Monday, July 25, 2011

My Father

When I was a kid growing up, I kept asking people of how life is, and how things occur at certain instances. I always asked, and I never ran out of it. The only person to have answered most of my questions was my father. He was a knowledgeable, loving, and responsible parent. He taught me things that I utilize until this very day. He was responsible enough to care for us siblings, as he stopped smoking for the sake of his family. He sacrificed into working abroad just to give us financial support. He may be strict, but I understood his point and learned from it. I cannot deny that I miss my father. Throughout the days, I have been listening to music of the nineties, brings me back into the memories of my childhood. Reminiscing the good old days when I ride at the back of our car, while my father is bringing us home from out of town trips and school. Growing up, I took these opportunities for granted and never have I thought its significance to my life until now. Listening to old songs of the nineties, my heart is filled with mixed emotions of nostalgia and yearning. A memory, of an old car, with my father driving it into the darkness that blinds the pathway mysteriously to its destination, or a sunny day with an epic view of the far meadows and rivers that past us.
I would help my father on the look-out when it was dark so we won't bump into anything. He always made it a point to keep us safe and protected us from harm, as we go smoothly through the path of our destination. Playing the music that has already turned old, I view these experiences as memories worth revisiting. There may be times when we are distant to each other, but we remain close to each other in our hearts. The sacrifices that he brings to the table, inspires me to my best in all I can do. Developing my potential to reach the greatness that God has instilled in us. I honor his existence through this post. His worth is equal to the achievements that has made me who I am. I may not be with him everyday, but he will always be in the core of our hearts. A Father helps and guides us to be someday independent, and so we can stand on our own, and face the world without fear.

Picture: A beautiful painting of a meadow and a river as the darkness draws near. A painting by Chris Ramsey. Very artistic indeed.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Re-acquainted to the Past

Priceless moments! Sparks of time, that come with perfectly fitted events into this broken artwork that we call reality. It is in these fine moments in time that we think that God is behind us in every step in life, smiling in the bright sky, behind its clouds. In every step, walk, and run of life, you have to believe that God is behind your road, and life can't get any better especially when everything is falling into place. All we have to do is play our role and enjoy the ride. It is almost like our story in being written in such a manner, so exquisite and grand that even if life can get us into the brink of failure. You just have to look up and see, that a light is shining upon you to make a change into the greatness that God is molding in us. That mold, is the masterpiece artwork, that our full potential sculpts us into the greatness we ought to be. We are created from what we were. Stones create magnificent sculptures, Diamonds create beautiful necklaces, Cocoa beans create good chocolate, and hardships create great Champions. From where I was, is no mystery, from the day I discovered my strength to the inspiration I hope to become in the future. Although, before my ride in boxing started to roll, I had to come into certain places to reach where I am at this point. One place I had been is the Martial arts Dojo, where I was taught Moo Duk Kwan, a well-known Korean martial art. Yes, I discovered my gift of power in that gym, but other than that life-changing moment in my life, who would have thought I were to return to the place where I had become a martial artist. In a dreary afternoon, I had planned to go to my tailor to fit in my gala attire for the pinning ceremony that I will be part of. As I received my clothing, I felt hungry and so I had to eat in a nearby fast food. As I finished my meal, I noticed this building furnished to its luster appearance. It apparently was the same building my Dojo once stood. It was bustling with crowds beyond compare to its former charm. The once old building with a broken escalator, has turned into a shopping center with reasonably priced goods. As I walked in, I began to notice the beauty of its renovation. It has become much wider with a subtle ambiance to it that I can't get enough of. I never would have thought, I would walk down through the same steps I walked in the past until this present day. It's as if I was in a time machine, and that it was just yesterday when I waltz through the same steps with determination no words can possibly describe. I am then walking into the future with my head held high, and only experience was enough to separate me from my former self. Stores surround the vicinity with interesting goods which caught my attention. One of which was a DVD of the ESPN Mike Tyson Collection that I bought on a reasonable price, as I negotiated the saleslady with my charm. I had been looking for this DVD in a long time, and who would have thought that I would find a DVD of Mike Tyson, in the place where I coincidentally discovered my power. It meant a lot to me and gave a lot of significance and symbolism to my puncher's roots. I had to go to the gym and see how they were doing, and so I went upstairs. Noticing the improvements, I have been impressed by their facilities, trainers, and staff. They have been courteous and accommodating. I asked for them to open the old Dojo up for me, as it was locked. Walking inside gave me a rush of memories.. Memories that I dare not forget. Moments of failure, constant trials, embarrassments, happiness, strengths, and wisdom. I remembered it all, from the changing room at the back to the familiar blue mat in front where we had our training's. Back in those day's my goal were self-defense, weight loss, and health. I wasn't much of a kicker, so I wasn't that impressed. Up until I had a training that had me punch a cushion bag with someone holding it, inspired me tremendously. I punched so deadly, that whenever my right hand was given the chance, I would tremendously take the breath out of the holder. Crushing shots gave way in making everyone come to me in amazement. I remembered saying to my co-trainee's that the secret to my strength was my right hand. As I kept punching it on concrete for a very long time, it somehow gave me the capacity to tolerate throwing powerful punches without hurting. So I could punch all night long without hurting myself, I explained. It is a gift that comes with punching power that gave way for me to pursue the sport of boxing. Oh those were the days.. So I left the place, somehow fascinated with my experience I walked miles until I get a grip of myself, had dinner, and took the public transportation back home. An experience of a lifetime, only to re-acquaint myself with my former master the following day in a debutante's party. Oh was I surprised! Simply coincidence or a twist of fate, it is certain that I am learning about my history and myself. I also believe that God is guiding me throughout this natural course of time and teaching me about certain aspects of myself that I should never forget. For a promising future comes with a person who sees its past as clearly as its present. I will never forget the past like a tattoo embedded into my flesh. An invisible mark only determined by experience. For everything that I am today is a product of who I was, years before.