Saturday, November 19, 2011

Metabolism is key for Champions

Look what I have found in the treasure trove of unpublished drafts! This draft wasn't published until now. Created August 8, 2010. I must have forgotten publishing this post for some reason. Nonetheless, I just have to publish it, because Metabolism is definitely a key for Champions.

Oh, it's been long since I have updated my blog. I've had lots of experiences, a lot of them, worthy to be shared. So.. Where to begin? *chuckles* Since my last post about putting more focus on my education, a lot of things have happened, some that are great, and some that are sorrowful. I have to agree, that boxing has put me into the backseat of life. It has made me a positive thinker, a contented man (with great dreams), and a healthy person. Throughout the days of my progression, I have seen the changes within myself, from good to worse, and vice versa. Life is an endless bound of truth, showing us failure, in order for us to succeed.

There were moments, where I trained hard, and after several days of inactivity because of focusing into education, I suddenly got ill. I had a high fever reaching 39 degrees Celsius. I also had experienced in the past, dealing with patients with the same condition, but never have I been more aware of its severity, from the moment, I myself experienced it. The feeling was like, your entire body, is at its weakest point, not to mention the headaches that come with it. I had lesser appetite at that time, and I felt, almost half-dead. After recovering from it, I then felt to myself, that my regimen was far more different than what I usually do. I knew from that moment, that I lost my metabolism that I usually had in the past.

I was slower, weaker, and easily tired. I then pushed toward a goal to recover the metabolism I lost. I immediately planned and did, a running and jogging exercises at my local neighborhood. The same old slope, where even the feeling of fatigue is lost, with the pleasant view of the everglades that surround the place. After a few days of jacking up my metabolism, I actually did recover. Sickness can put your metabolism at its lowest. After you recover from it, you must try to get back, or you will lose everything you have worked hard for in your life, like muscle tone, speed, stamina, and more. Metabolism is key for champions.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Pacquiao - Marquez III: The Controversy

A lot of people might have noticed that, although the Pacquiao - Marquez match-up was fast approaching, I wasn't able to post up my predictions on the upcoming fight. With the results you see now, you will know now why. I knew coming into the fight that Marquez was and will always be the greatest challenge for Manny Pacquiao. Juan Manuel Marquez is a technically sound fighter who has dominated fighters through counter-punching. Although, fans did not always admired the art of its style, that is why, in the Golden Featherweight Era, aggressive fighters were always at the limelight.

These fighters, particularly, Prince Naseem Hamed, Marco Antonio Barrera, Erik Morales, and Manny Pacquiao caught the attention of boxing fans, as Marquez fights in the shadows. Up until his opportunity in fighting Manny Pacquiao, first blood drew, and since that time, Marquez had already solved him. A draw from their first fight, it was clear that although the points might favor Pacquiao with his early knockdowns, Marquez had won more rounds. Controversy stirs even greater, as the Pacquiao - Marquez II had been concluded. The result is a split-decision favoring Pacquiao.

A lot of people had their differences in opinion, some favoring Pacquiao, some for Marquez, or even a Draw. It was a close fight. So it was high time that Pacquiao - Marquez III will be imminent, and so I had my thoughts that it will be a dangerous fight for both fighters, and there was no doubt in my mind that it won't be a great fight. Before the fight, I had predicted a Unanimous Decision for Pacquiao. I knew Marquez won't get knocked-out, but I had the feeling that he might get knocked down, which wasn't the case.

Marquez did last the full twelve rounds with the Pacman, and all rounds were close rounds, although two rounds, I saw Marquez dominating. People were shocked and in awe with the performance Marquez had done in the ring against Pacquiao. Truthfully, I was expecting that. Marquez had always been the Pacquiao Nemesis. There is no other fighter that Marquez wants to beat except Pacquiao. Even in the Mayweather - Marquez match-up, Marquez had overlooked Mayweather and was hoping to fight Pacquiao next. For me, that indicates of how determined he is to defeat the current pound for pound fighter in Pacquiao.

I had tremendous respect for Marquez and I knew coming into the fight that its going to be a very close match up. Did I predict it to be controversial? No, but I did predict that each round will be close rounds. What surprised me is that Marquez was able to dominate Pacquiao in certain rounds, and Pacquiao was unable to do it. Nonetheless, I had to score the fight the way I see it. Setting aside what the commentators had to say or the loud Mexican's in the area, I had to look on who was more effective in each round.

