floyd would be trapped into the ropes against a hard hitting Miguel Cotto. Putting away the tension and pressure, may somehow diminish Cotto's aggressiveness, which will allow Mayweather to utilize his superb boxing skills in the center of the ring.


    If my theory is correct, we can already see the fight before it even starts. A heavy hitting yet slow Miguel Cotto will be unable to land or even hurt a Floyd Mayweather Jr., who will display a masterful performance similar to what he has accomplished in the past. For the most part, I hope Miguel Cotto could see through this possibility and maintain his aggression and trap Mayweather on the ropes. In this way the fight will be a lot more interesting to watch, and it would become more of a competition rather than another highlight match-up of how great Floyd Mayweather Jr.'s boxing skills are. Yet, I know Cotto will definitely jump on Mayweather Jr. in this fight. Miguel Cotto is in fact a true champion, and trickery like this, if it exist, means nothing to the caliber of a true champion.

Mayweather - Cotto: The Intro

    A classic match-up between a pure boxer against a puncher. This is what I predict in the upcoming showdown between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Miguel Angel Cotto. Although being recognized as a boxer-puncher, I believe Miguel Cotto must become a slugger in this match-up rather than a boxer in order to win this fight. You cannot expect Cotto to be outboxing the slick master boxer in Mayweather. It is important for Miguel Cotto to be pushing Mayweather into the ropes and just bomb away. Mayweather might be the best pure boxer in the history of the sport, but he will be facing a tough and dangerous challenger who is skilled, hungry, and dedicated. Miguel Cotto is not your ordinary walk in the park.

     People will get ready and sit down knowing they will be watching a fight that will be remembered in the great pages of boxing history. It is known that Miguel Cotto, born in Caguas Puerto Rico, is a boxer who does not give in despite any circumstance. He will make all rounds a gunfight and even if he is badly hurt, he will be dedicated to continue on and trying to bring the upset until the final bell. Miguel Cotto is a reminiscent of a true champion who never gives up. His character is what creates this figure of excellence, which is early worthy of being in the hall of fame. Miguel Cotto has a definitive chance in knocking down or even knocking out Floyd Mayweather Jr.

     Although sometimes misunderstood, Floyd Mayweather Jr. is a fighter who just transcends the sport of boxing. I believe he is currently the best pure boxer to have ever fought in such level that you could actually rank him as the best pure boxer of all time. I believe, Floyd's skills inside of the ring is definitely something out of this world. Almost as if, he isn't even human. 42 wins and still undefeated, it is clear why he is recognized as the best pound for pound fighter in the world. His, what I call, new image has brought fans like me into respecting him more. The Floyd Mayweather Jr. of today is a man who keeps his word and doesn't talk too much trash.

     The much recent Floyd Mayweather Jr. doesn't care of any opposition because he knows he's the best. No more mind tricks necessary, just business. Tell that to Manny Pacquiao. Floyd has been challenging Pacquiao continuously now, and its just a matter of time that we get a date in the world's most awaited match-up. Crushing all blind allegations that Floyd is scared. I commend Floyd's stepping up, it shows the world what a true champion he is made of. I'm filipino and I am not biased, but from the Pacman's recent fights, it indicates that Floyd Mayweather Jr. will eventually break him down. I see this fight as comparative match-up into sealing the deal, that Floyd Mayweather Jr. is a class above Manny Pacquiao.

     Miguel Cotto though, is not a fighter to be taken lightly. I have been a tremendous Cotto fan, and have watched his humble beginnings, to the superstar that he is today. He is a ferocious force that could take out anybody in his weight class. He may have had a defeat against Pacquiao and an illegally wrapped Margarito, it is still not clear if Mayweather can actually beat him because, Cotto packs a punch. Even his jab has become a lethal weapon to score quick knock downs. Trade punches with Cotto, and Floyd will be definitely feeling the canvass on his back. Even a defending Mayweather would feel the impact of the punishment Cotto will be dishing out when he traps him into the ropes.

