Saturday, November 19, 2011

Metabolism is key for Champions

Look what I have found in the treasure trove of unpublished drafts! This draft wasn't published until now. Created August 8, 2010. I must have forgotten publishing this post for some reason. Nonetheless, I just have to publish it, because Metabolism is definitely a key for Champions.

Oh, it's been long since I have updated my blog. I've had lots of experiences, a lot of them, worthy to be shared. So.. Where to begin? *chuckles* Since my last post about putting more focus on my education, a lot of things have happened, some that are great, and some that are sorrowful. I have to agree, that boxing has put me into the backseat of life. It has made me a positive thinker, a contented man (with great dreams), and a healthy person. Throughout the days of my progression, I have seen the changes within myself, from good to worse, and vice versa. Life is an endless bound of truth, showing us failure, in order for us to succeed.

There were moments, where I trained hard, and after several days of inactivity because of focusing into education, I suddenly got ill. I had a high fever reaching 39 degrees Celsius. I also had experienced in the past, dealing with patients with the same condition, but never have I been more aware of its severity, from the moment, I myself experienced it. The feeling was like, your entire body, is at its weakest point, not to mention the headaches that come with it. I had lesser appetite at that time, and I felt, almost half-dead. After recovering from it, I then felt to myself, that my regimen was far more different than what I usually do. I knew from that moment, that I lost my metabolism that I usually had in the past.

I was slower, weaker, and easily tired. I then pushed toward a goal to recover the metabolism I lost. I immediately planned and did, a running and jogging exercises at my local neighborhood. The same old slope, where even the feeling of fatigue is lost, with the pleasant view of the everglades that surround the place. After a few days of jacking up my metabolism, I actually did recover. Sickness can put your metabolism at its lowest. After you recover from it, you must try to get back, or you will lose everything you have worked hard for in your life, like muscle tone, speed, stamina, and more. Metabolism is key for champions.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Pacquiao - Marquez III: The Controversy

A lot of people might have noticed that, although the Pacquiao - Marquez match-up was fast approaching, I wasn't able to post up my predictions on the upcoming fight. With the results you see now, you will know now why. I knew coming into the fight that Marquez was and will always be the greatest challenge for Manny Pacquiao. Juan Manuel Marquez is a technically sound fighter who has dominated fighters through counter-punching. Although, fans did not always admired the art of its style, that is why, in the Golden Featherweight Era, aggressive fighters were always at the limelight.

These fighters, particularly, Prince Naseem Hamed, Marco Antonio Barrera, Erik Morales, and Manny Pacquiao caught the attention of boxing fans, as Marquez fights in the shadows. Up until his opportunity in fighting Manny Pacquiao, first blood drew, and since that time, Marquez had already solved him. A draw from their first fight, it was clear that although the points might favor Pacquiao with his early knockdowns, Marquez had won more rounds. Controversy stirs even greater, as the Pacquiao - Marquez II had been concluded. The result is a split-decision favoring Pacquiao.

A lot of people had their differences in opinion, some favoring Pacquiao, some for Marquez, or even a Draw. It was a close fight. So it was high time that Pacquiao - Marquez III will be imminent, and so I had my thoughts that it will be a dangerous fight for both fighters, and there was no doubt in my mind that it won't be a great fight. Before the fight, I had predicted a Unanimous Decision for Pacquiao. I knew Marquez won't get knocked-out, but I had the feeling that he might get knocked down, which wasn't the case.

Marquez did last the full twelve rounds with the Pacman, and all rounds were close rounds, although two rounds, I saw Marquez dominating. People were shocked and in awe with the performance Marquez had done in the ring against Pacquiao. Truthfully, I was expecting that. Marquez had always been the Pacquiao Nemesis. There is no other fighter that Marquez wants to beat except Pacquiao. Even in the Mayweather - Marquez match-up, Marquez had overlooked Mayweather and was hoping to fight Pacquiao next. For me, that indicates of how determined he is to defeat the current pound for pound fighter in Pacquiao.

I had tremendous respect for Marquez and I knew coming into the fight that its going to be a very close match up. Did I predict it to be controversial? No, but I did predict that each round will be close rounds. What surprised me is that Marquez was able to dominate Pacquiao in certain rounds, and Pacquiao was unable to do it. Nonetheless, I had to score the fight the way I see it. Setting aside what the commentators had to say or the loud Mexican's in the area, I had to look on who was more effective in each round.

Sure I had Marquez dominating two rounds, but my initial score was two rounds up for Pacquiao 115-113. I heard what the commentators and the crowd had to say, but I actually felt and saw Manny Pacquiao winning by a slight margin in my scorecards. Everyone had split opinions, so I had to watch the fight all over again on replay. Top Rank commentators and Sky sports had Marquez winning the fight. Harold Lederman, the Official Judges, as well as myself, on the other hand, had Pacquiao winning. It was a Majority Decision win for Manny Pacquiao.

So it definitely was a close fight and the decision can go either way. I know a lot of people may have felt Juan Manuel Marquez should have won that fight, but stepping aside from favoritism, I had to judge the fight fairly. Based on aggression in the close rounds, I had Pacquiao stealing some rounds. There were times in the fight, that although close, I just saw that Pacquiao landed more punches than Marquez. No doubt in my mind though that Marquez was hitting the cleaner and harder shots.

I was basing each round on punch stat, and that is the reason why I had Manny ahead by two points. Pacquiao was hitting Marquez too much although not as clean and solid as Marquez', but just the volume of punches sealed every rounds that Pacquiao had won in my score cards. Final Decision: Even after watching the replays, I have Manny Pacquiao 115-113. It's a close fight so I can't blame anyone with the marks their giving on either sides, but the most important aspect that we need to understand, is that Boxing has produced another great match-up, and I am so excited to be even part of this hype.

The feeling I feel right now, is indescribable. At the end of the day, It is a close fight, and everyone is entitled to their opinions, but a Pacquiao - Marquez 4 is watchable. There is still much controversy in these dispute, and as long as there is controversy, match-up's don't end. The Spirit of the fight remains alive. I want a fourth fight and I know Floyd Mayweather Jr. knows it's time to fight this guy. Either Pacquiao - Mayweather or Pacquiao - Marquez 4, I would pay a fortune to watch any of these fights.

Tremendous respect for Juan Manuel Marquez. I haven't seen Pacquiao getting hit as much as how Marquez has hit him. I thought, the performance he did in this fight must place Marquez on the third spot on the pound for pound rankings. He must not retire, for he has more to offer in boxing. I know a lot of people must be upset, but I just can't help it. I actually saw what the judges were seeing in that fight. I saw it. Even if you call me blind or whatever, I scored it, and I had Pacquiao winning by two points.

Picture: One of the clean shots Juan Manuel Marquez had been landing flush on Manny Pacquiao's face.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Pacquiao - Marquez III Fight Card: Boxing has stayed on it's Feet

The past few months in the sport of boxing were filled with disappointments and controversy. It started with the Mayweather - Ortiz clash with an after apology knock-out. Then came the Hopkins - Dawson debacle, when Dawson threw the 46 year old champion into the canvass, after a clinch. It also continued with the Donaire - Narvaez fight, showing a too defensive Narvaez, and Donaire, unable to knock him out. These fights almost left a scar in the sport of boxing, and made me think, UFC is on the rise. Something like magic, the wounds of these mishaps have healed. Boxing has stayed on its feet. Although, one can never decide whether the sport is really dead if it is compared to an entire year of jeers, but somehow, boxing has now recovered from an almost dying state. I, as an analyst, fan, and fighter, can feel it. Experts usually say that the key for a good boxing event  are good under cards. We saw that yesterday, and the Pacquiao - Marquez III is a match of historic proportions. Every fight that night, was that of Legends. Those good events we saw in the 80's, 90's, 2000's, and 2010's were blown away with the combination of match-ups in yesterdays event. The under card was more than what fans, like myself, have wanted. The Drama that boxing have been missing over the past few years, like determination, fighting heart, excitement, bad blood, and etc., has now been resurrected. I mean, sure we got recent fights with some of the drama, but what I am referring to, is the combination of it all, or the total package. For me, the Pacquiao - Marquez III Event was a total package. Forget about skills, all top fighters have that, but the attitude is more of a spectacle to me. I just hope for these kinds of events to keep happening. In all honesty, boxing was dying, but yesterday's event made an immense jolt in its rise. It wasn't a half step, or a full step, it was a great leap, and Boxing is far from dying now.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Hopkins - Dawson, a disgrace in the sport of Boxing


Before I start, I want to thank everyone who have read my posts or those who stumbled into my blog. This blog has just reached its 6000 mark and I'm very thankful to everyone.

