Monday, April 27, 2009

Honey of the Bee's

In the days of not doing as much boxing as I have wanted it, I felt lesser in spirit, in strength, in stamina, and in mental attitude. I didn't feel like boxing in a long time. Although that is the case, I still loved the sport as I continued to watch and patiently wait for upcoming fights internationally and locally. It took me some time to put myself back into fighting. It was morning when I started drinking honey. Miraculously, at night time, my warrior spirit went back. It seemed that I have more stamina than usual. I was surprised myself. I don't know if there is something about honey that put me back but I am grateful that I am. There is a secret about Honey that I am not able to solve yet. I have come to a conclusion that Honey is definitely the "warriors drink". It has become very special to me and has opened my consciousness from the benefits I got. On that night, I punched like never before.

Broken Fist

As the days of no boxing progressed, I felt a sense of urgency to replace something that I lost. I occupied myself into playing video games and surfing on the net. I felt physcally unfit and seemed to lose focus for a few days. Breaking my fist was as serious as killing my dreams. It was the two knuckle that hurt most of all. Applying even the lightest of pressure makes it hurt like hell. I give it a lot of time to heal. It took me close to one month until I could use my right hand to its full potential. Throughout the days, I felt desperate. I continued boxing using most of my left hand. My mind is so focused on fighting, I forget I have a broken hand. In a lot of occassions, I find myself throwing my right hand accidentally. I remembered on the progress of my fist. First, there was pain all throughout. Next, there was no pain but hurts even with the lightest pressure. Then, There was pain on the strongest pressure only(but I still can't box with it cause it hurts). Finally, its healed, but not completely. That is so far I have noticed. The dilemma taught me a lot of things in life. I learned to be sure, be smart, be safe, be patient, be independent, be focused, and a lot more. It is important to take calcium to support the healing of a broken bone and its ligaments. I took skim milk, cheese, whole wheat bread, and sea food.

Pacquiao-De la Hoya

The fight as regarded by many as the dream match. A fight that has become the fight of the year 2008. In my generation where computer games are essential parts of people's entertainment, It has been very clear that the fight against manny and oscar is usually seen in games. It is a fight that some thought would never happen. Don't look now, it's 2009, the fight already took place. It was a fight favoring De la Hoya in reach, height, speed, and power. Surely those aspects of Oscar is what made him the pound for pound king in the 90's. He was known as the spped that kills in boxing. Oscar's legendary career started as an amateur winning the Gold Medal in the Barcelona Olympics. Since then, he won 10 titles at six different divisions. He was the former junior lightweight, lightweight, 2 time junior welterweight, 2 time welterweight, 2 time junior middleweight, and middleweight champion of the world. His legendary career is historical. His opponent, Manny Pacquiao on the other hand is the current pound for pound king. He started his career as a flyweight(the second to the lowest division in boxing) and now has won the super bantamweight, super featherweight, and lightweight world titles. The fight was a historical bout, featuring speed against old age. Before the fight, Freddie Roach, Manny's coach and a former coach of Oscar, established that Oscar cannot pull the trigger as a result of Old age. A lot of betting establishents placed Oscar as the odd favorite against Manny. They gave importance to the idea that Oscar is just too big against Manny. In the fight, however, the young and quick Pacquiao dominated the great Oscar de la Hoya into quitting in his stool before the beginning of round 9. The physicalities of Oscar was evident, but it was clear from the beginning, that Pacquiao controlled the fight since the start of round 1. The bout was an important study in boxing history, as it showed that speed can be used to cut the physical advantages of an opponent. As Pacquiao won that fight, he has re-established himself as the worlds pound for pound king. He has been compared to the great Henry Armstrong, a fighter who has won three world championship belts at the same time. Pacquiao's move to welterweight was in the same level. This Historical bout will be remembered forever in the great pages of boxing history.


Through the course of my inactivity, I have learned a lot. I hadn't been able to post something here for a long time. It's break from school and I have a lot on my mind. My training turned from Gold to null. I have relentlessly hammered the heavy bag on a good night. I hit the bag like crazy, full of spirit, and power. I felt contented, full of energy, and strong. In the stroke of bad luck or simply carelessness, I broke my right knuckles on a hard concrete wall. I did not hit it lightly, because at the moment I had my momentum. Every punch I threw that night was that of haymakers. I was literally punishing the heavy bag as I relentlessly hammered it with tremendous force. It all come into an end as my right fist smashed into the wall. I fell down into the ground feeling the pain so intense with a grimace on my face. I felt like my boxing days are over. Somehow, my mind began to play tricks on me. I was thinking that, at the moment that I fell into the floor, it seemed like I was knocked down by an opponent. My mind began to count me to 10 as if I was knocked down in a fight. I began to stand up as the count reached eight, my warrior spirit is truly legendary. I began to use my left for a while, jabbing the heavy bag like I'm pushing the damn thing away from me. After a while I began to get spirited and continued pouring hard punches even with a broken right hand. Offcourse, I can feel the pain in my hand as I throw the punch, but the pain seemed nothing to me. I can say proudly that my spirit is what made me forget the pain and continue to go on. I stopped until I felt sleepy. I ended the day proud, and I will never forget that kind of feeling in my lifetime.