     This is an interesting match-up that I recommend not only to boxing fans but to everyone. This is definitely an entertaining match-up that speaks controversy in itself. The possibility that Floyd could be beaten is right here. The proof of dominance of Mayweather against Pacquiao will be pictured out right here. Any fighter can get the win, they just have to play their cards right. The most anticipated match-up has now finally come through.The Lights are set, the stage is ready, and the fighter's are ready to play. So I just say, stay tune, relax.. it's gonna be one heck of a fight.

Picture: Floyd Mayweather Jr. stares down with Miguel Cotto for their upcoming match-up on May 5th.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Enraged: The evil of the world

     Good day to all. I know it has been a while since I have written, and the only reason that I could think-of when I return into writing is when I have a feeling in my heart that I have to let go. Writing has been a good stress reliever for me in instances when I feel nerved by circumstances that bothers me to the point of frustration. I always had the feeling that if I write something, there must be a reason for it or a drive that motivates me. I don't write things that don't really bring much importance to me. This is what separates this blog from professional writers who are worked-up into writing their column every day of the week. My writings come from inspiration. An inspiration driven by joy, anger, frustrations, sadness, and etc.

     I come with a burden that seem to emanate the whole evil that continues to exist in this world. Although the idea is understandable because the world in itself, is not perfect. Yet, I continue to strive in helping the world to be a better place. If only I could inspire others, not for personal attainment, but to simply make a difference. I don't need respect. I just want people to understand that actions that create this world will determine whether life is either a sanctuary or a hell on earth. I just hope for the neutral side. I am against every unrighteous actions that continues to affect lives of countless people. The point that I want to create, is that if you do something, it must be carefully thought out to the point of not having an expense on others.

     I believe that an action is wrong, if the people and their environment are being affected in a negative way at their expense. I work on ethics as a key role and function to our society even if some people believe atheistically. Even without faith, I know atheists can function well in our society. I have come to understand the vast knowledge and progress of science in this world. I myself regard my own as a little bit of a physicist. I just think that the purpose in life or I should say "fate" on people are compromised with the idea of atheism. The truth may be quite hard to figure out at this moment. As a natural skeptic, I would think that even if religion is false, I have benefited from a psychological advantage and standpoint in life.

     Still, I believe in God and my faith remains strong in this respect. I would like to really mix-in the vast scientific knowledge in accordance with my faith. I have seen the evidence, especially the topic on the recurrent laryngeal nerve which was quite controversial. For the most part, I too believe in evolution but this bad design as people put it, is a perfect design, in a sense that, without evolution to happen, the perfect design of man could not be accomplished. For, in my opinion, the integral part that makes a man so-called "perfect" in such a way is its knowledge, which gave way to human consciousness. I may be a minority, but I know most scientists who believe in a religion would agree with me, that evolution could actually mix-in with God's holy will.

     There are a lot of things that enrage me in this world, especially when people are forced into things that are against their will. I am against the violence on women and children. I just feel so enraged knowing there is nothing I can do when a damage has been done. There is something in me that wants to beat-up that @#$% person. It just bothers me when I think about this. I had to relieve my stress either by slamming the heavy bag hard with my rage or writing a blog post to express myself.  Just recently I have stumbled upon a video that shows an old man forcing a minor into prostitution. It just sickens me, and the next time I will train with the heavy bag, I will imagine his face getting pummeled with my rage.

     I know that it is in our nature to be sexual beings, that I understand, but bringing a minor and taking advantage on situations that blunder a persons entire being, is absolutely outrageous. I am pleased to see that man in cells. There is a difference with both parties going at it because they both want it, and a person getting forced for in the expense of another. It is in this reason that I continue to work on my advocacy and change the world even if I have nothing much to offer. With simple writings that I place through the internet, let my feelings be felt and heard. Let us not be blind and succumb to these injustices. Let the history of these atrocities create a spark in ourselves to denounce the evil that wreck havoc in this planet.

     Let us create a better place, by respecting, loving, and learning from one another. Let us not make war. The era of great nations is obsolete to me. I believe we are all the same human beings that roam forth this earth. With the increased global warming, let us all work and utilize our technologies for our planet. Let us stop deforestation and use earth-friendly energy sources. We can all do it. Let us not wait for a time that our ozone layer is nothing more. It took billions of years for our planets evolution to produce the ozone. It is the ozone that makes life on land possible. I encourage everyone to work for or simply just be aware in the current issues, for the betterment of our world.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Salido - Lopez II - Classic Epic Battle

Before starting with the blog post, I first would like to thank all the people who support this blog. It continues to inspire people as it reaches the 7000 mark despite not having been posting in awhile. Thank you very much.