Now, I have just watched the recent clash between Bernard "The Executioner" Hopkins and "Bad" Chad Dawson. I was in a very relaxed and almost getting into bed until I was enraged with what I saw. Bernard Hopkins, known to be the oldest World Boxing Champion was supposed to defend his Light Heavyweight Championship belt after winning convincingly against Jean Pascal. Chad Dawson on the other hand, had a loss against Pascal, and is now into his comeback into regaining the Championship that was once his. That was the template of the match-up so far, entering into the match. The earlier fights were great, but this fight spoiled everything.

The early rounds were a toss-up. Chad Dawson using range and spearing his punches into Hopkins. The older Hopkins, looked to get Dawson into a hold and hammering him on a semi-clinch. Dawson looked frustrated as he was unable to hit Hopkins on the inside, because he immediately clinches. Ultimately, as Hopkins got close to Dawson on round two, Dawson immediately lifts Hopkins and throws him down on the canvass. Bernard Hopkins clearly unable to continue, as he may have dislocated his left shoulder after being thrown. The referee warns to give a Technical Knock-out if Bernard was unable to continue, which he did. Chad Dawson wins by Technical Knock-out by round two.

I thought this match was the most craziest thing I have seen in boxing. The Mayweather-Ortiz fight was alright, but the Hopkins-Dawson? Come on. I would have understood if Mike Tyson would bite the ears of Holyfield again, but that is not the point. I have seen the imperfections in the sport of boxing, and to some extent, I have come to enjoy them. Just like when a slip gets called a knock-down or a knock-down turns into a slip. This is what a champion faces in the ring, and he must appear to be unfazed by it, and overcome obstacles.

In the case of the Hopkins-Dawson showdown. I was very disappointed. I mean, you could use the privilege to judge a knock-down without the replays, but to judge a fight because you were not sure what just happened? That to me, is an abuse of privilege, and things must change in boxing as well. I also would like to give emphasis, that this is BOXING, not MMA. Take-downs are not a part of boxing, and if you ask me, you are not supposed to judge the fight as a TKO with that. It almost looked more of an MMA bout rather than a boxing match.

This is what kills boxing.. what destroys it, and I don't want to be put up to this pressure. I too, am an aspiring fighter, and with the kind of reputation that boxing builds today, it makes me have serious doubts if I would be interested to get inside a sport with so much confusion and issues. It all comes down to the judgment of the referee. For me, personally, I blame the ref' for that wrong call. I could pass out a loosely judged knock-out, but to decide the fight is over on a take-down? You must be out of your freaking mind.

The people who watched the fight know that this fight should be judged as a No Contest rather than a Technical Knock-out. People who watched the fight must be really disappointed too, since they paid a fortune to get their seats into this fight, but it ended up short and disappointing. To state it, overall, it sucks! I would want it to be called a No Contest, and let them have a rematch, not because they need it or want it, but for the honor of boxing. It's hard to win fans back into boxing when this sort of things happen.

My Proposal:
It is high time that we should change certain aspects in the sport of boxing. In the old times, fighters would go unlimited rounds until one quits. It changes, and rounds would reach until fifteen. After the death of Duk Koo Kim in their match with Ray Mancini, championship rounds were then cut to twelve. What I want to propose, is the use of replays in boxing matches. For the longest time in sports history, boxing is a sport that do not rely on replays, they resort to the referee's judgment.

It affects all common sense. This is the age of  High Definition LCD screens, Cyber-internet communication, Digital-age, and a lot. Times have past, and so, the sport of boxing must adapt to it as well. I mean, why should we continue with the old? when common sense tells us, there is a replay. This is high time for change, especially with the Bernard Hopkins and Chad Dawson debacle. It just kills the sport, if we are blindly going out through our ways. I know it must be a miracle for me to give everyone a heads-up, I'm just a blogger, but I am a person too, and I say my opinions when things get ugly.

Picture: Bernard Hopkins after a take-down from Chad Dawson.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Learn how to "Berserk"

We all know what it means, or do we not?

According to Wikipedia, Berserk is..

"A status effect in a variety of role-playing games, which generally causes the affected individual to attack recklessly and with increased power, and with no concern for personal safety or the safety of the individual's party." (

You would wonder, why in the world am I talking about role-playing games? What is its relation to the sport of boxing, or fighting, in general?

It all happened when I rested in my bed while listening to some feel-good music, that practically, of course. makes me feel great. I was full of optimism, as if nothing in life could ever go wrong. I felt carefree and body felt so light like the great feeling I have is taking me so high. It was a relaxing evening. As I switched my feel-good music to some angry work-out music, there was some change that occurred inside of me. I somehow felt alerted, and seemingly pulling out the inner warrior inside of me. Almost as if a dose of adrenaline is jacked into my system gradually. The once was a relaxing and happy mood, turned into a temporary feeling of aggressiveness and inner heaviness that felt as if consisted with hate, anger, revenge, intertwined in one. It builds up inside of your chest making it feel heavy. I call this the "Berserk Effect."

The term "berserk" is known to me, for I too have been a gamer. I then realized that this must be the same thing, although in reality rather than in fictional games. The feeling is really quite extraordinary, its as if you want to do something and release what is inside. For me, I release tension through displacement and sublimation, and that is why I get a good work-out in the punching bag. I relieve stress through it. I guess, the feeling of "berserk", may as well vary among people. People are used to using other coping strategies to get over stress, but for me, as a fighter, I fight. It must be true to some fighters too who are using this feeling of being berserk and using it in order to be a more effective fighter.

After feeling "berserk" for a couple of minutes, it felt very inconvenient for me for it happened at night. I can't train on the heavy bag especially when people are sleeping, because it makes a loud thudding sound every time I train. So I relieved my stress through deep-breathing exercises, think of happy thoughts, and listened back to the feel-good music. It went away in a few minutes, and I feel lighter after I relieved myself from it. The heaviness dissipated into emptiness, and I gradually put myself back into feeling great. I had to share it, because when I train, I feel more energy, passion, and determination when I feel "berserk", in comparison to training without it. There must be this aspect that makes fighters look invincible, because the feeling they have  inside them, helped brought about the greatness in their performance.

How to be in the Berserk state?
Few of the things I've experienced through training, taught me how to unleash the inner warrior inside of us, in seconds. Just remember though, that there are some serious consequences when you are in this state. So I discourage people who are using this in a bad way, but I do encourage it in sports. It makes you work harder, train harder, and play harder.

3 ways to Unleashing the inner Warrior:

1. When you feel hatred or anger towards anything around you. You usually feel Berserk in an instant. This is the long-term type of effect. As you resolve your issues this feeling will gradually subside, but its long-term effects make it very suitable for people who want to lose weight or build muscles. You will get in a somewhat, possessed state, like a warrior spirit has taken over your body. Take advantage of it and exercise. You will surely reach lengths you never thought you could.

2. Watch some boxing, wrestling, mixed martial arts, or etc. This will bring you in the mood to fight. Although it is not as powerful as a full berserk, this feeling is a somewhat, easy, small, and a safe dose from your regular berserk. You don't need to feel angry. All you have to do is bring yourself in the same wavelength of the fighters mindset, and Bingo!, you got it. Onset is slow, but effect varies until interest subsides. Intensity is also lesser.

3. Listen to pump-up music (Berserking). Preferably something that makes you feel aggressive. Position yourself into controlling your actions, as you listen to the music. Your unexpressed feelings will slowly build inside of you, like a volcano ready to explode. When the feeling is too much, you will feel like unleashing it, and that is the right time to do it. You get the full berserk, but effect is temporary. You build up about five minutes, and explode for ten minutes or more.

How to relieve the Berserk State*:

1. Do some INTENSE exercises. Small exercises won't work. Use displacement and sublimation and destroy the heavy bag. Go out and do some running, not jogging. It depends in what kind of exercise you want as long as its intense.

2. Shout, sing, talk, or etc. It is the verbal manifestation of your unexpressed feelings, thus, it works. Talk to a friend and express yourself. The more you express yourself, the more the feeling will be gone.