Sure I had Marquez dominating two rounds, but my initial score was two rounds up for Pacquiao 115-113. I heard what the commentators and the crowd had to say, but I actually felt and saw Manny Pacquiao winning by a slight margin in my scorecards. Everyone had split opinions, so I had to watch the fight all over again on replay. Top Rank commentators and Sky sports had Marquez winning the fight. Harold Lederman, the Official Judges, as well as myself, on the other hand, had Pacquiao winning. It was a Majority Decision win for Manny Pacquiao.

So it definitely was a close fight and the decision can go either way. I know a lot of people may have felt Juan Manuel Marquez should have won that fight, but stepping aside from favoritism, I had to judge the fight fairly. Based on aggression in the close rounds, I had Pacquiao stealing some rounds. There were times in the fight, that although close, I just saw that Pacquiao landed more punches than Marquez. No doubt in my mind though that Marquez was hitting the cleaner and harder shots.

I was basing each round on punch stat, and that is the reason why I had Manny ahead by two points. Pacquiao was hitting Marquez too much although not as clean and solid as Marquez', but just the volume of punches sealed every rounds that Pacquiao had won in my score cards. Final Decision: Even after watching the replays, I have Manny Pacquiao 115-113. It's a close fight so I can't blame anyone with the marks their giving on either sides, but the most important aspect that we need to understand, is that Boxing has produced another great match-up, and I am so excited to be even part of this hype.

The feeling I feel right now, is indescribable. At the end of the day, It is a close fight, and everyone is entitled to their opinions, but a Pacquiao - Marquez 4 is watchable. There is still much controversy in these dispute, and as long as there is controversy, match-up's don't end. The Spirit of the fight remains alive. I want a fourth fight and I know Floyd Mayweather Jr. knows it's time to fight this guy. Either Pacquiao - Mayweather or Pacquiao - Marquez 4, I would pay a fortune to watch any of these fights.

Tremendous respect for Juan Manuel Marquez. I haven't seen Pacquiao getting hit as much as how Marquez has hit him. I thought, the performance he did in this fight must place Marquez on the third spot on the pound for pound rankings. He must not retire, for he has more to offer in boxing. I know a lot of people must be upset, but I just can't help it. I actually saw what the judges were seeing in that fight. I saw it. Even if you call me blind or whatever, I scored it, and I had Pacquiao winning by two points.

Picture: One of the clean shots Juan Manuel Marquez had been landing flush on Manny Pacquiao's face.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Pacquiao - Marquez III Fight Card: Boxing has stayed on it's Feet

The past few months in the sport of boxing were filled with disappointments and controversy. It started with the Mayweather - Ortiz clash with an after apology knock-out. Then came the Hopkins - Dawson debacle, when Dawson threw the 46 year old champion into the canvass, after a clinch. It also continued with the Donaire - Narvaez fight, showing a too defensive Narvaez, and Donaire, unable to knock him out. These fights almost left a scar in the sport of boxing, and made me think, UFC is on the rise. Something like magic, the wounds of these mishaps have healed. Boxing has stayed on its feet. Although, one can never decide whether the sport is really dead if it is compared to an entire year of jeers, but somehow, boxing has now recovered from an almost dying state. I, as an analyst, fan, and fighter, can feel it. Experts usually say that the key for a good boxing event  are good under cards. We saw that yesterday, and the Pacquiao - Marquez III is a match of historic proportions. Every fight that night, was that of Legends. Those good events we saw in the 80's, 90's, 2000's, and 2010's were blown away with the combination of match-ups in yesterdays event. The under card was more than what fans, like myself, have wanted. The Drama that boxing have been missing over the past few years, like determination, fighting heart, excitement, bad blood, and etc., has now been resurrected. I mean, sure we got recent fights with some of the drama, but what I am referring to, is the combination of it all, or the total package. For me, the Pacquiao - Marquez III Event was a total package. Forget about skills, all top fighters have that, but the attitude is more of a spectacle to me. I just hope for these kinds of events to keep happening. In all honesty, boxing was dying, but yesterday's event made an immense jolt in its rise. It wasn't a half step, or a full step, it was a great leap, and Boxing is far from dying now.