Monday, January 17, 2011

A Month without Boxing

It was in the month of December, that I was coming home from school, when I received a letter from a gym that I signed up to, months ago. In this letter they have greeted me, a happy birthday, and that, I received, a one day privilege, to use their facilities. It was inspiring on that moment, as in those days of December, I made it a point, to forget about boxing for just that month. Receiving that letter, made me think, that when I am not in boxing, it calls for me. It is like a sign in the heavens, or something, that boxing is definitely what I am supposed to do, in my life. Those days, that I decided to not box for awhile, was a product of my thought, that I was too much into boxing, and that I am not giving myself a break. People would say to me, you are too much boxing, relax yourself. So I definitely gave it a break, especially in the holiday season where my family needs me. I had to focus on other stuff for awhile, but one thing is for sure.. I missed boxing like crazy. Boxing is not a discipline for me, it is a want. People have their differences, and as for me, I love boxing. It is natural in me. I love training and I love punching.. It was hard for me to adjust myself into a non-boxing behavior. Taking away boxing from me, is like taking away my very soul, identity, and life. People, just can't be me, and I can't be them, it's logical, we are all unique. Although, I survived the month without boxing, I had made an exception. For that one day at the gym, I will unleash all the boxing that is stored and left inside of me. Great things have happened, and these are experiences and memories, that I will cherish forever.

Reached its 3000 views

It's been long since I posted here, and I found it tiresome to some extent, to write anything in these past few days. I had a lot of things going, and I guess this blog has missed out on some of the important details, that I have encountered. Experiences that develop me, as a Champion. First of all, I want to thank everyone, who has stumbled upon this blog. This blog has currently reached the 3000 plus mark two weeks ago, in the event of the first week of the new year. It has been a blessing, that the blog has increased in views from time around. Views, are one way or another indicators, of how much I have reached the world. It is important to know this, for I wish to inspire the world. I want to thank you all, for showing some support in this blog, through views, and recognition of some of my posts. This blog will keep going forever, to inspire.. A diary of a warrior, who dreams, and the difficult road, in which a Champion has to take.. this is what this blog is all about.. Believe in your dreams, with God, nothing is impossible.