3. Listen to feel-good music. This is a mechanism called sublimation. You change your focus to a less-stressful stimuli.

4. Think good thoughts. Positive thinking kills the negative emotions.

5. Eat Serotonin-rich food. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter released in the body to give us the feeling of happiness and well-being. Serotonin-rich food includes: chocolates and bananas.

*Of course, there are lots of ways to relieve stress. It's in the science of psychology.

Berserking is a powerful yet dangerous tool. It must be used with caution. People who stay berserk would appear dysfunctional in the society, and that is why it must be used only in certain situations, like in sports. I have seen fighters who use this to their advantage, although successful, they have failed to return to being functional human beings. They tend to be aggressive in the society, breaks up rules, and do all the bad things we don't want to happen. Again, being berserk is a risk. You may end up hurting your loved ones if you did not learn to control it. A person who is practitioner on this must learn to not only bring himself to the state, but more importantly, learn to let it go.

One thing, being berserk is one way of bringing you into that adrenaline rush, or what I call, "The Zone." That feeling of being superhuman, is unavoidable.

Formula for Adrenaline Rush:
Berserk + Training = Endorphin + Adrenaline = 
The Zone/Adrenaline Rush = Temporary Superhuman

This is one reason why training is addicting, because you get a high into it. A natural high, without side effects. But of course, too much is too bad. Your body may get used to all these endorphin and adrenaline, that once you stop training, you will have a withdrawal symptom. Depression. So be careful, and use at your own risk. It's best to gradually stop training, rather than instantly stopping it. Let your body adapt to its internal and external changes.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Mayweather - Ortiz : Thoughts


The Fight Card:
Another great fight card has just been completed. As we saw another great, dynamic, and controversial match-ups. Mixed emotions, Mixed races, and Mixed outcomes. Earlier in the fights, we saw a competitive match-up between Jessie Vargas and Josesito Lopez. A stunning TKO victory of the now four division world champ, Erik "El Terrible" Morales. A sensational knockout of Saul Alvarez over Wilfredo Gomez. Who would ever forget the main event, where all the main drama took place? Floyd Mayweather Jr., knocking out Victor Ortiz on four. Some of the best fights I would ever want to see was right here. It made every boxing fan's day punctuated with a bang!

Vargas - Lopez Thoughts:
A very competitive match-up. The aggressor was Lopez and the boxer was Vargas. Lopez had his best round in the third, when he hurt Vargas with shots on the inside. Those effective punches by Lopez didn't sustain itself as Vargas continued to box and continued to swarm Lopez with punches as he comes on the inside. They had close rounds all through out the fight. Jessie Vargas wins a split decision against Josesito Lopez.

Morales - Cano Thoughts:
Another great match-up as the legend continues with Erik "El Terrible" Morales against Pablo Cesar Cano. Cano was a young and undefeated fighter, but Morales just got too much experience, skills, and intelligence inside the ring that he just tagged Cano everytime. Cano had a cut that was caused by Morales' punches. As the dominance took over, Cano's corner called it quits in round ten. Erik Morales wins by Technical Knockout.

Alvarez - Gomez Thoughts:
A sensational KO of Saul Alvarez against Alfredo Gomez. Trying to feel each other out in the early rounds, until Alvarez just unleashed a barrage of quick and deadly punches to finish Gomez in six. A sensational victory of Saul Alvarez winning it for him by Knockout.

Mayweather - Ortiz Thoughts:
Very intriguing match-up, as I had predicted a Unanimous Decision or a late round Technical Knockout for Floyd. As expected, Ortiz was rushing in like a bull on Mayweather. To Floyd's credit, his shoulder roll made a hard night for Victor as he goes ineffective and has seemingly placed his combinations into hibernation. His shots just won't land enough. Mayweather was sharpshooting Ortiz with pinpoint accuracy and using his handspeed to his advantage as he continuously hurts him in each round. In round four, Ortiz throws a flurry on Mayweather but ineffective. Seemingly frustrated, Ortiz gave Mayweather an intentional headbutt. (Although, corrected himself that it was an accident, as he was just pushing Floyd to the ropes.) Referee Joe Cortez gave a deduction on Victor Ortiz. As Ortiz gave an apologetic hug to Floyd, he immediately cracked Ortiz with a left hook-right hand combination. Victor Ortiz, unable to get up, gets himself counted out by Joe Cortez. Floyd Mayweather Jr. wins by Knockout.

Final Thoughts:
This is one of the best fight cards I have ever seen in a while. This is the drama that the sport of boxing has lost for a decade or so. This helps a lot in the sport of boxing. As for the Mayweather Knockout, I got no bad thoughts about it. I mean, Mayweather is just doing his job. It's a fighter's obligation to protect himself at all times. You can't look anywhere else other than the man who is in front of you. That same person who is beating the heck out of you, and have no other thoughts than to just destroy you. So never turn your back on him or look in another way, because that would just be a short-stop ticket for you getting knocked out. Never trust any fighter you come up against.

As far as I'm concerned, the dirtier fighter to me, was Ortiz. Stop headbutting, that's not part of boxing. You are not supposed to hug inside a boxing ring. Because of this inexperience by Ortiz, my prediction was cut short. Pacquiao should better stop hugging like he did with Mosley. Boxing is a badass sport, everyone should learn that. I would bet the Pacquiao - Mayweather Fight to happen after Pacquiao - Marquez III, if not, the entire world will be very disappointed to, not only of the fighters, but to boxing in general. So I hope the fight of the century must happen soon.

Picture: Floyd Mayweather Jr. knocking out Victor Ortiz after all the apologies. Referee Joe Cortez looking to count the fallen Victor Ortiz.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Featherweight Division: Reborn


Throughout the recent years, there were lots of transitions in every weight class. The one specific weight class that I am referring to, is the featherweight division. It's been years since the last Golden Featherweight Age took place between a lot of talented fighters of their time. The era of Morales, Barrera, Marquez, Pacquiao, Prince Naseem Hamed, and a lot more talents that rule the featherweight division at that time. As fighters begin to leave the featherweight division, it seems like the ice-age in boxing has begun. Although not until the spawning of great fighters that exist in the featherweight scene that has defrost the cold frostbitten core of what was once was a paradise of great fights. Fighter's like Juan Manuel Lopez, Yuriorkis Gamboa, Daniel Ponce de Leon, Orlando Salido, Nonito Donaire, and great fighter's from lower divisions of whom are migrating to this division. It's like the old has died but the fighting spirit lives on. At this moment, the future of the featherweight division looks bright. Another tremendous match-ups are just waiting around the corner, giving us great fights that would become classics for another new age approaches. I believe that the featherweight division will be the build-up phase for these great fighters, but the real drama and superstar status will be imminent after some time in which they reach the Super Featherweight division. It's gonna be like the old times. Remember the great wars in this division? Hold on to your seats because it's definitely coming. You would ask, where are those great fights nowadays? I know they are being prepared. Preparation is immense, and I know boxing will definitely be reborn again.. better than Wrestling, and definitely way better than Mixed Martial Arts. The stage will be set, and the only thing left is to find out when will the play begin.

Picture: Yuriorkis Gamboa with sensational victories over boxers like Rogers Mtagwa who is seen knocked down in the lower left.

Mayweather - Ortiz Prediction


Just a days from now, another super-fight in the great world of boxing will be taking place once again. A fight that determines whether pound for pound is a mere title or a self-proof that greatness, he remains supreme. Floyd Mayweather Jr., the long time pound for pound king, will be facing the up and coming prospect from Garden City, Kansas. Victor "Vicious" Ortiz, known for his relentless style and his boxing prowess. He is a fighter to look up for in the welterweight division. Floyd Mayweather Jr., on the other hand, has already proven himself to be one of the best fighters in the world, if not, the best fighter in the world. His defensive skills had made him invincible in every challenge he faced, including fights with, Arturo Gatti, Ricky Hatton, Juan Manuel Marquez, and the list goes on. Ortiz's recent fights include Unanimous decisions from Andre Berto, his draw to Lamont Peterson, and his loss against Marcos Maidana. This is a fight that that the world looks to see. The Mayweather - Ortiz showdown will be held on September 17th 2011.