I would like to talk about the recent match-up on the second fight between Orlando "Siri" Salido against Juan Manuel "Juanma" Lopez. If anyone have watched this match up, you will know why its very much worthy of a review, and if you're one of the people who haven't watched it yet, you'll be awfully sorry you haven't. This fight, is a fight that is created from the fabric of boxing greatness. It has achieved a status for being another classic match-up that is worth the replay for ages to come. We all know that the first fight was kind-of an upset, as Salido delivers Juanma his first loss on a TKO on the eighth round.

The first fight in my opinion, is a good match-up, but never have we expected a better match-up to come in their second fight. I have never felt and watch a boxing match like this in a long time. You could go down to the likes of, Hagler-Hearns, Corrales-Castillo, Gatti-Ward, and a lot of the other fights that were hotly contested which have become iconic match-ups in the world of boxing. Round nine of their recent fight was one of the greatest rounds I have ever seen in my lifetime. Maybe not the greatest, but it's in my top ten. I mean, when have you last seen two fighter's coming at it, nonstop action, and still making it a close round?

I have had my fair share of seeing great fights. My love for boxing allowed me to watch those great fights.. those great fights that despite its age, it still burns every spectator's impression and leaves a mark despite the era's, despite the black and white films, despite the difference of old-school boxing to modern. It's the heart and determination, that brings everyone out of their seats. You can knock a guy down and make a person wobbly to make everyone stand up from their seats, but a really epic battle is a nonstop, see-saw fight that you really don't care who is dominating in every exchanges.

People stand up for these match-ups, because its almost as if these fighters are already fighting in a different realm. It's not about the money, fame, or status. It's about being locked into that moment. Moments that create one of the fondest memories that people, not just boxing fans, relate to in the sport of boxing. In the upcoming retirement of boxing's pound for pound king, Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao, we feel clear and reassured that the sport of boxing will carry on. I talked about it in my previous posts, that the great featherweight era is reincarnating, and we've seen that time and time again in Salido, Lopez, Gamboa, and etc.

The Featherweight division, is a division to watch out for. With the Orlando Salido - Juan Manuel Lopez II completed, I have rested my case. The fight is short of awesome in one word. It is a classic stylistic match-up between a boxer against a slugger. Both fighter's are known punchers, with Lopez having the advantage in speed and technique, and Salido being the more old-school fighter, brawling his way inside and capitalizing with hard shots as Lopez backs to the ropes. We've seen this match-ups before and it really depends on how you utilize your skills.

There is no clear advantage between a boxer against a slugger, you just have to play your cards right. Orlando Salido reminded me of a Mike Tyson, only without the peek-a-boo stance. He would duck punches and land hay-makers relentlessly on his opponents. He also had the ability to lounge in his opponents as he opened up with a hard punch. That may pose a flaw to anyone who pays attention, and would effectively counter these types. Lopez, in my opinion, did not play his cards right. I felt, that he did not have proper timing, that he should have sharp-shoot Salido on the outside, and if he did that, it just showed to be ineffective.

Juan Manuel Lopez is in proper form, and that he could have executed his plans, but Salido just was relentless, and to me, I felt that Lopez did not adjust in the type of confrontation that Salido had fought. Still, it was a great match-up, although I also felt, that Salido was winning the fight. You could clearly see how Lopez gets banged around with hard shots, and is staggering around the ring in each rounds too often, that you should almost always give the rounds to Salido. Good scoring on Lopez on the knock down as Salido was coming in.

If only Lopez had done that type of countering, the fight would have changed, in my opinion. Then came the epic ninth round of their second fight. It was an all out slugfest and since their first exchange in that round, everyone was standing on their feet, and I was shouting here at home as I watched it. Pretty awesome stuff that you don't usually see. I'm just impressed with these fighter's; their status is worthy of future legends in the sport. Despite the stoppage in round 10, as Salido knocked out Lopez. There was no loser in this fight. Everyone's a winner, the fighters, the fans, especially the sport of boxing, in general.

