Sunday, September 18, 2011

Mayweather - Ortiz : Thoughts


The Fight Card:
Another great fight card has just been completed. As we saw another great, dynamic, and controversial match-ups. Mixed emotions, Mixed races, and Mixed outcomes. Earlier in the fights, we saw a competitive match-up between Jessie Vargas and Josesito Lopez. A stunning TKO victory of the now four division world champ, Erik "El Terrible" Morales. A sensational knockout of Saul Alvarez over Wilfredo Gomez. Who would ever forget the main event, where all the main drama took place? Floyd Mayweather Jr., knocking out Victor Ortiz on four. Some of the best fights I would ever want to see was right here. It made every boxing fan's day punctuated with a bang!

Vargas - Lopez Thoughts:
A very competitive match-up. The aggressor was Lopez and the boxer was Vargas. Lopez had his best round in the third, when he hurt Vargas with shots on the inside. Those effective punches by Lopez didn't sustain itself as Vargas continued to box and continued to swarm Lopez with punches as he comes on the inside. They had close rounds all through out the fight. Jessie Vargas wins a split decision against Josesito Lopez.

Morales - Cano Thoughts:
Another great match-up as the legend continues with Erik "El Terrible" Morales against Pablo Cesar Cano. Cano was a young and undefeated fighter, but Morales just got too much experience, skills, and intelligence inside the ring that he just tagged Cano everytime. Cano had a cut that was caused by Morales' punches. As the dominance took over, Cano's corner called it quits in round ten. Erik Morales wins by Technical Knockout.

Alvarez - Gomez Thoughts:
A sensational KO of Saul Alvarez against Alfredo Gomez. Trying to feel each other out in the early rounds, until Alvarez just unleashed a barrage of quick and deadly punches to finish Gomez in six. A sensational victory of Saul Alvarez winning it for him by Knockout.

Mayweather - Ortiz Thoughts:
Very intriguing match-up, as I had predicted a Unanimous Decision or a late round Technical Knockout for Floyd. As expected, Ortiz was rushing in like a bull on Mayweather. To Floyd's credit, his shoulder roll made a hard night for Victor as he goes ineffective and has seemingly placed his combinations into hibernation. His shots just won't land enough. Mayweather was sharpshooting Ortiz with pinpoint accuracy and using his handspeed to his advantage as he continuously hurts him in each round. In round four, Ortiz throws a flurry on Mayweather but ineffective. Seemingly frustrated, Ortiz gave Mayweather an intentional headbutt. (Although, corrected himself that it was an accident, as he was just pushing Floyd to the ropes.) Referee Joe Cortez gave a deduction on Victor Ortiz. As Ortiz gave an apologetic hug to Floyd, he immediately cracked Ortiz with a left hook-right hand combination. Victor Ortiz, unable to get up, gets himself counted out by Joe Cortez. Floyd Mayweather Jr. wins by Knockout.

Final Thoughts:
This is one of the best fight cards I have ever seen in a while. This is the drama that the sport of boxing has lost for a decade or so. This helps a lot in the sport of boxing. As for the Mayweather Knockout, I got no bad thoughts about it. I mean, Mayweather is just doing his job. It's a fighter's obligation to protect himself at all times. You can't look anywhere else other than the man who is in front of you. That same person who is beating the heck out of you, and have no other thoughts than to just destroy you. So never turn your back on him or look in another way, because that would just be a short-stop ticket for you getting knocked out. Never trust any fighter you come up against.

As far as I'm concerned, the dirtier fighter to me, was Ortiz. Stop headbutting, that's not part of boxing. You are not supposed to hug inside a boxing ring. Because of this inexperience by Ortiz, my prediction was cut short. Pacquiao should better stop hugging like he did with Mosley. Boxing is a badass sport, everyone should learn that. I would bet the Pacquiao - Mayweather Fight to happen after Pacquiao - Marquez III, if not, the entire world will be very disappointed to, not only of the fighters, but to boxing in general. So I hope the fight of the century must happen soon.