As a boxing analyst, I will try to weigh down on the ideas and come up with a prediction towards this match. I have seen both fighter's fight. I just have the picture in my mind that this upcoming fight will have the similarities of a Mayweather - Baldomir Fight. Carlos Baldomir does have similarities with Victor Ortiz. I can see Mayweather continuously jabbing Ortiz, as he gets frustrated and makes mistakes that Floyd will capitalize on with his patented right handed counters. Although, Victor Ortiz may seem like a faster and more boxing-smart version of Baldomir, I just feel that he will be chasing Mayweather with no avail, like a bull that charges through a matador. Ortiz's lack of hand and foot speed will greatly put him to a great disadvantage against the pound for pound star.

Early Rounds:
I can see Victor Ortiz favoring well with Floyd Mayweather Jr. in the early rounds. Although, Ortiz has stepped into the aggressive fighting style, he will get hit with jabs and countering shots from the Pretty Boy. Victor Ortiz will land glancing right hand shots and a series of combinations to the body and head. Ortiz will get frustrated early, which will make him fatigued as round six approaches.

Middle Rounds:
Floyd Mayweather Jr. will step into his right straight and duck groove, and Ortiz will hit nothing but air, in rounds six and up. Although Ortiz will be aggressive, he will land only two out of six punches thrown This rounds will be reminiscent of the Mayweather - Marquez Fight.

Late Rounds:
Victor Ortiz will look winded and hurt, as Floyd Mayweather Jr. will be landing harder and crisper shots. Going in for the victory, Floyd Mayweather Jr. will be playing it safe and try to win the fight by points. There is a relative chance in these late rounds that Money will be knocking down and finishing Victor.

I predict Floyd Mayweather Jr. to win by Unanimous Decision on twelve rounds or by Technical knock-out in the late rounds.

Again, these are only predictions, and anything can happen in a boxing match. Forgive me if I look down on this match and almost giving the fight away to Floyd, because I just can't see Victor Ortiz winning this fight. I mean, from the moment I learned this match will be taking place, I knew it was a mismatch. Victor Ortiz is a big underdog in this match, and  he must do a heck of a miracle to win this. He must prove to skeptics like myself that he can do it, and by then, I will welcome any outcome. This is boxing, and one thing I've learned in this sport, is that everyone has a chance. As long as you believe in yourself, you know you can do it, regardless of any trials that you may stumble across to.

I look to this fight as a tune-up fight for Floyd, in order for him to face Manny Pacquiao next year. Floyd, again, if you're reading this, take the fight and make it happen. It's what the world wants to see. I believe you, Floyd and Manny should have an obligation to the sport, in giving us the the fight that the world wants. Don't call it quits just like that. The Pacquiao - Mayweather fight must happen!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Taking things for granted

There are moments in life when you just take things for granted. You wake up, eat, work, and sleep. The cycle goes on for the monotonous lifestyle that is not a stranger to man. There may be times that I do my tasks in life, but I knew there was still something lacking.. Something that I have lost for a while, and it's my fighting heart. I knew I was just way different from the time I was so excited to fight and punch for the first time. The dedication to my work has somehow lessened over the past few months. There have been the regular training, but never have I been at my best in a while. I remembered days, when my punches were far more solid, crisp, and accurate all the time. I was feeling great that I knew no one could stop me. Things have changed, I have taken everything, from my talents, gifts, and my youth for granted. I started reading the Bible for some answers, for I knew God would never abandon me nor hurt me. I know that I am being prepared for a greater task in my life. I have learned to forgive, and it somehow opened a lot of luggage out of my somehow weakened spirit. Just recently, I was riding the public transport so I could reach an appointment that I am already late in. Suddenly, I noticed an old woman who was frail went inside the transport. As we were going, the old woman exclaimed that she had forgotten her wallet. The woman opposite to her, lend her twenty pesos without question. Although out of my business, I felt concerned to the old woman. As she reached her destination, she asked of me to help her, and so I did. I held the old woman on my arms in order to stabilize her to just even stand. I knew from then on, she must be suffering from severe osteoarthritis. As a nurse, I felt an obligation to support the old woman as she crossed the street. I knew that I was late, but decided to help her cross the street, as she had no companion at that time. I went down the transport and carried the old woman's bag and umbrella as she held in my arms to stabilize her. Despite the heavy traffic, I found way, although difficult, to bargain with the drivers on the road. The old woman walked short and slow, that made the ordinary crossing of the highway a five minute walk. I was protecting the old woman, for there were drivers who just don't give a damn about the situation that an old woman is trying to cross the road. As we reached the other side, I somehow felt resolved as I brought her to her destination a few steps after. I asked the old woman in Cebuano dialect, "How old are you?" and she answered she was 61 years old. So I said goodbye and went on to my appointment. These are those few moments that show me that I should not take things for granted. I have seen fighters fighting off their prime and showing their resilience even at such an old age. It was their fighting heart.. the heart of a champion that just takes my breath away every time I see greatness for real. Fighters like Erik Morales, Bernard Hopkins, and a few others who still believe in their capabilities and their passion is fighting. I admire them tremendously that I want to follow their footsteps. I can't be a slump all throughout the day. I will work my best, with inspiration equal to the same fighting heart that started me in this. My talents, gifts, and my youth will not be wasted. I will take the world on my prime, and show them that there is still another fighter out there that is worth counting on.

Picture: Defying his age, Erik Morales, lands a straight right hand on Marcos René Maidana.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

A Heavy Price for Carelessness

I have started to get extra serious in my weight control regimen over the past few months. Just recently, I have graduated my Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree, and since that time, I have gone to numerous celebrations that has weakened me both physically and mentally. It left me feeling strong yet weak, as I enjoy the bachelor life that most men can relate to. Yes I ate a lot, slept a lot, and did stuff that my usual routine do not usually include. I made it a point to enjoy life after school, that it made everyday a party. This unhealthy lifestyle that I have partaken has given me some consequences that I knew I had to work on when I begin to get a grip of myself. I had ballooned up from 130 lbs to 140 lbs. pretty nasty stuff, as I just had to relax and party for only a month. Looking myself in the mirror, I begin to question myself through my contradicting ideals against my unhealthy lifestyle. Like a pearl from a barren clam, the frustrations made me reincarnate the champion that was hidden inside of me. As I clenched my fist, I begin to look into the mirror and say, "It's time." I had to work out and restrict my food intake, as my metabolic diet doesn't seem to respond anymore with my lack of exercise in these idle days. So I returned, with the old fashion, exercise plus diet regimen. It took me about a month to lose the first five pounds permanently, with the rigorous jump rope, shadow boxing, and abdominal crunches exercises. It was definitely hard to lose weight, but I kept on, carrying with me a determination that continuously burns my heart with inspiration. Throughout the days, I have also learned various techniques in jump rope. I trained every single day possible, and begun to master these techniques that most athletes brag about in the gym. I had to let my body rest for a few days, as it also was a perfect time for my body to adjust in the 135 lbs weight class. As my weight begin to be consistent, I begin to be inspired to lose another five pounds to return to my regular weight class, which is, 130 lbs or the Super Featherweight Division. As the month of July begins, I started to work my way into a new set of training program. I meticulously chose, Jogging, Shadow boxing, Double Abdominal Crunches, Internal Oblique Crunches, and Triceps weight training. Jogging helps for my cardiovascular health, as it helps burn fat through aerobic movement. Shadow boxing helps condition muscles and promotes hand speed. Double Abdominal Crunches increases the abdominal muscles, to help burn fat through metabolism, particularly in the stomach. New to my regimen, The Internal Oblique Crunches not only helps increase the size of the muscle, it also burns those love handles, particularly on the hips. Triceps weight training is incorporated in my regimen, in order to burn the fatty storage on the posterior aspect of my upper arm. Taking all things into consideration, I have actually worked my way down to lose another five pounds. So I was back to the weight class I worked hard for, year's back. It just goes to show that sometimes, when you do things, there are definitely consequences waiting to be paid back. If only I was disciplined in my weight control in the past, I wouldn't have to suffer three months to return to my usual weight. I mean, at what cost is one month of heaven, to three months of hell? Sometimes we may just have to snap ourselves out of the confusion that surrounds us and stick to our will. Yet even as this circumstance has happened, I never backed down. Although I was out of shape, it never made me quit or just give in to the weakening. A champion is someone who overcomes obstacles, prejudices, or any complications that surround him.. A champion remains fighting. It's this character, and the burning spirit of determination, flowing inside my heart, that tells me, I can do it, that, nothing is impossible when you believe.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

5000+ views and counting!

