Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Growing Up

I remembered the days in my childhood like it was yesterday, when kids my age were going around and playing games. Going into friend's houses, running around like our energy seemed to be limitless. I was a pretty thin kid back then and I always was the athletic type. My mother told me, it was hard to feed me back then, cause I always run around, and was busy enough that I did not want to eat, almost as if playing had overtaken the value for nutrition. I remembered it quite vividly, that I became the gang's leader. (Gang in this sense, are kids who go out together, not some bad organization) I would tell every kid in school to join me and play in every place I thought was fun. Although some places may be dangerous, I always looked for the challenge. It led me to places like the west woods of the school, the mountain of broken chairs in the gymnasium, the huge sand hills from the renovation site of the school, and a lot more. It was pure adventure back then. With our minds constantly giving us a sense of direction through imagination, dreams, and possibilities. You can call it, my childhood glory day's. This gave way to unleash the leader inside of me, that would someday be essential for my future. It is not a secret, that I have been part of the Boy Scout Society. I have been presented with certificates and high remarks from my mentors. In my elementary years, I was part of tons of jamboree, which taught me the value of unity and independence. I have had my finest moments of courage, perseverance, and hard work. It taught me countless things that I bring forth to this very day. Things that would someday encourage me to become something great. All these aspects were requisites so I can become what I am, and that is, a person with dignity, honor, and excellence. In my high school days, I was skilled in most aspects of command, that I could command an entire crew as directly as anyone possibly could, either in fancy drill or plain context command. I was also a skilled fancy driller, that it took me to challenges where my skill could be flourished and learned. I was with discipline, focus, and control. With loyalty, determination, and perseverance, I ended up becoming the Boys Scout Movement "President". Being a President though is not what you get with skills alone, but rather, it is earned through respect, attitude, and character. It is in the team where success lies, all a commander can do is command, but nothing can be done without unity. My life growing up taught me the sense of leadership, empathy, and responsibility. A character trait of what I hope to be a requisite into becoming a champion.