Picture: Floyd Mayweather Jr. knocking out Victor Ortiz after all the apologies. Referee Joe Cortez looking to count the fallen Victor Ortiz.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Featherweight Division: Reborn


Throughout the recent years, there were lots of transitions in every weight class. The one specific weight class that I am referring to, is the featherweight division. It's been years since the last Golden Featherweight Age took place between a lot of talented fighters of their time. The era of Morales, Barrera, Marquez, Pacquiao, Prince Naseem Hamed, and a lot more talents that rule the featherweight division at that time. As fighters begin to leave the featherweight division, it seems like the ice-age in boxing has begun. Although not until the spawning of great fighters that exist in the featherweight scene that has defrost the cold frostbitten core of what was once was a paradise of great fights. Fighter's like Juan Manuel Lopez, Yuriorkis Gamboa, Daniel Ponce de Leon, Orlando Salido, Nonito Donaire, and great fighter's from lower divisions of whom are migrating to this division. It's like the old has died but the fighting spirit lives on. At this moment, the future of the featherweight division looks bright. Another tremendous match-ups are just waiting around the corner, giving us great fights that would become classics for another new age approaches. I believe that the featherweight division will be the build-up phase for these great fighters, but the real drama and superstar status will be imminent after some time in which they reach the Super Featherweight division. It's gonna be like the old times. Remember the great wars in this division? Hold on to your seats because it's definitely coming. You would ask, where are those great fights nowadays? I know they are being prepared. Preparation is immense, and I know boxing will definitely be reborn again.. better than Wrestling, and definitely way better than Mixed Martial Arts. The stage will be set, and the only thing left is to find out when will the play begin.

Picture: Yuriorkis Gamboa with sensational victories over boxers like Rogers Mtagwa who is seen knocked down in the lower left.

Mayweather - Ortiz Prediction


Just a days from now, another super-fight in the great world of boxing will be taking place once again. A fight that determines whether pound for pound is a mere title or a self-proof that greatness, he remains supreme. Floyd Mayweather Jr., the long time pound for pound king, will be facing the up and coming prospect from Garden City, Kansas. Victor "Vicious" Ortiz, known for his relentless style and his boxing prowess. He is a fighter to look up for in the welterweight division. Floyd Mayweather Jr., on the other hand, has already proven himself to be one of the best fighters in the world, if not, the best fighter in the world. His defensive skills had made him invincible in every challenge he faced, including fights with, Arturo Gatti, Ricky Hatton, Juan Manuel Marquez, and the list goes on. Ortiz's recent fights include Unanimous decisions from Andre Berto, his draw to Lamont Peterson, and his loss against Marcos Maidana. This is a fight that that the world looks to see. The Mayweather - Ortiz showdown will be held on September 17th 2011.

As a boxing analyst, I will try to weigh down on the ideas and come up with a prediction towards this match. I have seen both fighter's fight. I just have the picture in my mind that this upcoming fight will have the similarities of a Mayweather - Baldomir Fight. Carlos Baldomir does have similarities with Victor Ortiz. I can see Mayweather continuously jabbing Ortiz, as he gets frustrated and makes mistakes that Floyd will capitalize on with his patented right handed counters. Although, Victor Ortiz may seem like a faster and more boxing-smart version of Baldomir, I just feel that he will be chasing Mayweather with no avail, like a bull that charges through a matador. Ortiz's lack of hand and foot speed will greatly put him to a great disadvantage against the pound for pound star.

Early Rounds:
I can see Victor Ortiz favoring well with Floyd Mayweather Jr. in the early rounds. Although, Ortiz has stepped into the aggressive fighting style, he will get hit with jabs and countering shots from the Pretty Boy. Victor Ortiz will land glancing right hand shots and a series of combinations to the body and head. Ortiz will get frustrated early, which will make him fatigued as round six approaches.

Middle Rounds:
Floyd Mayweather Jr. will step into his right straight and duck groove, and Ortiz will hit nothing but air, in rounds six and up. Although Ortiz will be aggressive, he will land only two out of six punches thrown This rounds will be reminiscent of the Mayweather - Marquez Fight.