I have been waiting for the 5000th reader to have actually read this blog or just accidentally went by this part of the web! In the past, I have written a post of getting the 3000 views, but after a few months turned 4000+ in a hurry, and embarrassingly, I haven't wrote a post as much at that time. So I thought to wait for the 5000 views before I talk about this again. Talking about blog views too much, isn't what the spirit or the intention of this blog was created. This blog only serves as a purpose for inspiration. It really gives me a boost and inspires me to know that my thoughts and ideas are heard throughout the cyberspace, even in a steady pace. A lot of things have changed in this blog especially its statistics. My Top Three readers of this blog was previously, 1. United States of America, 2. United Kingdom, and 3. Philippines. Just recently though, Philippines have racked up the second place in the statistics of this blog. Perhaps because I delved into much more Filipino-related writings recently, especially with my post on Rizal, which has got great recognition from its first publish. Just recently, I have discovered that I do possess part of the bloodline of Rizal, from my mother side of the family, which is the Cruz. Learning this brought me to another sense of pride as a Filipino. I also would want to apologize for talking about more personal matters too much, that it took much of the relevant things people prefer to be reading. *chuckles* I also will be posting a lot of predictions, thoughts, and commentary, regarding upcoming boxing matches. Please do watch for it. You may also earn a fortune by this. (If you are thinking of betting it on boxing, that is *LOL*) Anyhow, this blog will continue on, with its vision to inspire the world, to be a champion. Nothing is impossible! To all avid readers of this blog, thank you for your support. Seeing the view count move, is just enough to help show your support. Thank you very much!

Monday, July 25, 2011

My Father

When I was a kid growing up, I kept asking people of how life is, and how things occur at certain instances. I always asked, and I never ran out of it. The only person to have answered most of my questions was my father. He was a knowledgeable, loving, and responsible parent. He taught me things that I utilize until this very day. He was responsible enough to care for us siblings, as he stopped smoking for the sake of his family. He sacrificed into working abroad just to give us financial support. He may be strict, but I understood his point and learned from it. I cannot deny that I miss my father. Throughout the days, I have been listening to music of the nineties, brings me back into the memories of my childhood. Reminiscing the good old days when I ride at the back of our car, while my father is bringing us home from out of town trips and school. Growing up, I took these opportunities for granted and never have I thought its significance to my life until now. Listening to old songs of the nineties, my heart is filled with mixed emotions of nostalgia and yearning. A memory, of an old car, with my father driving it into the darkness that blinds the pathway mysteriously to its destination, or a sunny day with an epic view of the far meadows and rivers that past us.
I would help my father on the look-out when it was dark so we won't bump into anything. He always made it a point to keep us safe and protected us from harm, as we go smoothly through the path of our destination. Playing the music that has already turned old, I view these experiences as memories worth revisiting. There may be times when we are distant to each other, but we remain close to each other in our hearts. The sacrifices that he brings to the table, inspires me to my best in all I can do. Developing my potential to reach the greatness that God has instilled in us. I honor his existence through this post. His worth is equal to the achievements that has made me who I am. I may not be with him everyday, but he will always be in the core of our hearts. A Father helps and guides us to be someday independent, and so we can stand on our own, and face the world without fear.

Picture: A beautiful painting of a meadow and a river as the darkness draws near. A painting by Chris Ramsey. Very artistic indeed.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Re-acquainted to the Past

Priceless moments! Sparks of time, that come with perfectly fitted events into this broken artwork that we call reality. It is in these fine moments in time that we think that God is behind us in every step in life, smiling in the bright sky, behind its clouds. In every step, walk, and run of life, you have to believe that God is behind your road, and life can't get any better especially when everything is falling into place. All we have to do is play our role and enjoy the ride. It is almost like our story in being written in such a manner, so exquisite and grand that even if life can get us into the brink of failure. You just have to look up and see, that a light is shining upon you to make a change into the greatness that God is molding in us. That mold, is the masterpiece artwork, that our full potential sculpts us into the greatness we ought to be. We are created from what we were. Stones create magnificent sculptures, Diamonds create beautiful necklaces, Cocoa beans create good chocolate, and hardships create great Champions. From where I was, is no mystery, from the day I discovered my strength to the inspiration I hope to become in the future. Although, before my ride in boxing started to roll, I had to come into certain places to reach where I am at this point. One place I had been is the Martial arts Dojo, where I was taught Moo Duk Kwan, a well-known Korean martial art. Yes, I discovered my gift of power in that gym, but other than that life-changing moment in my life, who would have thought I were to return to the place where I had become a martial artist. In a dreary afternoon, I had planned to go to my tailor to fit in my gala attire for the pinning ceremony that I will be part of. As I received my clothing, I felt hungry and so I had to eat in a nearby fast food. As I finished my meal, I noticed this building furnished to its luster appearance. It apparently was the same building my Dojo once stood. It was bustling with crowds beyond compare to its former charm. The once old building with a broken escalator, has turned into a shopping center with reasonably priced goods. As I walked in, I began to notice the beauty of its renovation. It has become much wider with a subtle ambiance to it that I can't get enough of. I never would have thought, I would walk down through the same steps I walked in the past until this present day. It's as if I was in a time machine, and that it was just yesterday when I waltz through the same steps with determination no words can possibly describe. I am then walking into the future with my head held high, and only experience was enough to separate me from my former self. Stores surround the vicinity with interesting goods which caught my attention. One of which was a DVD of the ESPN Mike Tyson Collection that I bought on a reasonable price, as I negotiated the saleslady with my charm. I had been looking for this DVD in a long time, and who would have thought that I would find a DVD of Mike Tyson, in the place where I coincidentally discovered my power. It meant a lot to me and gave a lot of significance and symbolism to my puncher's roots. I had to go to the gym and see how they were doing, and so I went upstairs. Noticing the improvements, I have been impressed by their facilities, trainers, and staff. They have been courteous and accommodating. I asked for them to open the old Dojo up for me, as it was locked. Walking inside gave me a rush of memories.. Memories that I dare not forget. Moments of failure, constant trials, embarrassments, happiness, strengths, and wisdom. I remembered it all, from the changing room at the back to the familiar blue mat in front where we had our training's. Back in those day's my goal were self-defense, weight loss, and health. I wasn't much of a kicker, so I wasn't that impressed. Up until I had a training that had me punch a cushion bag with someone holding it, inspired me tremendously. I punched so deadly, that whenever my right hand was given the chance, I would tremendously take the breath out of the holder. Crushing shots gave way in making everyone come to me in amazement. I remembered saying to my co-trainee's that the secret to my strength was my right hand. As I kept punching it on concrete for a very long time, it somehow gave me the capacity to tolerate throwing powerful punches without hurting. So I could punch all night long without hurting myself, I explained. It is a gift that comes with punching power that gave way for me to pursue the sport of boxing. Oh those were the days.. So I left the place, somehow fascinated with my experience I walked miles until I get a grip of myself, had dinner, and took the public transportation back home. An experience of a lifetime, only to re-acquaint myself with my former master the following day in a debutante's party. Oh was I surprised! Simply coincidence or a twist of fate, it is certain that I am learning about my history and myself. I also believe that God is guiding me throughout this natural course of time and teaching me about certain aspects of myself that I should never forget. For a promising future comes with a person who sees its past as clearly as its present. I will never forget the past like a tattoo embedded into my flesh. An invisible mark only determined by experience. For everything that I am today is a product of who I was, years before.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Growing Up

