Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Enraged: The evil of the world

     Good day to all. I know it has been a while since I have written, and the only reason that I could think-of when I return into writing is when I have a feeling in my heart that I have to let go. Writing has been a good stress reliever for me in instances when I feel nerved by circumstances that bothers me to the point of frustration. I always had the feeling that if I write something, there must be a reason for it or a drive that motivates me. I don't write things that don't really bring much importance to me. This is what separates this blog from professional writers who are worked-up into writing their column every day of the week. My writings come from inspiration. An inspiration driven by joy, anger, frustrations, sadness, and etc.

     I come with a burden that seem to emanate the whole evil that continues to exist in this world. Although the idea is understandable because the world in itself, is not perfect. Yet, I continue to strive in helping the world to be a better place. If only I could inspire others, not for personal attainment, but to simply make a difference. I don't need respect. I just want people to understand that actions that create this world will determine whether life is either a sanctuary or a hell on earth. I just hope for the neutral side. I am against every unrighteous actions that continues to affect lives of countless people. The point that I want to create, is that if you do something, it must be carefully thought out to the point of not having an expense on others.

     I believe that an action is wrong, if the people and their environment are being affected in a negative way at their expense. I work on ethics as a key role and function to our society even if some people believe atheistically. Even without faith, I know atheists can function well in our society. I have come to understand the vast knowledge and progress of science in this world. I myself regard my own as a little bit of a physicist. I just think that the purpose in life or I should say "fate" on people are compromised with the idea of atheism. The truth may be quite hard to figure out at this moment. As a natural skeptic, I would think that even if religion is false, I have benefited from a psychological advantage and standpoint in life.

     Still, I believe in God and my faith remains strong in this respect. I would like to really mix-in the vast scientific knowledge in accordance with my faith. I have seen the evidence, especially the topic on the recurrent laryngeal nerve which was quite controversial. For the most part, I too believe in evolution but this bad design as people put it, is a perfect design, in a sense that, without evolution to happen, the perfect design of man could not be accomplished. For, in my opinion, the integral part that makes a man so-called "perfect" in such a way is its knowledge, which gave way to human consciousness. I may be a minority, but I know most scientists who believe in a religion would agree with me, that evolution could actually mix-in with God's holy will.

     There are a lot of things that enrage me in this world, especially when people are forced into things that are against their will. I am against the violence on women and children. I just feel so enraged knowing there is nothing I can do when a damage has been done. There is something in me that wants to beat-up that @#$% person. It just bothers me when I think about this. I had to relieve my stress either by slamming the heavy bag hard with my rage or writing a blog post to express myself.  Just recently I have stumbled upon a video that shows an old man forcing a minor into prostitution. It just sickens me, and the next time I will train with the heavy bag, I will imagine his face getting pummeled with my rage.

     I know that it is in our nature to be sexual beings, that I understand, but bringing a minor and taking advantage on situations that blunder a persons entire being, is absolutely outrageous. I am pleased to see that man in cells. There is a difference with both parties going at it because they both want it, and a person getting forced for in the expense of another. It is in this reason that I continue to work on my advocacy and change the world even if I have nothing much to offer. With simple writings that I place through the internet, let my feelings be felt and heard. Let us not be blind and succumb to these injustices. Let the history of these atrocities create a spark in ourselves to denounce the evil that wreck havoc in this planet.

     Let us create a better place, by respecting, loving, and learning from one another. Let us not make war. The era of great nations is obsolete to me. I believe we are all the same human beings that roam forth this earth. With the increased global warming, let us all work and utilize our technologies for our planet. Let us stop deforestation and use earth-friendly energy sources. We can all do it. Let us not wait for a time that our ozone layer is nothing more. It took billions of years for our planets evolution to produce the ozone. It is the ozone that makes life on land possible. I encourage everyone to work for or simply just be aware in the current issues, for the betterment of our world.