I just hope for more of these match-ups to come.

Final Thoughts:

I think Juan Manuel Lopez did a great job in this match, although defeated. I would still like to watch him fight against Yuriorkis Gamboa. If they do make the match and Lopez wins it, I think a third fight against Salido is acceptable. For now, the king of the featherweight division is not clear. At this point, a second fight of Gamboa against Salido is a good option. Lots of people want to see that fight. I'm just waiting for more fighters of the lower weights to reach this weight class, especially the likes of Nonito Donaire. Like I said in my previous posts, the featherweight division is being prepared for another Golden Age.

For years I have been into the sport, it made me think that Boxing as well as any fight sports is 90% waiting and 10% action. You just hope that good fighters keep coming along, especially with what we've seen right here, and if there were a lot of fights that match up with the same intensity as the recent fight. I think that the 90% waiting is bearable. It would only be wishful thinking if we could ever ask for more in life.Yet its a blessing in disguise, that we never ever get bored in watching great fights, because only few of these fights are made that way, and that is why legends are legends, and is treated in such respect, and that is why, for the longest time in history and despite every controversy that surrounds it, boxing is great.

Picture: Orlando "Siri" Salido landing one of his few jabs against Juan Manuel "Juanma" Lopez in their second fight, held in Coliseo Roberto Clemente, San Juan.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Nursing Licensure Examination

     Good day reader's of this blog. It has been a very long time since I have posted here. I would like to thank all the people who are supporting me, my family, friends, and cyber friends who have introduced themselves to me through this blog. I have been given several opportunities for work through my writings. In this matter, I am grateful and humbled.. Just previously last December of 2011, I have just taken the Nursing Licensure Examination here in the Philippines. It was quite a struggle with me, that I had to seriously focus in my studies. Like I said in my previous posts, I had focused on education for the past few months in order to pass the examination. I had to review all the things I learned in school and also learn new concepts that are relevant for the exam.

     As you all may have known, it has been like three months or so that I haven't posted for a while, and today, I have returned. As difficult as it had become, I gave up boxing and spent all my days, immersed and well concentrated to the nursing profession. It was hard for me, because boxing was part of who I am, as a person and an individual. I had to make certain sacrifices in order to reach certain goals. I believed I would pass it.. I believed I could make it.. with the right seasoning of determination and hard work, I knew in my heart that nothing is impossible. Then came the day of the examination.

     At first, it was nerve wrecking, but as the next sets of papers were given, I have somehow become acquainted with the environment and it seemed only a matter of time that I will have finished the exam. The exam lasted for two days which comprised of five tests. In the end, I had answered all the questions in the tests without lacking in time. When I had finished an exam faster than expected, I would run down and review my answers. I was diligent in my answering, and since the early days before the exam, my father taught me not to rush the exam. It is not a matter of who finishes first, after all.

     At last, the final test has been completed. I donated my pencils, erasers, sharpeners, and ball pen's for charity. My exam room was way up in the school building, making going through the stairs a chore.. but it was worth it. I finished strong. I still remember the intense feeling I felt after the exam.. a feeling of vindication.. of intense happiness.. as if I had it in my heart to smile to everyone. Even as I left the school, I continued to smile. It was like a feeling that nothing can go possibly wrong today.

     The results were thought to be released a month after, so everyone waited anxiously for it. After all that sacrificing boxing, I gained weight and I knew I had to do something. So for one month, I had to go back to the gym and return to my previous state as a fighter. I practiced each day, even when I am not in the gym, I did it on my own. After a few days, the results caught me and my friend off guard, as we were having a good time playing video games. I was shocked with several text messages in my cell phone.

     My parents informed me, that I did pass the board exam. The feeling was bittersweet, because although I had passed the exam, my friend did not make it. This is the reason that throughout the days after everyone had congratulated me, I was not really that happy. A lot of people did fail the board exam. It was said that approximately only 34 percent of the takers have passed the exam. In spite of this, life must go on.. I am just proud that I am to be a Professionally Licensed Nurse of the Philippines, and I earned it through God, with perseverance, hard work, and determination.

All of this, has been a learning curb that God has constructed for me, in paving my road in life. I am forever grateful. Nothing is impossible with God.