Sunday, August 7, 2011

A Heavy Price for Carelessness

I have started to get extra serious in my weight control regimen over the past few months. Just recently, I have graduated my Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree, and since that time, I have gone to numerous celebrations that has weakened me both physically and mentally. It left me feeling strong yet weak, as I enjoy the bachelor life that most men can relate to. Yes I ate a lot, slept a lot, and did stuff that my usual routine do not usually include. I made it a point to enjoy life after school, that it made everyday a party. This unhealthy lifestyle that I have partaken has given me some consequences that I knew I had to work on when I begin to get a grip of myself. I had ballooned up from 130 lbs to 140 lbs. pretty nasty stuff, as I just had to relax and party for only a month. Looking myself in the mirror, I begin to question myself through my contradicting ideals against my unhealthy lifestyle. Like a pearl from a barren clam, the frustrations made me reincarnate the champion that was hidden inside of me. As I clenched my fist, I begin to look into the mirror and say, "It's time." I had to work out and restrict my food intake, as my metabolic diet doesn't seem to respond anymore with my lack of exercise in these idle days. So I returned, with the old fashion, exercise plus diet regimen. It took me about a month to lose the first five pounds permanently, with the rigorous jump rope, shadow boxing, and abdominal crunches exercises. It was definitely hard to lose weight, but I kept on, carrying with me a determination that continuously burns my heart with inspiration. Throughout the days, I have also learned various techniques in jump rope. I trained every single day possible, and begun to master these techniques that most athletes brag about in the gym. I had to let my body rest for a few days, as it also was a perfect time for my body to adjust in the 135 lbs weight class. As my weight begin to be consistent, I begin to be inspired to lose another five pounds to return to my regular weight class, which is, 130 lbs or the Super Featherweight Division. As the month of July begins, I started to work my way into a new set of training program. I meticulously chose, Jogging, Shadow boxing, Double Abdominal Crunches, Internal Oblique Crunches, and Triceps weight training. Jogging helps for my cardiovascular health, as it helps burn fat through aerobic movement. Shadow boxing helps condition muscles and promotes hand speed. Double Abdominal Crunches increases the abdominal muscles, to help burn fat through metabolism, particularly in the stomach. New to my regimen, The Internal Oblique Crunches not only helps increase the size of the muscle, it also burns those love handles, particularly on the hips. Triceps weight training is incorporated in my regimen, in order to burn the fatty storage on the posterior aspect of my upper arm. Taking all things into consideration, I have actually worked my way down to lose another five pounds. So I was back to the weight class I worked hard for, year's back. It just goes to show that sometimes, when you do things, there are definitely consequences waiting to be paid back. If only I was disciplined in my weight control in the past, I wouldn't have to suffer three months to return to my usual weight. I mean, at what cost is one month of heaven, to three months of hell? Sometimes we may just have to snap ourselves out of the confusion that surrounds us and stick to our will. Yet even as this circumstance has happened, I never backed down. Although I was out of shape, it never made me quit or just give in to the weakening. A champion is someone who overcomes obstacles, prejudices, or any complications that surround him.. A champion remains fighting. It's this character, and the burning spirit of determination, flowing inside my heart, that tells me, I can do it, that, nothing is impossible when you believe.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

5000+ views and counting!

I have been waiting for the 5000th reader to have actually read this blog or just accidentally went by this part of the web! In the past, I have written a post of getting the 3000 views, but after a few months turned 4000+ in a hurry, and embarrassingly, I haven't wrote a post as much at that time. So I thought to wait for the 5000 views before I talk about this again. Talking about blog views too much, isn't what the spirit or the intention of this blog was created. This blog only serves as a purpose for inspiration. It really gives me a boost and inspires me to know that my thoughts and ideas are heard throughout the cyberspace, even in a steady pace. A lot of things have changed in this blog especially its statistics. My Top Three readers of this blog was previously, 1. United States of America, 2. United Kingdom, and 3. Philippines. Just recently though, Philippines have racked up the second place in the statistics of this blog. Perhaps because I delved into much more Filipino-related writings recently, especially with my post on Rizal, which has got great recognition from its first publish. Just recently, I have discovered that I do possess part of the bloodline of Rizal, from my mother side of the family, which is the Cruz. Learning this brought me to another sense of pride as a Filipino. I also would want to apologize for talking about more personal matters too much, that it took much of the relevant things people prefer to be reading. *chuckles* I also will be posting a lot of predictions, thoughts, and commentary, regarding upcoming boxing matches. Please do watch for it. You may also earn a fortune by this. (If you are thinking of betting it on boxing, that is *LOL*) Anyhow, this blog will continue on, with its vision to inspire the world, to be a champion. Nothing is impossible! To all avid readers of this blog, thank you for your support. Seeing the view count move, is just enough to help show your support. Thank you very much!