Late Rounds:
Victor Ortiz will look winded and hurt, as Floyd Mayweather Jr. will be landing harder and crisper shots. Going in for the victory, Floyd Mayweather Jr. will be playing it safe and try to win the fight by points. There is a relative chance in these late rounds that Money will be knocking down and finishing Victor.

I predict Floyd Mayweather Jr. to win by Unanimous Decision on twelve rounds or by Technical knock-out in the late rounds.

Again, these are only predictions, and anything can happen in a boxing match. Forgive me if I look down on this match and almost giving the fight away to Floyd, because I just can't see Victor Ortiz winning this fight. I mean, from the moment I learned this match will be taking place, I knew it was a mismatch. Victor Ortiz is a big underdog in this match, and  he must do a heck of a miracle to win this. He must prove to skeptics like myself that he can do it, and by then, I will welcome any outcome. This is boxing, and one thing I've learned in this sport, is that everyone has a chance. As long as you believe in yourself, you know you can do it, regardless of any trials that you may stumble across to.

I look to this fight as a tune-up fight for Floyd, in order for him to face Manny Pacquiao next year. Floyd, again, if you're reading this, take the fight and make it happen. It's what the world wants to see. I believe you, Floyd and Manny should have an obligation to the sport, in giving us the the fight that the world wants. Don't call it quits just like that. The Pacquiao - Mayweather fight must happen!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Taking things for granted

There are moments in life when you just take things for granted. You wake up, eat, work, and sleep. The cycle goes on for the monotonous lifestyle that is not a stranger to man. There may be times that I do my tasks in life, but I knew there was still something lacking.. Something that I have lost for a while, and it's my fighting heart. I knew I was just way different from the time I was so excited to fight and punch for the first time. The dedication to my work has somehow lessened over the past few months. There have been the regular training, but never have I been at my best in a while. I remembered days, when my punches were far more solid, crisp, and accurate all the time. I was feeling great that I knew no one could stop me. Things have changed, I have taken everything, from my talents, gifts, and my youth for granted. I started reading the Bible for some answers, for I knew God would never abandon me nor hurt me. I know that I am being prepared for a greater task in my life. I have learned to forgive, and it somehow opened a lot of luggage out of my somehow weakened spirit. Just recently, I was riding the public transport so I could reach an appointment that I am already late in. Suddenly, I noticed an old woman who was frail went inside the transport. As we were going, the old woman exclaimed that she had forgotten her wallet. The woman opposite to her, lend her twenty pesos without question. Although out of my business, I felt concerned to the old woman. As she reached her destination, she asked of me to help her, and so I did. I held the old woman on my arms in order to stabilize her to just even stand. I knew from then on, she must be suffering from severe osteoarthritis. As a nurse, I felt an obligation to support the old woman as she crossed the street. I knew that I was late, but decided to help her cross the street, as she had no companion at that time. I went down the transport and carried the old woman's bag and umbrella as she held in my arms to stabilize her. Despite the heavy traffic, I found way, although difficult, to bargain with the drivers on the road. The old woman walked short and slow, that made the ordinary crossing of the highway a five minute walk. I was protecting the old woman, for there were drivers who just don't give a damn about the situation that an old woman is trying to cross the road. As we reached the other side, I somehow felt resolved as I brought her to her destination a few steps after. I asked the old woman in Cebuano dialect, "How old are you?" and she answered she was 61 years old. So I said goodbye and went on to my appointment. These are those few moments that show me that I should not take things for granted. I have seen fighters fighting off their prime and showing their resilience even at such an old age. It was their fighting heart.. the heart of a champion that just takes my breath away every time I see greatness for real. Fighters like Erik Morales, Bernard Hopkins, and a few others who still believe in their capabilities and their passion is fighting. I admire them tremendously that I want to follow their footsteps. I can't be a slump all throughout the day. I will work my best, with inspiration equal to the same fighting heart that started me in this. My talents, gifts, and my youth will not be wasted. I will take the world on my prime, and show them that there is still another fighter out there that is worth counting on.

Picture: Defying his age, Erik Morales, lands a straight right hand on Marcos René Maidana.