I remembered the days in my childhood like it was yesterday, when kids my age were going around and playing games. Going into friend's houses, running around like our energy seemed to be limitless. I was a pretty thin kid back then and I always was the athletic type. My mother told me, it was hard to feed me back then, cause I always run around, and was busy enough that I did not want to eat, almost as if playing had overtaken the value for nutrition. I remembered it quite vividly, that I became the gang's leader. (Gang in this sense, are kids who go out together, not some bad organization) I would tell every kid in school to join me and play in every place I thought was fun. Although some places may be dangerous, I always looked for the challenge. It led me to places like the west woods of the school, the mountain of broken chairs in the gymnasium, the huge sand hills from the renovation site of the school, and a lot more. It was pure adventure back then. With our minds constantly giving us a sense of direction through imagination, dreams, and possibilities. You can call it, my childhood glory day's. This gave way to unleash the leader inside of me, that would someday be essential for my future. It is not a secret, that I have been part of the Boy Scout Society. I have been presented with certificates and high remarks from my mentors. In my elementary years, I was part of tons of jamboree, which taught me the value of unity and independence. I have had my finest moments of courage, perseverance, and hard work. It taught me countless things that I bring forth to this very day. Things that would someday encourage me to become something great. All these aspects were requisites so I can become what I am, and that is, a person with dignity, honor, and excellence. In my high school days, I was skilled in most aspects of command, that I could command an entire crew as directly as anyone possibly could, either in fancy drill or plain context command. I was also a skilled fancy driller, that it took me to challenges where my skill could be flourished and learned. I was with discipline, focus, and control. With loyalty, determination, and perseverance, I ended up becoming the Boys Scout Movement "President". Being a President though is not what you get with skills alone, but rather, it is earned through respect, attitude, and character. It is in the team where success lies, all a commander can do is command, but nothing can be done without unity. My life growing up taught me the sense of leadership, empathy, and responsibility. A character trait of what I hope to be a requisite into becoming a champion.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Tornado Origins

A tornado is a violent, dangerous, rotating column of air that is in contact with both the surface of the earth and a cumulonimbus cloud or, in rare cases, the base of a cumulus cloud. - Wikipedia
( )

As the definition explains it, A Tornado is violent and dangerous. This moniker of mine was actually created almost seven years ago, from the inspiration of the movie Harry Potter. Lord Voldemort, the antagonist of the story, actually had fragmented pieces of his real name, which is shuffled from Tom Marvolo Riddle. In the same sense, My 13 year old self, shuffled my name for fun, which ended up with the name "Rhuis J. Creptain." Some letters were actually removed to make it sound like a legitimate name counterpart.

Having the shuffled name somehow influenced my life. In a twist of fate, another movie have again influenced me some more, and it was the movie "Pluto Nash", starred by Eddie Murphy. It had a futuristic setting, but what interest me was the nick names they had. It was a futuristic name, which I thought I must also have. (It was the dawning of the 21st Century at the time, and I thought it might be cool to make one for fun) People in the movie had nicknames with a rule of
"Object + Name = Futuristic name" (People had nicknames like "Nicky Sticks" in the movie, and of course the infamous name "Pluto Nash")

Coming up with a name counterpart "Rhuis J. Creptain", it helped me screen names and find for a suitable name for my own. I had some time to think it through until I came up with "Rush Joe". (Similar to the format of Pluto Nash. "Rush Joe" comprises of, Joe the name and Rush the object) The moniker "Tornado" was later chosen when I seriously got into boxing. (I liked the moniker Cyclone, but decided to be the Tornado, as it rhymed with "Rush Joe" and is in a sense, a Cyclone)

As proof of it, I had an account made at age 13. I was a child who played online games like any ordinary kid. The name still exists and never changed. I almost forgot the whole story of the "Rush Joe" thing until I have recovered my ancient accounts. Never have I thought that I would discover a great deal of history of myself. It was seven years from the last time I opened the account, and here is the link.

I am a Neopets player back then. A freshman in the prestigious school called the Ateneo de Davao University. I was going through the internet service the school provides at that time, and thus created the Neopets account. I remembered it so vividly, that we used our Identification Cards to log in. *chuckles*

That's history, and that is why, I got the name Rush "The Tornado" Joe. I will always carry this name with pride.

Pacquiao - Mosley: Outcome and Thoughts

Manny Pacquiao and Sugar Shane Mosley is supposedly one of the greatest fights in this century and a possible relative successor for the fight of the decade if Floyd Mayweather Jr. didn't fight Manny. People had their hopes high in seeing a slug fest between the two, noting their records and their individual accomplishments in the ring. Sugar Shane Mosley is a future hall of famer. He defeated the likes of Oscar de la Hoya, Ricardo Mayorga, and Antonio Margarito. Mosley is a fighter with great power and hand speed, but we all know that Pacquiao is going to be too much for the older Mosley. Manny Pacquiao has won eight world titles in separate weight classes from flyweight to welterweight. He has been knocking out opponents with the likes of Marco Antonio Barrera, Erik Morales, Ricky Hatton, and a lot more. There would be two outcomes to expect in a Pacquiao fight, either be knocked out, or opponents get too scared to exchange with the puncher in Pacquiao as seen in Barrera II and Clottey. (Who would have thought another one will come) It all comes down to the conclusion that this match-up is going to be one of the greatest fights we would see in boxing history.

The Entrance:
It all starts with the entrance. Both fighters entered the ring with great entrances. Mosley went first with LL Cool J - Mama Said Knock You Out. It made the impression in my mind that Mosley is heck serious that he believes he would knock Manny out. (A dreaded scenario that has been haunting me, perhaps realizing Shane Mosley's capabilies) After Mosley's entrance it was Manny's turn. Manny Pacquiao went in with the tune of Survivor - Eye of the Tiger. I thought it was great to see the caption eye of the tiger going, not only because it was nostalgic in Rocky III, but also because it is seen that Manny must have lost intensity in his previous fights since the Cotto fight. The introduction by Jimmy Lennon Jr., was superb. He gloriously introduced Mosley as a future Hall of Famer and Pacquiao as one of the all-time greatest, which Micheal Buffer might reluctantly do. All in all, the entrances were great. I didn't actually had the time to weigh the quality of the program, as I was shaking profusely, like a guy with Parkinson's. I must have been real nervous, or was it just the air-conditioning facing straight to me.

The Fight:
The fight started with the two trying to feel each other out, with great action in the early goings. I shouted every time a punch landed flush either on Pacquiao or Mosley. It was exciting, and as it reached the third round Manny treated us with a vintage knock down of Mosley with a classic one-two combination. The left straight landed flush on Mosley, knocking him down. As he knocked Mosley down, I jumped right off my seat without hesitation, almost as if adrenaline was rushing all over me in an instant. It was a great feeling! Ending the round, I had to clap in appreciation to the round. (Confirming my prediction that Mosley will be knocked down early by the Pacman) As the fight progresses, it has been found to be fewer actions throughout the sixth round. Hearing some jeers from the crowd, which was unusual in a Pacquiao fight. I couldn't blame them. The fight was becoming relatively boring. I noticed the people around me seemingly quieter compared to previous Pacquiao fights. As it reached the 10th round, Manny seemed to be coming back into the fight, perhaps hearing the jeers from the crowd and wanted to step it up a bit. Manny hit a left hook but missed wildly and they both clashed together, and as they clashed, Mosley seemingly pushed Manny out of balance which sent him to the canvass. It was called a knock down by referee Kenny Bayless. As Manny took the mandatory eight count, seemingly frustrated, Manny turned the heat on and gave Mosley a beating to remember until the final round. Manny Pacquiao won by Unanimous decision.

The fight was played in a wrong way. It almost looked like a well payed sparring match. I have to criticize the fighters in this instance. In a boxing match, it is not pleasing to the eye, seeing fighters keep tapping their gloves at each other. I mean, what did you come here for, a handshake or a fight? My frustration grows. I thought Pacquiao and Mosley had too much respect on each other that they didn't engage as much in the fight. This could be attributed with Jimmy Lennon Jr.'s intro of both fighters. I mean, what would have gone through your mind if you're facing a future hall of famer, let alone an all-time great. It must be mind boggling. Despite these external factors, I was expecting a champion to have emerged in the fight anyways. It ended disappointingly, as Manny couldn't get Mosley out of there, attributing to Shane's great chin. (as I talked about in my prediction) Manny Pacquiao's intensity is now a question, if Floyd Mayweather Jr. is looking for the perfect time to fight this guy, well it must be time. Manny Pacquiao just had the worst performance of his career. Floyd if you're reading this, take the fight, you have a chance to beat him now. (A chance that I never thought would come until this poor performance from Pacquiao) The fight had jeers going, it was unusual for a Pacquiao fight, but completely understandable. Although it made me think that there were like two or three guys who were clearly the jeer origin, this could be a Mayweather Operative of some sort perhaps sabotaging the Pacquiao fight? Who knows? The program was great, but the fight could be four to five rounds boring, but most rounds were entertaining and the drama made up for the rest of the fight. I mean, not all the time can you see Manny get called for a knock down. I commend the referee for that wrong call, without it, it would be too boring. It was like a wake up call for Manny to summon his intensity. It brings the excitement and drama a boxing fight rarely have. I hate to say it, but this will be part of the collection of Pacquiao's great career, despite its lackluster performance.

