Friday, March 28, 2014

Dental Braces Removed (2011 draft)

I have found this draft, and thought how wonderfully it has been written. Probably written sometime in 2011, a few days after my dental braces have been finally removed.

     Have you ever felt the feeling of coldness in two different spectrum of definitions? Its like the bitter coldness of the outside and the cold blood pumping from your heart goes into unison which makes anyone feel barren like a frozen wasteland. A petty disguise to affirm others that you're fine when you are feeling otherwise. Again, my feelings become repressed, as my vigor begins to soar.

     The same feeling of the warrior inside of me that rises into reincarnation. That same feeling that has brought a lazy undetermined couch potato, like myself, into something that of athletic prowess. I am feeling the same old adrenaline rushing into my veins with an intense need to unleash it. It is dangerous as it is beneficial. Yet time has brought me into much certainty as fate has once reunited my desire to fight with the advent removal of my braces.

     Yes, my dental braces have been removed. It would be just a matter of time that I may be able to see how much I developed or missed out over the past few years. I recalled the time, when I did visit the Philippine Boxing Team's Gym in my city. A boxer once told me in the early days, to finish my studies first.. and as of today, I finally did. I have fulfilled that same promise that allowed my bachelor life to flourish yet sacrificed my passion for boxing.

     Although lost out of time compared to the early career of some fighters, I understood the implications of what the boxer had advised me. Not many fighters had the same opportunity like myself to become educated into earning a bachelor's degree. I valued education. I valued my profession as a nurse. Yet boxing remains passionately in my heart. I watched several youngsters in a competition of Tae Kwon Do invitationals in one of the local shopping mall in my city.

     Watching them use their mouthpiece looked like something simple to some people to look at, but means a lot for someone like me. While I am at the peak of my youth, I must take charge and not waste it. I am now able to finally wear a mouthpiece. I believe it is time. I want to achieve a prime that I could be proud of, especially in a sport that I really took by the heart.

(Almost) Two Years

Before I start this post, I would like to thank the world and the interest it has showed to generate 13,500+ blog views over the past few months, despite my inactivity for almost two years. I am honored and extremely grateful.

     So here's the thing. I have been gone for almost two years now in writing this blog. Is it a surprise? Perhaps not at all. I've been in touch with my nursing profession for the last (almost) two years now, and it allowed me to physically and mentally progress into this competent nurse that I have arguably become. Yes, I've been in places, and I've gained these valuable experiences on the way. But what about boxing? I've been boxing still. I may not be physically into boxing for some time, but I know... deep inside the scrub suits and nursing uniforms, lie a great fighter that is waiting to be unleashed out of its shell.

     I still would like to thank, the Department of Health for giving me this opportunity to showcase my now defined nursing skill sets, which helped my personal principles and advocacy come into fruition.. and that is.. to help and serve the poor and those who are in need. It has been the foundation of my calling since I set foot into the halls of my Nursing School. My post "Nurse: Saving and Preserving Life" tells of a valuable nursing experience of mine as a student, which defined my nursing career until this very day. I am thankful to God for all the struggles he masterfully placed into my life, for without them, I wouldn't have been successful.

     It's been almost two years now, so forgive me if I may have lost my touch in blogging. For all those who think I stopped because the Pacman got KO is clearly misguided. I just had to work a year in a tertiary hospital and now enjoying the present, as a community nurse and caring for those in need. I must admit that I am loving my work. But I know, despite the air of contentment, there is a gaping wound in my heart that wishes to fill its void.. and for me to come back and continue writing this blog is a symbolism of that notion. Perhaps it is time to step up as promised. No reasons or excuses. It is now or never. Let the next era begin.