Picture: Manny Pacquiao fell down after a push from Sugar Shane Mosley. Kenny Bayless looking to give the mandatory eight count on the Pacman.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Pacquiao - Mosley Prediction

Once again, another mega-fight is coming up. It is the fight between Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao against "Sugar" Shane Mosley. It has been one of the fights most people have been anticipating in 2011. A potential match-up started between the two, with the inability of Floyd Mayweather Jr. facing Manny Pacquiao. Again, the dream match between both Mayweather and Pacquiao turned out to ruins, but what replaced it could be something close to the quality we get from a Pacquiao - Mayweather fight. Pacquiao - Mosley is one of the best fights out there. It has not been a secret, that Freddie Roach (Pacquiao's Trainer) wanted Sugar Shane Mosley to fight Manny Pacquiao. Although the world wanted Mayweather Jr. against Pacquiao, Freddie Roach thought otherwise. The build up is done, we are set to see this a few hours from now, and I predict this will be one of the greatest match-up's in boxing history.

Shane Mosley - He has tremendous experience, being able to beat legends like Oscar de la Hoya in his prime. Sugar has one of the best chins in boxing, being able to take punches from punchers like Miguel Cotto. He has tremendous hand speed and wicked power in both hands, as we saw how he beat the living daylights out of Antonio Margarito, and almost knocking Floyd Mayeather Jr. down.

Manny Pacquiao - A dynamic puncher who has one of the fastest hands in all of boxing. He has power in both hands, as he is able to knock fighters like Ricky Hatton out cold. The Pacman has tremendous footwork, able to move effectively in and out. He also knows how to throw punches in weird angles, where his opponents can't see where they come from. An overflowing stamina, as he just doesn't get exhausted even with a monster-like pace.

Shane Mosley - He is old, and we all know what age does to a fighter. They get weaker, being unable to pull the trigger. This perhaps will cause problems to his stamina, accuracy, and speed. He is not much of a defense man as well.

Manny Pacquiao - Noting his previous performance against Margarito, It is shown in the later rounds that he either was letting Margarito finish the bout, or was he just exhausted. Speculations like this open a possibility on this weakness. Pacquiao is an over-aggressive fighter, he may get caught with counter punches if he is not careful.

I can see the fight as a toss-up in the early rounds; Pacquiao starts fast and lands combinations, while Mosley will be looking to do both counter punching and effective aggression. I can see Mosley, getting hammered a lot to the chin with straight lefts from Manny. Mosley on the other hand perhaps getting to hurt Manny at least more than four times, as Sugar begins to throw wild combinations on a hurt Pacquiao. Both will be aggressive in the first four rounds. I also predict Mosley getting knocked down by Pacquiao early, probably a left straight or an uppercut. A knock-out can happen early, but if it does reach the distance, Mosley will be exhausted to the point where a Technical Knock out would occur in rounds six or seven. It cannot go past the seventh round.

Manny Pacquiao will win by Technical knock-out in either rounds four or seven.

These are only predictions, and anything can happen in a boxing match. We cannot look down on Mosley's skills, for I believe, there is a high chance for Mosley to knock Manny down, and knock him out after the knock down. Mosley is a known finisher. Mosley also has the best chins in the business, he can take a punch, and thus, there is a relative chance that he does go the distance with Manny. Sugar Shane Mosley is a dangerous fighter.

If Pacquiao knocks out Mosley, it will give a clear definition on who is Pound for Pound, the best in the world, as Floyd Mayweather Jr. had a tough time against Mosley, and he was unable to knock him out. In this instance, Manny will ask for the lion's share between Mayweather Jr., if a match-up will be held between the two. If Manny wins a decision, its gonna be 50/50 with Mayweather Jr., and I hope by this time, Money will take the fight. If Shane Mosley knocks Manny out, or wins a decision, it is clear that Mosley will be number two in the Pound for Pound rankings, and Mayweather Jr. as number one.

Picture: Promo Slogan of the upcoming Pacquiao - Mosley mega fight.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

In-Shape or Out of Shape

There are moments in training, where you could early assess certain aspects of your current state. Questions like.. Am I fit? Am I In-shape or Out of shape? Through experience, I am able to learn some facts, that will easily determine whether a person is in-shape or out of shape. We may look ourselves in front of the mirror and see muscles and fat. We all know that more muscles, means more fit. Fats is what keeps anyone out of shape. It is in muscles that burn fats, and it is in fats that shows us we need more exercise. These two, are the determinants of how fit we are. Building Muscles is great, it gives you strength, endurance, and an increased metabolism. This is a permanent way to lay off the fat. Fats, on the other hand, gives you warmth, extra energy, and is useless when not used, and when it keeps building up, it gets worse. Fats make people prone to disease, it is a fact. Cardiovascular Disease, Obesity, Diabetes Mellitus, and a lot more, it keeps rolling. In the event of Industrialization, Food is easily available, making the average Joe into a "Sumo Rikishi". A lot more people are obese and overweight than it is to be normal. The only hopes for healthy lifestyle in the numbers can be found in developing countries like the Philippines. This is not all that is true though, as I once have been overweight. I guess being out of shape can happen to anyone whether in a poor, middle, or rich country they may live. Being out of shape is a problem for anyone. I know the feeling, because I've been there. I wanted to lose weight and almost gave up on anything until I discovered Boxing. Boxing is what saved me from being unhealthy, and out of shape. My tip for anyone who tries to achieve what I have, is to find something physical that you love to do, like sports. If it works for me, it may work for anyone as well. Losing weight doesn't always need to be a painful experience, it can also be fun. Boxing made it fun for me. After losing all that weight, you begin to get in shape, which then gives way to your conditioning. You will be so athletic that you will know a new meaning for being out of shape. It is not about being fat, or anything physical at all. It's about stamina. It's about finding out if you can last longer than what is expected. In my case, it is found in effective punching with appropriate defense in a span of twelve rounds. Through experience, I can interpret how a person is well-conditioned or out of shape through a scenario. A Scenario just like when you find yourself throwing an effective combination may have two possible outcomes; either you get exhausted, which indicates you are out of shape, or you get excited and keep throwing flurries, in this case you are in-shape. To keep yourself at top shape, it is important to have some intense cardiovascular work-out like running, sprinting, or jumping rope. Stamina is key. I've experienced these things, and I know a lot of athletes can agree to me on this. Being out of shape is a term that evolves as you progress in your lifestyle.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Great Erik Morales


I keep telling everyone, that my greatest idol in boxing, was never Manny Pacquiao (perhaps counting him due to my filipino heritage), it was always the courageous Erik "El Terrible" Morales. I can see great fighters when I see one, and Morales is one of those I can clearly entitle as a "True Champion." There are phony champions everywhere, in these day and age, without the kind of guts that separates a true champion from a fighter. Erik Morales transcends all these kinds of people. He showed great heart, courage, determination, and fights despite the odds. (A Champion) In his recent fight against Argentinian puncher, Marcos René Maidana, Erik Morales showed why he is a Champion. My emotions might be of one who breaks in tears, for the moment, for another proud effort has been made, and this is why boxing has always been special to me. I could hardly watch a beaten Morales fighting with only one eye. (as his right eye was completely shut)With my surprise, Morales fought in even terms with his opponent. Answering back, when the opportunity comes, and bullying him at times. I could see flashes of the Great Erik Morales, who dominated bantamweight, featherweight, and the only fighter to really defeat Manny Pacquiao. Perhaps, a champion, will always be a champion despite age, limit, or odds. I have a ton to say about this great fighter, but I leave it at that, and the feeling that surrounds everyone when they watch Erik Morales in a defining moment of his iconic career.

Picture: The Great Mexican Legend, Erik "El Terrible" Morales. From his most recent fight against Marcos René Maidana.

Graduation Requirements

People who have been reading my blog must be a little bit frustrated about my recent post, in about two months or so. A post which talks about my recent experience about "The Free Gym Session", is hardly finished until now. I have to admit, I have been quite busy over the weeks, since other than being a boxer, I too, am a student nurse. It is almost graduation, and that the requirements needed for application for graduation must be completed. One of which, requires me to complete my cases, which includes 15 Delivery Room Cases, composing of handles, assists, and cord cares. I also need to complete 10 Operating Procedures, such as the Major and Minor Operations. I couldn't focus myself on the blog, since the deadline was pressuring me. I have to say, it has been one crazy week. Finally, after one grueling month, I have completed the cases. I had to celebrate, and now I am sure that I would graduate the "Bachelor of Science in Nursing." I would be one step closer to my dreams. Boxing? Well.. Boxing is always "natural" in me, you can't turn it on or off, it's always there. I am a natural fighter, and boxing is my sport. My greatest dream, is always to become a "Champion", that the world will remember for all time. As long as I become an inspiration to others, I am all for that, whether it be in boxing, the medical field, or something else.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Free Gym Session

It was one day before my birthday, that I've decided to take the free session trial of the gym, that gifted me for my birthday. I was spirited, full of hope, and determined. As I reached the place, it did not fail to make me notice, the obvious Chinese-looking signboards, structures, and its people. Apparently, the location of the gym was in the renowned Chinatown district of the city where I live. As I reached the area, I felt hungry, and knowing that it is important to eat before you train, I decided to look for any food with protein available. As I go through the streets of Chinatown, I found vendors selling "Takoyaki", it is a ball-shaped dumpling made with scramble egg, cabbage shreds, carrots, green onions, topped with both mayonnaise and ketchup, sprinkled with some brown powder. I loved "Takoyaki" since I was a kid, and knowing its egg content and some healthy ingredients, I've decided to spend three orders for such, with one order composing of four balls. As I ate, I noticed street childrens along the sidewalk, and then I decided to give them some of the servings of "takoyaki", that I bought. As I felt full, I realized it was high-time that I get into the gym and work out a sweat. I then went to the second floor where gym was located, and was very impressed with the facilities. It was not like a boxing gym at all, but it was a very spacious work out area, where you can feel like working out and relaxing at the same time. I later asked the receptionist if there were boxing sessions available in that time, and she said, that the trainer left already a while ago. I was slightly disappointed, for I brought my pair of 18 oz boxing gloves. After placing my things in a cozy locker room, I decided to hit the cardio, and do some running on the treadmill, I then burned 270 calories, before I settled down into a fancy sofa to rest. Trying to recuperate, I noticed that there was a computer in the lobby, with free internet access. I then posted my progress via Facebook, and people responded well to what I have done. As I began to catch my breath, I then went to the upper level of the gym, and worked out for strength training. Coming into this circumstance, I already thought and planned to work out my lats or the latissimus dorsi, and so, I head to the Pull down exercise machine, in my hopes to improve the muscles, and build those wings. Watching boxing matches, I have always been fascinated with the body built of fighters, especially the latissimus dorsi which looked obvious and pretty solid. Working out this muscle in the gym was important for me, because it is the only device that I lack at home. I can do crunches, reverse crunches, isolation, running, jumping rope, heavy bag work-out and the like at home, but never for the lats. I have thought about a parallel bar for pull-ups as a substitute, but I never have come across it, for I don't have it. Only in the gym, can I work-out my lats. I did a hell amount of work-out focusing on the lats, and later worked out the lower aspect of my abdominal muscles. It was a huge machine, that is supported with some weights for resistance, and metal frames for doing a reverse crunches. It was a great experience to be working on different work-out machines at the time. I had to thank the instructors for helping me out, for it was the first time I worked-out on those types of machines at that time. Feeling the slight bulge and tightening of my muscles, I then decided to take a rest in that same spot on the fancy sofa, and went over a few magazines. As I recovered, I recalled the earlier experience on the treadmill, which I thought was a great. I then decided to go for the treadmill for a second time. Running solo, I was having an intense work-out on the treadmill as I was watching cabled television. I was watching a soccer match which motivated me to run, and made me burn an additional 200 calories. I was work-out crazy at the time, with a concern that I was a little out of shape due to the holiday season. After getting some rest, I head outside the lobby and bought some water. As I walk past the receptionist, she immediately told me that the boxing trainer was upstairs. I was so excited, I can't hardly wait. I rushed upstairs into the boxing area and found the trainer. I asked him if he was able to train me today, and he replied "sure." He helped me with the gloves, which was great, because as I recall, I was the only one helping myself with the gloves through my self-training. It sort of gave me some moral support, in such a simple act. He treated me with some mitt training, starting off with jabs, then complex combinations that I can hardly repeat. I was hitting the mitts on his hand so much that in the middle of my work-out, I began to not focus on the mitts anymore, I was looking at the trainers face, as if his face would be my next target. *chuckles* He stopped, and told me "hit the mitts, okay" as if concerned that I would hit him in the face. *LOL* It was hilarious, but I never had the time to laugh, only after I realized how funny it was. While the trainer was training me, he told me in Cebuano dialect, "kusog man lagi ka manumbag." which is translated to English as "You really hit hard." I told him "Yeah." He asked me, "Who was your trainer?", and I told him that I learned boxing on my own, that I have been watching boxing matches every single day possible. Soft spoken, He praised my power and was skeptic about the notion, that I was not trained by a trainer in the past. He gave me some weird combinations that I never trained in the past, like the double right cross. I had it easy with the jab, but a double cross made me feel awkward. I couldn't hit it as stronger as I have wanted it. As long as I keep learning, I'm all for that. If Roy Jones Jr. and Manny Pacquiao can do it, so can I. If they used it and become great, so will I be using it, and become great. These were the mindset that played to me when I was training. The trainer gave me repeated combinations, over and over, not to mention the fact, that I have been running on the treadmill for too long. I wanted to go on, but my body seemed to have reached its limit, and so I told the trainer that I have had enough. In the end of all that training, I was worried and asked him, "what else do I need to improve?" He told me that everything was good, and told me I need more stamina. As I removed the gloves, my hands were noticeably shaking tremendously, as I had a hard time writing a signature for the concluded session. It almost looked like "Parkinson's", but I knew it was all adrenaline. Retiring to the locker room, I joined some people in the sauna. (After a few days, my skin got so much better.) I showered, packed my things, and left. It was one heck of a training session that I will never forget.

Monday, January 17, 2011

A Month without Boxing

It was in the month of December, that I was coming home from school, when I received a letter from a gym that I signed up to, months ago. In this letter they have greeted me, a happy birthday, and that, I received, a one day privilege, to use their facilities. It was inspiring on that moment, as in those days of December, I made it a point, to forget about boxing for just that month. Receiving that letter, made me think, that when I am not in boxing, it calls for me. It is like a sign in the heavens, or something, that boxing is definitely what I am supposed to do, in my life. Those days, that I decided to not box for awhile, was a product of my thought, that I was too much into boxing, and that I am not giving myself a break. People would say to me, you are too much boxing, relax yourself. So I definitely gave it a break, especially in the holiday season where my family needs me. I had to focus on other stuff for awhile, but one thing is for sure.. I missed boxing like crazy. Boxing is not a discipline for me, it is a want. People have their differences, and as for me, I love boxing. It is natural in me. I love training and I love punching.. It was hard for me to adjust myself into a non-boxing behavior. Taking away boxing from me, is like taking away my very soul, identity, and life. People, just can't be me, and I can't be them, it's logical, we are all unique. Although, I survived the month without boxing, I had made an exception. For that one day at the gym, I will unleash all the boxing that is stored and left inside of me. Great things have happened, and these are experiences and memories, that I will cherish forever.

Reached its 3000 views

It's been long since I posted here, and I found it tiresome to some extent, to write anything in these past few days. I had a lot of things going, and I guess this blog has missed out on some of the important details, that I have encountered. Experiences that develop me, as a Champion. First of all, I want to thank everyone, who has stumbled upon this blog. This blog has currently reached the 3000 plus mark two weeks ago, in the event of the first week of the new year. It has been a blessing, that the blog has increased in views from time around. Views, are one way or another indicators, of how much I have reached the world. It is important to know this, for I wish to inspire the world. I want to thank you all, for showing some support in this blog, through views, and recognition of some of my posts. This blog will keep going forever, to inspire.. A diary of a warrior, who dreams, and the difficult road, in which a Champion has to take.. this is what this blog is all about.. Believe in your dreams, with God, nothing is impossible.